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  1. With likely only the four of us and maybe an inlaw if we can eat outside and lots of other life distractions sapping our energy decided to do takeout Thanksgiving for the first time ever. I'm sure the restaurants can use it as outdoor dining is basically done.
  2. She's currently snoring loudly in her dog bed while I work.
  3. Whatcha think? Started slow (and I found the writing weird) but improved, a lot.
  4. Haha. Of getting a dog in my late 20s shortly after getting married. Although at the time we did not live in a small apartment, we did both have long commutes and long work days, so even dumber.
  5. Oven panel swapped out, first use of the oven roasting cauliflower, lots of condensation when we open it (not abnormal), panel shorts out again 20 minutes later. Turn off the breaker for a couple days, back on and it works like normal. Repair guy basically says if we've been roasting moist veggies in the top oven we've been just incredibly lucky not to get more shorts, and try to use the lower oven more. Of course the lower doesn't have convection. Clearly there are bigger annoyances in the world. Just hoping I don't get a short in the middle of making Thanksgiving dinner.
  6. As someone who is guilty exactly of what you describe, I completely agree.
  7. My daughter, same age, managed to add a $50 case of freeze dried mango to a fresh direct order without us realizing. We ate it all so...shrug. She is well aware now not to go on Amazon but she's gotten good at finding word searches and coloring pages online to print. Not to mention weekly group video calls with various friends from school, camp, and preschool. Also never used electronics until lockdown.
  8. My wife's hospital in north nj had at most a few cases all summer...up to 20 now.
  9. Add (nearly) every pollster to that category. Regardless of the outcome it seems the polling errors were even greater than in 16.
  10. I've joined the dead oven code. I think there is a short in the electronics panel. In theory should be easy to fix/replace...though that internet seems to say the panel for our 15 year old oven is no longer available.
  11. Tubbs


    Randomly (or not) keith mcnally was reminiscing on his IG account yesterday about One Fifth
  12. Low infection rate seems like less comfort when you have someone standing directly in front of multiple unmasked customers for 1-2 hours twice a night.
  13. I am curious for counter-service type places what the chefs are wearing as far as PPP. Someone posted pictures at Noz and all he is wearing is a plastic shield that only covers his nose and mouth. And he blows on the food! No thank you! Have not been able to find pictures of any of the other similar places that are open (other sushi counters, atomix, brooklyn fare, etc).
  14. I just use mine for shocking veggies, cooling wine, etc.
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