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  1. 'They all died': Peconic Bay scallop harvesting season appears lost https://www.newsday.com/business/scallop-peconic-die-off-peconic-bay-1.50053230
  2. Am I crazy for thinking this is the time to buy a house or car? GMC is at 0% interest for 84 months no payment 90 days. Mortgages? I know zero. Please move if needed
  3. i.e don't drop dead from doping.
  4. I've been seeing really small wings in a lot of places recently. Something in the supply chain or maybe just wings the way nature intended them to be?
  5. Yes. The four active posters here are the only people to attend the markets.
  6. greenspace

    Thai Diner

    What about the tiny stool seats?
  7. New spot from them, Thai Diner. The old shoebox spot is going all delivery
  8. Newest, most uncomfortable seating option. https://imgur.com/a/BoMpI5Y
  9. What’s there to get? Pizza man opens shop in ancestral home (high) lands....
  10. Puget Sound tribes and scientists join forces to breed millions of clams https://newfoodeconomy.org/puget-sound-tribes-scientists-clams-cockles-suquamish/
  11. The new round would cover those over 14% as well; it also will impact cheeses and some specialty foods.
  12. Monk, cod, mackerel, porgies, fluke, skate, squid, tile fish sea bass, clams, oysters, conch, scallops....
  13. Because no fisherman, meat and dairy producers, bakers or orchardists should be allowed to do commerce when you can’t have tomatoes?
  14. I appreciate Luis, but so much of his meats are just commodity commodity.
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