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    My favorite part of subscribing to a CSA is ending up with vegetables that I normally would never buy. So today a watercress, roasted beet, radish, scallion, and humboldt fog (ok, not a vegetable) salad. If I've ever made a perfect salad, this was it.
  2. It is both good and bad that the wines I have that have appreciated the most are also the ones I like the most.
  3. Everyone see the Chef's Club list they sent out? Now those prices were attractive. Lots of 2014 beaujolais.... Those Metras prices are bonkers though honestly probably not out of line with auction. That 2010 was one of my first wine-shop-in-Europe-finds that I brought back.
  4. Wine room! Billiards room! Think of the possibilities!
  5. Curious what you've been seeing lately that's bad. Been 5 years since we were looking. My favorite was people who put little built-in wine racks next to the stove. I love my kitchen, the previous owners did a nice job despite, as far as I can tell, never actually using it. Our fridge is shallow but full size, so still 20 cubic feet with a separate 20 cubic feet freezer. My only wish was that they had put in a second sink.
  6. When we were looking at houses out here in the burbs I was shocked to see a newly renovated $$$ house that had this rather than a ducted hood.
  7. But...you have space...and then what? All of a sudden every class is half size in double the space? Who exactly is going to teach double the classes? And let's says you have kids come in for half the day and remote the other....so the other half of the class still has to get taught the rest of the day. So the teachers are going to teach every lesson twice while also dealing with remote teaching? And does anyone really think 12 seven year olds in classroom is really any more than the tiniest bit marginally more safe than 24? (My rant mostly for elementary age fwiw, I concede some of these ideas make more sense for older kids).
  8. The NYC school "plan" seems asinine, to put it mildly.
  9. My little guy does music online twice a week which he absolutely loves, amazingly. We have a local high schooler come by once a week to do art project in the yard with both kids. Swimming pool just reopened though it's a challenge to snag a spot....it's harder than getting a seat at atomix.
  10. We have one week of nature center camp. Might do tennis camp too if numbers stay good as it's indoors. Their regular camp was cancelled though.
  11. I can't quite figure out why their estimator error bars are so much wider now than a month ago in states where case numbers are skyrocketing. According to their explanation, in general the bars should be larger in cases with higher numbers, but everyone's bars have gotten much bigger in the last 2 weeks.
  12. Jersey Shore in August for a week. Pool and beach so no need to interact with anyone if we dont want to. They claim the arcade will be open which seems....not like a great idea. Outdoor rides, probably fine. Optimistically booked Cayman in Feb. Seems to be the most stringent island with no current reopening plans, so if it's not open by then the flight won't go, the hotel won't be open, etc.
  13. You are very likely right (at least in NJ/NYC). I think there's an ick factor that will take a while to overcome for eating indoors, at least for me. Just saw atomixis reopening and damn if I'd love to go but just can't bring myself to do it. For eating outdoors, I agree the risk is close to nil as long as I'm not at a communal table with a stranger sitting across from me. I really couldn't care less if the waiter/waitress is wearing a mask (in the sense that them wearing a mask somehow takes away from the experience).
  14. Is that even legal? The two places we've eaten at both allowed bathroom access (though in NY State) and there was a big argument on my town message board with the general conclusion that if there is actual service at the tables then bathrooms should be open. The ones I've been to had one person at a time rule And honestly I didn't find it a big deal. I mean, the wait staff and cooks have to go somewhere...1 minute in a room with no other people and wearing a mask.
  15. Yes to outdoor. No to indoor. Have eaten outside a few times already in Piermont. We go when they open for lunch, we know we are the first ones sitting at the table that day.
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