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  1. The NYC school "plan" seems asinine, to put it mildly.
  2. My little guy does music online twice a week which he absolutely loves, amazingly. We have a local high schooler come by once a week to do art project in the yard with both kids. Swimming pool just reopened though it's a challenge to snag a spot....it's harder than getting a seat at atomix.
  3. We have one week of nature center camp. Might do tennis camp too if numbers stay good as it's indoors. Their regular camp was cancelled though.
  4. I can't quite figure out why their estimator error bars are so much wider now than a month ago in states where case numbers are skyrocketing. According to their explanation, in general the bars should be larger in cases with higher numbers, but everyone's bars have gotten much bigger in the last 2 weeks.
  5. Jersey Shore in August for a week. Pool and beach so no need to interact with anyone if we dont want to. They claim the arcade will be open which seems....not like a great idea. Outdoor rides, probably fine. Optimistically booked Cayman in Feb. Seems to be the most stringent island with no current reopening plans, so if it's not open by then the flight won't go, the hotel won't be open, etc.
  6. You are very likely right (at least in NJ/NYC). I think there's an ick factor that will take a while to overcome for eating indoors, at least for me. Just saw atomixis reopening and damn if I'd love to go but just can't bring myself to do it. For eating outdoors, I agree the risk is close to nil as long as I'm not at a communal table with a stranger sitting across from me. I really couldn't care less if the waiter/waitress is wearing a mask (in the sense that them wearing a mask somehow takes away from the experience).
  7. Is that even legal? The two places we've eaten at both allowed bathroom access (though in NY State) and there was a big argument on my town message board with the general conclusion that if there is actual service at the tables then bathrooms should be open. The ones I've been to had one person at a time rule And honestly I didn't find it a big deal. I mean, the wait staff and cooks have to go somewhere...1 minute in a room with no other people and wearing a mask.
  8. Yes to outdoor. No to indoor. Have eaten outside a few times already in Piermont. We go when they open for lunch, we know we are the first ones sitting at the table that day.
  9. This was Ort Farms in NJ.
  10. Yeah...they are excellent. Even the not-quite-ripe ones my son picked are good Late season this year from the March cold snap. Apparently peaches will be very good too.
  11. Went to the source today. Small but delicious. One cake already in the oven, many pounds left to eat.
  12. After a few weeks of minimal sales they are back with a vengeance. I am literally looking at the truck delivering to my house right now and creating a new cart with the current enormous freezer sale . Does anyone have a preference for which sort of duck is best? So far I found the Rohan to be a bit skinny, tough to get a lot of meat off it, Pekin yielded much more, but small sample sizes.Rohan, Muscovy, and Pekin all available on sale now. The Angus beef petite filet also seem very interesting esp given my kids' preference for less fatty steaks.
  13. Planted a bunch of pots this year on our patio. So far the zucchini plant is growing like a weed but the cucumber looks sad (and has a tiny bit of white along the edges). Maybe it needs more sun? Probably get 5 hours or so where it is but that's really the max in our yard due to directionality.
  14. I imagine freshdirect has fancier trucks (maybe a frozen section?) but they deliver everything just in bags with no insulation or anything. Frozen stuff always seems still frozen when it arrives.
  15. My local bakery texts me when they deliver, and I've learned to run down immediately after the time I waited 20 minutes and a squirrel ate a baguette.
  16. Cool. They are doing home delivery in a lot of towns in NJ. They basically packed everything as if it was going to be shipped. I had a full garbage bag of inserts and ice packs (which also leaked everywhere sitting in my garage). Plus 3 cardboard boxes exterior and another 1 or 2 interior. And it wasn't a big order at all.
  17. I think you misunderstood what I wrote, or I'm not getting your sarcasm.
  18. The amount of boxes, styrofoam cushioning, and ice packs used for an at-home delivery in refrigerated trucks is really not cool.
  19. Piermont NY Sunday farmers market reopened. Moved from the parking lot to the big central square for more space 1 minute line to get in, masks required, two produce vendors as well as mushrooms, cheese, nuts, pickles, bread, etc. Worth a stop if you're out on the road in that area....
  20. 80 degrees in our bedroom last night. Our AC units are nearly millennials. HVAC guy made it today, just a leaky freon hose. Phew.
  21. Speaking of....besides the bathroom situation seems like the nybg could easily be opening.
  22. And in a sign of how bergen-centric my life has been...I had no idea where Harding township is. Near Morristown and apple orchards...sounds good!
  23. Welcome to our great state. You will love it and also love complaining about it.
  24. We blanched the ramps which probably helped with not ripping the dough. I'm still really bad at dough. Why does dough always stick to the rolling pin? Do I just need to use much more flour on the mat and rolling pin? It's funny to measure the dough to the gram and then just throw a random handful on the silpat...
  25. I am awful with dough. My 6 year old did most.of the rolling. Just remember use lots of extra flour on your rolling mat and pin. I used the serious eats recipe but used 200g flour and about 170g water and a pinch of salt, that was enough for 2 pancakes.
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