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  1. Good review. What are you using for the phono stage?
  2. The only Bichi I've tried was the No Sapiens. I didn't care for it. I think it's the only Mexican wine I've tried? I've been surprised how (shall we say) assertively priced Mexican wines are, even in Mexico.
  3. This McIntosh integrated amp looks pretty awesome: https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/integrated-amplifiers/MA252
  4. I've tried Flor Del Desierto sotol. Didn't care for it. Like tequila, but not as good and had a weird vegetal taste. Drinkable, but I wouldn't buy it again. I guess I can't write off all sotol based on a sample of one, but the initial experience wasn't great.
  5. The B&Ws look excellent - they also make a higher-end "705 Signature" model for 4k. That might be worth a listen. Thanks!
  6. Both look pretty good. I could probably afford a bigger budget - how about something in the 3-4k range? The conventional wisdom is that you should spend the most money on the speakers.
  7. I wouldn't actually install the speakers on bookshelves. They'd be compact speakers on stands.
  8. @SneakeaterI'm in the market for a stereo. I'd never considered tubes before, but you may have sold me. What speakers are you using? I'd prefer a pair of bookshelfs for my apartment.
  9. Le Coucou (likely closed for good) had much better food than LTC. I'm looking forward to the new Le Veau d'Or.
  10. I'm not that up to date either, but I can make a few suggestions for anyone going in fall '21. Hop Sing has reopened, so they're the obvious choice. I haven't been to Charlie Was A Sinner, but they're supposed to be good. 1 Tippling Place is pretty good. Also check out places in fancy hotels like the Library Bar at the Rittenhouse or A.Kitchen/A.Bar at the AKA. Ranstead Room is apparently still closed - hopefully they reopen soon because they were one of the best. Philly doesn't have a deep bench for cocktail bars, but they have a few good ones.
  11. LiquidNY

    Park Side

    I've been to Park Side twice recently (including with Rich & Peg and my parents) and my appreciation for this place grows each time I go. On the first visit I got to try the crab cake appetizer - basically a big pile of crab meat with zero filler. Of course it was good, although imho it would be greatly improved if they gave you some cocktail sauce on the side. I'm sure they'd give it to you if you asked. Also, an excellent veal chop milanese. On the second visit a half dozen oysters - I didn't have high expectations for raw oysters at a red sauce place, but these were really
  12. I'm going in a couple weeks also. I've been to the Seven Dials location and liked it a lot.
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