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  1. I imagine freshdirect has fancier trucks (maybe a frozen section?) but they deliver everything just in bags with no insulation or anything. Frozen stuff always seems still frozen when it arrives.
  2. My local bakery texts me when they deliver, and I've learned to run down immediately after the time I waited 20 minutes and a squirrel ate a baguette.
  3. Cool. They are doing home delivery in a lot of towns in NJ. They basically packed everything as if it was going to be shipped. I had a full garbage bag of inserts and ice packs (which also leaked everywhere sitting in my garage). Plus 3 cardboard boxes exterior and another 1 or 2 interior. And it wasn't a big order at all.
  4. I think you misunderstood what I wrote, or I'm not getting your sarcasm.
  5. The amount of boxes, styrofoam cushioning, and ice packs used for an at-home delivery in refrigerated trucks is really not cool.
  6. Piermont NY Sunday farmers market reopened. Moved from the parking lot to the big central square for more space 1 minute line to get in, masks required, two produce vendors as well as mushrooms, cheese, nuts, pickles, bread, etc. Worth a stop if you're out on the road in that area....
  7. 80 degrees in our bedroom last night. Our AC units are nearly millennials. HVAC guy made it today, just a leaky freon hose. Phew.
  8. Speaking of....besides the bathroom situation seems like the nybg could easily be opening.
  9. And in a sign of how bergen-centric my life has been...I had no idea where Harding township is. Near Morristown and apple orchards...sounds good!
  10. Welcome to our great state. You will love it and also love complaining about it.
  11. We blanched the ramps which probably helped with not ripping the dough. I'm still really bad at dough. Why does dough always stick to the rolling pin? Do I just need to use much more flour on the mat and rolling pin? It's funny to measure the dough to the gram and then just throw a random handful on the silpat...
  12. I am awful with dough. My 6 year old did most.of the rolling. Just remember use lots of extra flour on your rolling mat and pin. I used the serious eats recipe but used 200g flour and about 170g water and a pinch of salt, that was enough for 2 pancakes.
  13. Thanks for the heads up on the post-mothers day freezer sale. Restocked some ducks and a rack of lamb and some other random things we've liked. But damn is their pork expensive...had to pass on those.
  14. Now I really have to make that pork and Lima recipe....
  15. Why make scallion pancakes when you can make ramp pancakes?
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