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  1. Thanks Steve R. We move onboard next month. The marina is secure but the only time this security level is reached when a LNG tanker comes by. I wish I was more insistent on you sampling the toro I had on ice.. I didn't make up the handgun comment. I heard it from a local NBC news guy; who suggested the Watertown resident would likely feel safer if they were armed. Quickly realized his faux pas. People in Watertown were told to not open their doors unless they saw law enforcement/military. In a hi rise, no one knocks on my door; no need or desire for a gun. http://uwire.com/2013
  2. W, People want to create a larger issue here..Muslim, Illegal immigrants, whatever. As a resident..I just want to keep myself and family safe. Indifferent as to what the religion, creed, background, etc of the threat.
  3. re ar 15..many of the law enforcement have them; or what appears to be. as to citizens like myself, NO..leave them in the hands of pros. I can't speculate as to the desire as to access to auto weapons but is has been suggested..bad idea.. eta..I live in a hi rise bulding with securty. If I lived in the directly affected areas of the city, I would prefer owning a handgun..which I am well trained to use responsibly.
  4. To add a little, proposed or existing "gun laws" would have had no impact on this tragedy. The weapons were NOT purcased at a "gun show;" nor were any weapons usedin the aftermath. DD was not delivering food today. Cosi was...which I passed on and had a nice charcuterie plate at home. Boston is what I imagine to be lke a "war zone." Sucks and I went to work without usual nylon backpack and kept my hands in plain sight. No grudge against any ethnic group...sick behavior doesn't discriminate or see color or race. It sucks right now but return to normal soon.
  5. My condolences. I'm sorry to hear of your loss.
  6. RIP My BIL has an original, that he bought for short money some years ago and spent a lot of time restoring to mint condition. What a ride! Shelby actually drove his car at Lime Rock and they became good friends. BIL was Pres of some Shelby Car Club. She's a head turner, we once pulled into a country restaurant that was popular with bikers...At a nice place where a few guys were into revving hi powered engines, we were it..
  7. The slow recovery did not prevent openings like Lavo, Imperial No. Nine, Niko, Xiao Ye, or the last dozen Todd English places. Todd English just reopened his first place after 5+ years. Olives in Charlestown.To be accurate, it was the second and larger Olives, original was turned into a Figs. THE restaurant in BOS in it's day. Last month, Kingfish Hall, another Todd English creation, closed in Fanieul Hall.
  8. Yay! Happy week! I remember when this was instituted in MA. It was a sad day. No more 2 for 1's. There were a few places that heavily pushed this biz. People would stumble out at 6:30, hammered. Not bad if you could walk home, but a disaster for suburbanites that were jumping in their cars. Free apps were prohibited. Far cry from the good old days when we could plan our week around free chicken wings at X and double drinks on Tues.."Swedish" meatballs and double drinks at Y on Wed and so on.. Tough living on $1000/month in Manhattan..even in the 70's.. In practice, I usually ge
  9. I meant to ask Mike about that but I don't know how good I can swim with a broken jaw or head..:)Max, the boat cat didn't like him and Mike asked if he bit..I toyed with the idea of saying "only the ears" but exercised judgement and said no...
  10. Not one of the sports best moments..though I'm sure King made out ok. Another clunker was Tyson/Spinks. Went with some friends and paid $30 or so to watch it on big screen in a rock club (long gone Channel)....91 seconds andit was over.
  11. When I was a kid and teenager, young adult (I'm 57) there were no menus. Same as the Luger shtick..some grumpy old guy comes to your table and asks if you're ready to order. Be prepared for a glare if you ask for a menu or what do you have. My grandfather was a regular and took me often. Being able to get a table quickly and knowing what/how to order was a great way to impress friends and dates.. I was on that free lobster deal in Boston for a while but don't go that often anymore. They sometimes offer very good deals on large lobsters. The story used to be that they only dry aged
  12. I haven't had it but I hear it can be very painful. There is a vaccine that my doc recommends when I turn 60. I've had it & it itched like the devil. My doc just said he wants to talk to me about the shingles vaccine next time I see him - said something about insurance carriers have just started to cover it. Maybe they're trying to get us to love them now, at long last. I had the vaccination a few ago (my mother had shingles and it was awful for her). Yes, my insurance (Oxford/United Health) covered it. No, it does not prevent other forms of herpes, such as cold sores.
  13. I haven't had it but I hear it can be very painful. There is a vaccine that my doc recommends when I turn 60.
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