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  1. Interesting how early anecdotal reports have people clamoring for JnJ. Everyone was worried it would be ignored because of slightly lower efficacy (maybe) but turns out people really don't want to get a second shot.
  2. Pasta of some sort with clams and brocolli is a staple here. Usually have a chablis but this time opened a 2019 Nanclares Dandelion Albarino. LIke a delicious lemon drop, and possibly the perfect pairing. Like many of the Jose Pastor wines I enjoyed this one ($20 or less) more than the pricier bottlings from the same producer.
  3. I'm fairly certain the bagel place I grew up with has had everything bagels as far as I can remember, so I'm ok with them. Cinnamon raisin definitely since regular was 20c and CR was 30c, also ok. Interestingly given the town it was kosher so the idea of meat on a bagel has always been foreign to me.
  4. I miss that place. I don't think I've been in a decade but used to go to the one in Manhattan a lot. Food was so much better than it had to be.
  5. Two small hospitals close to me, two very different strategies. One opened up a vaccination center in the rec center of the town it's in, right now getting shipments twice a week or so, only opening to residents of the town it's in. At first they were a bit quiet about the resident-only policy and just set the form to reject others without saying why. The other, which has a larger outside physician network, is quietly vaccinating hundreds of high-risk older patients of the hospital and doctors in the network. No public sign up, just referrals from the doctors. Something about the first one bot
  6. Yeah. The frustrating thing is that, unlike concert tickets, when an appointment pops up it's not held for you while you put your data in, so it's a race to quickly get everything in (be sure google autofill is on). My one success came when I had two dates pop up, I chose the one further away as I figured everyone else who refreshed at the same time would choose the sooner one. I emailed them to recommend changing to a ticketmaster-like system (ie, once a date pops up you can hold it for a minute while you type data in) though I'm sure nothing will change. One other option I heard is th
  7. When you think of the amount of time and money that's gone into building the hundreds of registration systems nationwide, none of which work well, it really is mindboggling (or vomit-inducing). It sounds like the more rural states that are doing well in vaccinations only have 2-3 hospital systems that are coordinating everything, makes much more sense! Incidentally, for NJ I believe Hackensack Meridian still seems to have appointments popping up all around the state - obviously based in Hackensack but they have locations in red bank, brick, edison, and a few others. I got my mother
  8. There are at least 8 different possible options in my county for vaccination, all with different websites/registration systems.
  9. In a bit of good news, Medicare (and what medicare does private often follows eventually) is drastically changing billing next year to incentivize behavior similar to your cardiologist. Time spent on followup with the patient can now count towards the original visit. So, for example, what would be a level 4 visit beforehand could be considered a level 5 visit (ie more in depth = higher reiumbursement) if there is also a phone call afterwards to discuss labs.
  10. Yikes. Hope it's back soon! Some huge trees and power poles down in our area but got lucky this time, unlike the last storm when it was 3 days without.
  11. Power went out 3 times overnight but thankfully came back on. Just the thought of trying to find coffee on Christmas morning was filling me with dread.
  12. I mean it sounds like they are just finding random people so they can increase their sales and ratings. We all see on Amazon for cheap things you just choose the top hit with 5 stars. It's not particularly difficult for your name and address to show up on a list somewhere, especially if you own your property.
  13. Same in general but no more work dinners, wine dinners, or social dinners where I would have a bit more.
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