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  1. LiquidNY

    Gene Wilder

    Alzheimer's. Age 83.
  2. LiquidNY


    Huma Abedin and Carlos Danger Anthony Weiner.
  3. LiquidNY


    That sure looks like a bucket of Grande fior di latte behind him:
  4. LiquidNY


    Here's a photo of Dom oiling a pie, with a can of Berio in the background:
  5. It might not be done with a 3D printer or laboratory meat. Cooking is a perfect candidate for automation. It's a repetitive task where you have people executing an easily modeled algorithm (ie, the recipe). Automating it is merely an engineering challenge, not a scientific challenge. It's not a matter of if - but when - it will happen. At some point maybe the robot chefs will be cheap enough that every home will have one.
  6. I'm pretty sure setting a different age based on sex is illegal. Then again charging lower prices for women ("Ladies Night") seems to be tolerated, I guess because it's just price discrimination.
  7. This technology has pretty interesting possibilities. One can easily imagine a future where we rarely dine out anymore, similar to how HDTV and Netflix has superseded movie theaters for a lot of people. Everyone would have one of these machines in their home and they could download the El Bulli tasting menu onto it.
  8. Oh, and the antipasti were pretty large too - basically large shared appetizer plates. (I mean real share plates, like the kind you'd get at an "ethnic" restaurant here.)
  9. Everything was pretty big, especially the pastas. At most places they were easily what would be considered a main course here. The mains, on the other hand, would also be considered mains here except they often lacked side components like starch and veggies. (ie, an order of osso buco would just be the meat and some sauce)
  10. I assure you this is not a problem, at least not at the places where People Like Us like to dine (the remaining ones that still serve mains). At Applebee's you might have a point. On the other hand, last time I was in Italy (like two months ago) I thought the portions were far larger than you'd get at most NYC restaurants.
  11. I would offer the girl and her date the "bartender's choice".
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