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  1. I would argue that O’Flaherty’s is very much happening now, in Manhattan, even if some of the kids are from Brooklyn or Austria. And you would need to head to the UES ( barely Manhattan) to find "eastside of south central los angeles hieroglyph prototype architecture (I),"
  2. greenspace


    Birds and Bubbles.
  3. Streaming Killed the Video Stars.
  4. I saw the notification from them and immediately suspected ransomware.
  5. Everything is "smartboards" now. No erasers needed.
  6. Well this Infatuation review of The Smile was definitely written by some automaton...
  7. spent a whole lot of weekends ending a late night at schiller's, followed by brunch at 'inoteca. or vice versa.
  8. There certainly are American and Hickory shad nurseries in Moriches Bay and the Great South Bay, and open for fishing year round. What do you think all those stripers eat?
  9. Realizing I've never darkened the door of Ci Siamo, I went to google for images and what do I see...
  10. Based on his Foul Witch review, Sietsema is also not actually a writer.
  11. spoiler: it was an art party.
  12. I found it fitting, given how much Livakovic has meant for Croatia's success thus far. He gets big at the right times.
  13. Try Discovery Wines on Ave B, at 2nd ST. I haven't been in a minute, but always found intriguing and affordable bottles with a speciality in small bottlings and natural wines. https://www.discoverywines.com/valuewines
  14. Eater as a whole has had a bad case of Sietsemaitis, just no longer bothering to fact check or even google anything. *Not to be too pompous*, but I was prodded to read the Koloman write up describing a "triple creme" souffle made with "Pleasant Ridge Cheddar". I'm assuming the nuance was lost in translation, but as a former cheesemonger I know that Pleasant Ridge is an Alpine style cheese, not a cheddar, and nothing approaching a triple-creme. I might enjoy a Brillat Savarin souffle dusted with Pleasant Ridge, but that ain't what they said and that ain't whats on the menu.
  15. http://www.brooklynbarmenus.com/
  16. She didn't market the idea, the marketing found her. We need to remember that the web was a much different, smaller place then and Blogger was a very shiny new thing. One mention by kottke or on metafilter could bring alot of eyes, including Amanda Hesser's to whatever one was doing.
  17. Do you trust Pete Wells, or Lee Hanson, or Riad Nasr? 😀
  18. are you sure that's toast? looks like a traditional split top bun to me.
  19. my old corner store sold loosies, a guy out front sold far more addictive substances, and it was the set of a Rhianna photoshoot. FWIW, Baldor wholesaling ramps at $30/lb right now....
  20. greenspace


    He is the Culinary Director at the Met, involved in all kitchens day to day, including staff dining options. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sylviebigar/2022/03/29/three-new-york-chefs-land-at-iconic-cultural-institutions/?sh=19f889d95fe5
  21. You need to look at the cans in the Goya aisle.
  22. Man I don't want to argue this, and i have no horse in the game, but they are running physical stores, successfully some would say. And have just brought on a lead executive from Tesco to be SVP of physical stores. They are going to make a go of this and I wouldn't bet against their capital or ability to run a zero margin business ad infinitum. Read the linked article if you haven't.
  23. Yes, but Amazon Fresh stores are not delivery services- they are actual physical stores- and there are about to be alot more of them.
  24. My guess is they start converting WF To Amazon Fresh Stores. It was a market intelligence and real estate deal all along.
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