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  1. Sushi Aoki in Fort Lee NJ...5 minute jitney ride over the bridge from the GWB station (or if it's nice you can even walk). $120-150 and byo.
  2. United cut back their schedule and put out a press release. 3k employees out due to covid (infection or contact), 0 hospitalized, and 0 deaths in 8 weeks. They have vax mandate.
  3. I was surprised how low deaths per miles traveled was (1 in 100mm). Even more surprising was the average deadly car crash only resulted in 1.1 deaths.
  4. The current rules just make no sense given what we know about omicron. Daughter's friend's mom tested positive just before break. Friend is vaxed so not considered a close contact and thus supposed to go to school and not under any obligation to test. They tested her anyway a few times, all rapids negative but PCR last Wednesday was positive. Zero symptoms but still has to quarantine for 10 days post PCR.
  5. Quarter sheet pans are quite useful too, not least if you have an 8 year old daughter who has little jewelry making kits with thousands of little pieces.
  6. Mostly. One friend was knocked out for a couple days and lost taste/smell (maybe delta?) But mostly a few days of sniffles and aches. MIL had symptoms for a few days, we rapid tested her when symptoms were better and she could drive over here, negative, but....probably had it too! How many people like that not getting counted? My kids class of 19 was down to 6 on Thursday between positives, quarantines, and early vacation.
  7. It's just crazy out here in the NJ burbs. I know more people testing positive in the last week than the entire period since April 2020. Everyone vaxed, most adults boosted. My wife's hospital told docs to just stop sending people in for PCR unless its for surgery/admission as the backlog is too long. It's going to be an absolute disaster next week when people start trying to come home from the Caribbean and testing positive...islands have a 14 day quarantine or get a private flight home...
  8. Id like to get the kids to Italy for spring break. It would be holy week though - crazy? Also #2 won't be vaxed yet but hopefully April will be a lull...
  9. Half of my IG feed today is restaurants announcing they are closing.
  10. Not just relatively mild but asymptomatic. NFL, NYC private schools, Cornell, etc are all doing surveillance testing and picking up tons and tons of cases...
  11. Yeah I have no idea how to feel about this. On the one hand it seems like it's just ripping through everywhere now, vaxed or not, then again I don't know if I should actually be worried!
  12. Everything I've been seeing (plus anecdotally the speed that this is going through NFL teams, colleges, etc) implies that delta/omicron are MUCH quicker.
  13. Tubbs

    Brooklyn Fare

    Went a few weeks ago, I'd never been before. I don't think I've had better food anywhere, ever. Every course just perfectly plated, seasoned, unique, etc. In retrospect I should have smelled the truffles first as that aspect was a waste of money, though they didn't detract at least. They still are at 50% capacity - early seating finishing dessert as second seating gets going.
  14. What else did you find out? Having some family in town in a few weeks and a nice igloo would be convenient.
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