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  1. Available to someone who likes a high level of detail and a high level of chocolate: HB copy of Marcel DeSaulnier's "Death by Chocolate Cakes." Pick up in West Seattle. Amazon link Death By Chocolate Cakes
  2. MySiuMai

    Dim Sum

    Don't wait on me, but I'm hoping to be there.
  3. The Grocery Outlet at 130th and Aurora has those frozen treats that I recall someone likes: cucumber-flavored ice cream on a stick with red pepper flakes. And though I never buy Hydrox or Oreos, I did succumb today since they had organic NewmanO's. And an update: that Haagen Dazs Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream is to die for.
  4. Does anyone know if Uwajimaya carries bottled ponzu sauce? I couldn't find it at PCC today....
  5. Does anyone know if Uwajimaya carries bottled ponzu sauce? I couldn't find it at PCC today....
  6. MySiuMai

    Dim Sum

    If I'm able (based on day and time) I'd like to join in.
  7. I remembered what a treat it was to find out that some of you, my Mouthfuls friends, also knew one of my dear friends/former assistant at Microsoft, Linda Plato. I just received this mail from her husband, Bruce. Thought you would like to know. If anyone is interested in an impromptu picnic one day, I can't imagine a nicer reason to visit the east side. Megan -------------------------------------- Friends of Linda, It’s been in the works for a long time, but the City of Kirkland finally installed a memorial bench for Linda in the new Heritage Park in downtown Kirkland, at the corner of Market St. and Central Way / Lake Ave. West. Heritage Park was previously known as Waverly Park, so you’ll see that name on most maps. The bench is in a new, garden section of the park, adjacent to Heritage Hall, and just a few blocks from where Linda had her business office. The garden is new, so it feels a little sparse (or did when I had a chance to see it a few months ago, before the bench went in), but hopefully it will fill in nicely. I’m sure there are far too many native plants in the garden for Linda’s taste. If you have a chance, go by, have a rest, take in the view, and reflect. Christey took some photos for me of the bench and surrounding area, which you can find here: http://bruceforstall.smugmug.com/gallery/5322212_pwics The logo on the plaque – a container with a triple-ball topiary – is the one she designed for her business cards, and it reflects her passion for gardening. The quote – “It’s all good” – was one of her favorite sayings. I can still hear her saying it when I think about it. Hopefully it provides a good memory, and also a positive outlook on a sad thing.
  8. I'm working on an article, so if you know anyone in WS who raises chickens, please PM me with their name and contact info (if you think they'd be willing to chat) Thanks! Megan
  9. I want to come too! Let me know when! The only time I've ever had them was when Rocky cooked for us at Union, and they were yummy.
  10. Thanks so much for all of your advice. Haven't made a decision yet (why am i always tempted by big purchases around tax time?), but look forward to getting away from the ceramic "off/on cycle to maintain heat" hassle. Megan
  11. Thanks, Eden. I just need a drop-in cooktop. My ovens are already on the wall.
  12. Just now saw this thread. Sorry if my answer comes too late. But as one who catches and eats Dungeness from outside the front door (in the summer), here is the Samish Island way: 1. Hold the crab upside down. It will wriggle less this way. Grasp it firmly on the sides of the big shell. 2. Mutter a quick "thank you" to the crab for the feast it's about to provide. 3. Bring it down with a sharp thwack on the edge of a sink or on some other item that will split it in two vertically (i.e., split it between the eyes). The crab dies immediately and doesn't suffer through boiling. 4. Take off the big shell, face, etc, saving whatever "buttery" innards you like. Also remove the spongy gill-like material. You'll end up with two halves consisting of the body proper, which is about the size of your fist, and the legs. 5. Swish the crab halves around in some water for a quick cleanse. 5. Place in a big kettle of water (I think we salt it a bit) and bring to the boil. Boil for 11 minutes and remove it immediately. 6. Call everyone to the table and plan on a half of a crab for each person. Crack and enjoy. If you're at the beach, just toss the shells back out on the sand for the tides to take away.
  13. Guys, I'm ready to replace the ceramic cooktop that came with my house. I want to go gas. Outside of opinions in "In the Kitchen" on MF global on having a continuous grate, I'm not seeing much mention of brands. I value your opinions, so either add to this thread or PM me with your thoughts. I have a dual Dacor at my beach house but I'd like to hear about other folks' experiences.
  14. MySiuMai


    Today I bought one of the analog-to-digital converter boxes for a TV that's not hooked up to my satellite dish. Following setup, I eagerly awaited my first HDTV experience. And what should my wandering eyes first land upon? Chicken livers sliding into a saucepan (thank you, Lidia Bastianich!) And boy, did those suckers POP off the screen. Megan
  15. Yes, that meal "tided" me over well this morning. Didn't eat until just now, when I read the thread and though "hmmm...half of my popeye burger awaits." I think I liked mine even better as leftovers--the flavors had more of a chance to blend. I think I was overwhelmed by the number of good offerings last night. I found that my popeye needed an additional sweetness to add some zing. I added ketchup--which I don't usually do to a burger--and that helped. The tots in the silver pot were fab and the mac and cheese really was terrific in an upscale way. And that Cold Mountain black cherry soda was a killer. I see that CostPlus World Market carries it. Yay! And I liked that the shake wasn't cloyingly sweet. Thanks to all! I might have to come on the occasional BOM foray. Whee! Megan
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