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  1. We spent some time in the North Fork this summer. Didn't eat at the inn but went to their mostly excellent food truck many times to eat in the garden. Claudia Fleming was always around, often manning the truck. Her oatmeal cookies were divine. Sad that she's selling up.
  2. Too bad, Daniel, about Casa Mono going to the dogs. Recently, I've been most sad about City Bakery closing - had lots of memories related to that place - but I'll also miss sitting at the Casa Mono bar when it was good. Thanks, Behemoth and Sneak. Don't check in much here so missed your messages. (Moving to London early next year hopefully!)
  3. Seemed like, from a comment on Mangieri's Instagram, he's planning to open in NJ soon.
  4. Haven't been to Casa Mono - or eaten dinner out - since my son was born but it is possible your version of the goat dish was different from mine 18 months ago. They used to change the preparation for their non-classic dishes fairly frequently.
  5. Not in NYC, but not so far away in Mattituck, Pizza Rita makes Neapolitan pizza good enough to rival UPN. This is based upon multiple recent visits!
  6. Glad it was reviewed again as it looked certain to close otherwise. Had yet another great pizza there recently. (Not sure I agree with Wells about the appetizers.)
  7. Went here last night. Excellent, precise cooking, friendly service, charming space. Tried all of the short menu and everything was good. Highlight was the beef noodle soup. I preferred the chewy to the flat noodles, at least once the soup had cooled. The beef shank and tendon are delicious.
  8. The cooking at the Williamsburg location isn't anything like the cooking at the Woodside location - and even the presentation of some of the dishes is different.
  9. Out of curiosity, what day of the week was this? It was Friday.
  10. Got round to reading the Wells review and was surprised he thought the desserts jarred with the aesthetics of the pizza. Read like he had to twist his review to agree with his argument. Tiramisu and ice cream seem classic enough to me. And, frankly, many of the appetizers may be modernist but a couple of them aren't so different from what you'd have found at Franny's. Also surprised he didn't like the servers asking what you're eating when helping you choose the wine. At least he realized how good the pizza is.
  11. I don't share the love for Frenchette. The rabbit was particularly disappointing: bland, with indelicate, slightly gummy noodles. Thought the other dishes were ok but not more than that. The worst part was actually our tiny table in the bar area, which became a punishingly hot sun trap around 6 pm and had no leg room for one of us. If they'd installed a blind and weren't trying to cram so many people in, we could have had a comfortable dinner at least. Wine prices by the (small) glass seemed high.
  12. Now I mostly only come here for the exceptional gelato.
  13. Went back here after going once before, nearer to when it opened. The level of cooking seems to have fallen precipitously. And I'd say that Atla is executing some of the basics - tortillas, salsas - far better.
  14. The Saturday Carbonara pizza is now my second favorite, here, after the Pops.
  15. The place on Delancey close to the bridge. I like the "chewy noodle" ramen options, particularly the Tontoro Pork. I don't like truffle oil either but Nakamura hasn't been too hit-or-miss for me.
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