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  1. I am very intrigued by the Korean sashimi places, like Bada Story. Definitely not somewhere I'd take my kids though.
  2. I always forget until it's too late that the green circle chicken thighs come in packs of 3, unlike most other brands. Guess no leftovers.
  3. Haizea -- new Basque restaurant. Pictures on IG look interesting and at least the chef is originally from Bilbao. Anyone been?
  4. John Lurie wrote a memoir. It's pretty much what you'd expect. I didn't realize he hated Jarmusch so much but I guess I know him more for his music than the acting.
  5. To add to the list, The Modern Bar Room has outdoor seat in the sculpture garden. My better half went to brunch in the garden terrace at the Crosby Hotel and approved of the setup as well.
  6. Ah thanks. Wow had no idea Rob Rosania was involved. Infamous for other reasons.
  7. Fleischer's? Anyone know the story? All temporarily closed.
  8. Beautiful thank you! Have been to Wus already many times both with wine geeks and my family, the best!
  9. Well, I think we're putting a hold on indoor for a bit until the current spike abates, or the FDA hurries up and issues an EUA for kids. So who has nice date-night worthy outdoors setups these days (by which I mean, a proper 3 course+ or tasting menu meal that will have us spending at least as much time there as we do getting there)? Marea and Jungsik seem like excellent options. The new breed of Korean-ish places that I know we would like (little mad and joomak banjun) don't seem to have outdoor. Any other suggestions?
  10. Thanks for the review. Considering my favorite restaurants in NYC these days and my favorite bakery out here are all ex-jungsik / hand hospitality folks....I need to try this.
  11. 3 hours flight delay home from paradise (at least they told us early so we just spent more time at the pool), then a 1.5 hour wait for a gate at newark, and didn't hear a single grumble or complaint from anyone on the plane.
  12. He used to be the chef at 69 Leonard a few iterations ago right? I enjoyed Nakaji at a somewhat lower price point though the extra special strawberries from Japan for dessert couldn't hold a candle to the ones we picked in NJ last week.
  13. I noticed that not only is the new iteration of 69 Leonard $420 per person (service included), there is a 72 hour full-charge cancellation fee.
  14. Tubbs

    Le Pavillon

    If I could figure out what time they release tables on resy...though probably months away from normies being able to book a 7pm anyway.
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