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  1. Thanks. Will look around, our kids are 5 and 10...so getting to the "older" range. Seems like trains are the way to go in the mountains there and Switzerland as well....driving could lead to divorce.
  2. @Behemoth after years of reading this thread we are finally going to make it to the Dolomites at the end of August. Now to figure out the details....we will be flying in and out of Milan. Current idea would be 4 nights at the Holzner with the other 4 "free" nights split between Venice and either someone on the lake or maybe just more time in Milan, or maybe two nights in Merano? As I've never been to Venice I don't want to skip it this trip as who knows when we'll be back. Q also for @Anthony Bonner, did you rent a car? Is it necessary? It seems like the trains can get us to and from Mil
  3. Looks fantastic. If you decide to stay a bit in Montalcino we loved the Giglio. Great views from the room, amazing breakfast spread, restaurant was great and great wine list. And cheap. This was 10+ years ago but recent reviews seem similar.
  4. Perhaps turn one of the side trips into a couple night stop? As others said driving around the countryside in Italy is lovely. We picked up a car in Florence and then spent some time in Tuscan hill towns (stayed in montalcino but tons of places) before returning the car somewhere outside Rome and training in. Could just cut a few days off Rome/Florence to add 2-4 night in Tuscany/Umbria. Especially in the summer it's also nice to be able to walk around those towns at night when the tour busses have left!
  5. Sounds great! Location definitely a factor in London, you definitely realize with kids how BIG it is.
  6. The Atomix/Atoboy team new place Naro just opened in Rock center as well. Supposed to be more traditional Korean influences...tasting menu only.
  7. Besides the food the Harry Potter studio was awesome though. If they like Indian we liked BiBi a lot - sort of modern-ish. Plenty of veg options.
  8. If not too late...we liked La Goccia at Petersham nurseries in Covent garden. All small plates so can order a bunch of things... The food at Harry Potter studios was the only bad meal we had in London!
  9. Got fourth + flu right before yom kippur. Somehow no side effects of either except a slight malaise (which just as likely from not eating...though I do drink water). Figured I wouldn't be going to office or exercising anyway! The third one kicked my a&&, so this was a pleasant surprise.
  10. Went to London and Paris with our kids (their first trip to another continent) at the end of August. Got lucky with the weather, sandwiched in between the heat waves and the rain - 9 days of 70-80 degree highs and only rain was on our way to the train in London. Our next trip...if we can find good flights...somewhere in the same direction over Thanksgiving! Paris ..or Madrid ..or maybe Lisbon
  11. Aren't they closed for health violations every couple years? That's why you gotta drink a lot of wine there...kills any bugs.
  12. Teaneck road just south of route 4. Teaneck road hot bagels. F&w had them in their best bagels in the country list but I've been going there for 30 years (grew up 2 blocks away). Truly a blessed childhood.
  13. Best bagels in the country are in Teaneck. We just go to Memere in Closter. It's solid and they have a lovely back patio. Suffering a bit from staffing issues like many restaurants so the plates have gotten a bit simpler. Plenty of good options for Korean, Cuban, etc, and chicken parm. Fort Lee is sprouting sushi omakase joints. Haven't been to many of them yet.
  14. My dad used to park there sometimes if he drove into work...would take a week for the smell to leave his car.
  15. 8 years ago my wife gave our baby daughter her watch to play with to appease her on a long car ride. Somehow it disappeared, we assumed fell out in the garage. Yesterday we sold the car and while cleaning out every nook and cranny, mixed in with the crushed Cheerios, raisins, and other years of snack detritus in various seatbelt wells....the watch!
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