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  1. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad the actual bumbling and mis-aimed focus and dead ends that happen in investigations were the focus of show. I'm happy that it didn't get wrapped up in a pretty package with a bow tied around the killer's head. Unlike an episode of Law and Order, we aren't sure what happened by the time the DA's office gets it hands on the case. It would be great if the next season were from the perspective of the prosecutors who had to try to make something that would convince a jury from the hash that the cops made... or even better, from the perspective of a defense attorney
  2. Hadn't known he was still alive until I heard he died... RIP. Loved A Time of Gifts.
  3. cdh

    Hotel Griffou

    Must chime in... the lamb menu on Monday was pretty great food all around. Loved the lamb-fat-pastry mince pie and lavender ice cream combo.
  4. As a work around, you might just want to switch your outgoing mail sending server from the one that Verizon uses to another one. I use the Gmail one, since my primary email box is a gmail box. Just because you connect through Verizon doesn't mean you have to use their mail services. Dunno what email send/receive program you use, but whatever it is, you should be able to point it at whatever mail servers you want...
  5. Glad to hear it's still doing well... haven't been by in a couple of years. Will have to remedy that.
  6. I agree! Southern Tier makes some fantastic beers. The interesting thing with the Phin & Matts seems to me to be more about the timing of the hops in the brewing process. They underemphasize the bittering qualities of the hops and make the flavor and aroma really stand out by adding them later in the course of the boil. Really nice effect.
  7. As an adjunct in brewing. Lots of experimentation has been done with alternative sugary things since the Belgian candi sugar syrups started getting imported. Palm sugars like jaggery get used by brewers to thin out an otherwise too heavy beer, while still adding some character that would be lacking if they just used rice syrup or white sugar.
  8. Commerce/TD generally has public rest rooms... Perhaps your branch hasn't got an ADA compliant bathroom, so can't let the public near it for fear of expensive lawsuits from handicapped activists... no deep pockets out there like a bank with JP Morgan in its name...
  9. This story had got some traction elsewhere: http://www.salon.com/food/restaurant_cultu...ant_controversy
  10. This article and its comments are sort of fun... http://dinersjournal.blogs.nytimes.com/201...saturday-night/
  11. It doesn't sound like a result of anything on her computer causing the problem. The problem is that this website has her email address and entire list of contacts. They can make emails to her friends that look exactly like they come from her, and there is nothing technological she can do to stop it. This sounds like a scummy company using information she gave them for the purpose of impersonating her for their commercial gain. An interesting thought to consider might be to write a nasty note to them threatening them with a lawsuit for misappropriation of her name and false endorsem
  12. It has been around for years... not particularly interesting or memorable except for the marketing... but not a new hipster innovation of the moment. Apparently a SFO area creation, from the mid 90s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shmaltz_Brewing_Company
  13. Is it just the cheeses I like, or have cheese prices generally spiked recently? I recall dear old Boucheron being a $9/lb cheese within recent memory, and now Fairway wants nearly $14/lb for it... Similarly the St Marcellin and St. Felicien have jumped more than 50% in the past year or two... Is this just remnants of the Euro's surge vs the Dollar, or is there an increased demand for good cheese that's pushing prices up?
  14. 16. My inner grumpy old man came out for the quiz. /my lawn. //get off of it!
  15. Shiso. Bruise a bunch of purple shiso, throw it into a hot syrup and let it steep for a few minutes, then strain it out, and add lemon juice until the liquid turns bright pink. Plummy, fruity herbal... yummy. Thai basil and lemon basil work nicely too.
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