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  1. I will savor the last few sausages I have in my freezer
  2. That is very tempting! But we are probably too overprotective to go that route. This is a very helpful thread. I am putting together places I'd like to book. My kids are good eaters and will be quite happy at any bistro (my 5 year olds favorite food is duck confirm!), but are still not-super-adventurous normal kids. Le Servan seems like an interesting choice for a non-bistro-esque meal where they will still find something to eat, any other suggestions welcome. We will likely be staying in the 6th though that could be changed. Lunch at le comptoir and Sunday at la caguille or les bon Georges (
  3. I see David Toutain will be reopened. But certainly not taking the kids!
  4. 75 miles. Though at least initial day is on zoom (unless they drop that by then) and only about 25% chance of getting chosen. Still....yuck.
  5. NJ grand jury summons. Once a week for 4-5 months. In Trenton.
  6. Considering Paris with the family in the fourth week of August. As far as I can tell some of the restaurants that close for August do so for only 2-3 weeks, so we should have a few options, is that accurate? I do realize the proportion of Americans will be high, but what can ya do.
  7. Sistina wasn't bad (a year ago). Close and pretty space, sort of pricey.
  8. Haven't been into NYC in a month or so - any slowdown from recent uptick? Assuming at this point nobody really cares anymore...
  9. Our shul's shalach manot did not include hamentashen. Say what?
  10. Tubbs


    Come on no mention of Inventing Anna yet on this thread?
  11. My tax guy for years messed up my taxes in the same way every year for 4 years....and NJ takes about 4 years to check...so now every year I get a notice of how he messed up along with a bill for the balance plus an annoying amount of interest. TurboTax is much easier.
  12. Yes! Exactly. You have to book and prepay Atomix or Per Se or whatever up to 2 months in advance but Crown Shy, the Modern etc can cancel until a few hours before.
  13. Possible though it seems most places use Resy now, which at least requires reservations to be 90 minutes apart. Of course can have others in the party reserve too..
  14. The now ubiquity of Resy has led to the strangest sorry of reservation dance. Decide a few weeks ago to go out tonight. Found one available reservation, book it, put about 6 other places on Resy alert. Starting 3 days ago get alerts for a few, change the reservation, rinse and repeat about 4 times in the last 2 days. Annoying for everyone involved! Isn't there a better way?
  15. Anything new and notable in the last few years? Going to be in Phoenix, Sedona, and the canyon, though we could also add a night elsewhere if there's anything worth going out of the way for.
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