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  1. He used to be the chef at 69 Leonard a few iterations ago right? I enjoyed Nakaji at a somewhat lower price point though the extra special strawberries from Japan for dessert couldn't hold a candle to the ones we picked in NJ last week.
  2. I noticed that not only is the new iteration of 69 Leonard $420 per person (service included), there is a 72 hour full-charge cancellation fee.
  3. Tubbs

    Le Pavillon

    If I could figure out what time they release tables on resy...though probably months away from normies being able to book a 7pm anyway.
  4. I think Humm's relationship to the zeitgeist is perfectly demonstrated by this infamous passage: The critic’s only note was that the restaurant could use “a bit of Miles Davis,” which resonated deeply. After researching “the 11 words that were most often used to describe him,” chef Humm and his team made it their mission to make their restaurant reflect those qualities, including: “endless reinvention,” “forward-moving,” and “collaborative.”
  5. Yikes https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/27/dining/blaine-wetzel-willows-inn-lummi-island-abuse.html
  6. Ours was a big rec center run jointly by a town and a hospital. One gym had 15+ stations that you were directed to after registering (some for each Vax depending on what they had that day) and a second gym to wait. Very well run, in and out in 20 minutes, they've been processing 2k+ a day since January.
  7. Are all the outdoor "bubbles" space for more than 2? I booked two but figured if last minute one of our friends wanted to join it should be easy if it's automatically larger tables anyway.
  8. First indoor dinner this Friday at one of the bromakase places. Really cannot get that with outdoor dining or takeout. Haven't had great sushi in over a year, can't wait. Atoboy next week in one of their outdoor seats.
  9. I find it a bit weird how anti-indoor-dining Sutton and other Eater writers are these days. I wouldn't want them encouraging excess, but when you have a somewhat well known food writer saying "I had covid and I've been vaccinated and I still won't eat indoors" it's a bit strange no?
  10. Thanks! I've mostly had good Korean by me but I need to also explore fort lee/pal park a lot more to find more.
  11. Sounds delicious. Any other places in particular you've found?
  12. Yup. If you ever drive out of NYC over the bridge check out Teaneck road hot bagels, a block off route 4. https://www.foodandwine.com/travel/restaurants/best-bagels-america Apparently I was not just biased by having grown up 4 blocks away from here. There really is something strange when the only version of a "thing" you have ever known is just better than every other version. For almost thirty years, some of the most proper, hand-rolled, New York style bagels in existence have been coming out of this tiny storefront just seconds from go-go-go Route 4. If you've been rush
  13. Interesting how early anecdotal reports have people clamoring for JnJ. Everyone was worried it would be ignored because of slightly lower efficacy (maybe) but turns out people really don't want to get a second shot.
  14. Pasta of some sort with clams and brocolli is a staple here. Usually have a chablis but this time opened a 2019 Nanclares Dandelion Albarino. LIke a delicious lemon drop, and possibly the perfect pairing. Like many of the Jose Pastor wines I enjoyed this one ($20 or less) more than the pricier bottlings from the same producer.
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