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  1. Tempted...but still not doing it yet. But atomix or something like it is definitely the first indoor meal I plan on having. Nothing else seems worth it.
  2. Atomix is reopening oct 7. I'm really tempted. Very few diners and presumably an already robust air filtration system (since they are in a basement). The one thing I really miss is very high end food. Long meal though.
  3. There is a debate at my kids preschool (in a reform shul that is not holding in person services for high holidays) if kids who go to orthodox shuls (which are) should have to quarantine post holidays.
  4. Looks like a semi-permanent tent with wired lighting, rugs, etc. Really impressive looking.
  5. The Nomad rooftop looks fantastic.
  6. Yeah I'm thinking more places like EMP or Per Se where they are way under legal capacity and tables probably close to 6 feet apart already. Of course you'd need to find enough people to sit for a 3 hour meal...
  7. Is capacity defined as regular dining capacity or fire code capacity? IE let's say a restaurant had very spaced out tables before. Are they only able to open at 25% of that number? Or could some of the more spacious establishments open at nearly normal levels (esp if they use private dining areas etc).
  8. First year in a while that we didn't have a big heat spike around labor day in nyc/nj.
  9. Indoor dining now allowed in NJ. No thank you. Also, not sure when this thread detoured to ice cream, but I've been very impressed with the vegan ice creams from van leeuwen.
  10. Also outdoor space heaters. But at least yeast and flour are back in stock.
  11. And now they announced all virtual now as 81 staffers requested medical or other leave. I will refrain from political comments....
  12. At this point it seems more like a mathematical question. With 8-10 kids in a class and essentially zero interaction with anyone else in the school, and case rate in NJ fairly low, the math works out pretty well even if the kids weren't required to wear masks and sit at separated desks. Sort of surprised no districts that I know of are opening just elementary and leaving ms/hs remote.
  13. Our school (Public) is split cohorts 2/3 days per week in school, 5 hours with no lunch (but snack time...so bring a sandwich). Though considering the efforts the teachers unions are going to to prevent it from happening (on the local level, essentially encouraging as many as teachers as possible to ask for some sort of accomodations if leave) I'll believe it when she steps into class on September 8. On the other hand my littlest one's preschool is full steam ahead and unless Murphy shuts the schools completely I imagine it will happen
  14. My senior year dorm window in college was directly over an intersection of two busy roads. When I moved to Manhattan I had an internal-facing studio on a quiet side street, took me week to be able to fall asleep quickly.
  15. Tubbs

    Death Pool

    Resurrected from the dead. https://ny.eater.com/2020/3/30/21200386/taste-of-persia-saaed-pourkay-delivery-nyc-coronavirus. Started delivering to Bergen County this week and I took immediate advantage. I don't know how I've made it to this point in life without having Ash Reshteh but I will make sure to have it more now!
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