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  1. How was it, Sneak? [And, btw, joyeux anniversaire!] If 'Omicron' does wind up escaping the original mRNA vaccines, the window to dine here may be brief indeed. 🙁
  2. It's going to be a private club now, I believe, from the company that owns Soho House. [I've no idea if there will be any arrangements for Soho members.] Edited: oh god, these 'renderings' look awful. The NoMad had a sort of louche brothel aspect to its aesthetic, but somehow this looks far more vulgar.
  3. Jah, I dunno if I can recommend this particular iteration of Intersect [mind you, Chef Comtpon was not visible during my dinner]. Orik's observations seemed fairly accurate to my mind. I can't say I'm a fan of pig ears, chicken feet, etc, but quite a few of the Compère Lapin photos I've seen decpicted them as long and thin pork rinds, and that's pretty much how they tasted. Maybe we should have applied the lime and chilli powder? Overall I wouldn't say it was a negative experience. I don't think this is a style of cooking particularly in tune with my own aesthetic inclinations, but i
  4. My elders here can no doubt correct me, but I seem to recall that New York restaurants, particularly of the Francophile variety, were perfectly capable of cooking duck breast properly not too many years ago. I also read somewhere [in a review?] that a certain kitchen was preparing duck breast in the current fashion, which caused me to wonder, agahst, 'They're doing this on purpose?'
  5. I hope all of you watched Villneuve's Dune in IMAX before Eternals takes over this week. 😎 Tried to purchase tickets at Lincoln Square tomorrow for my 3rd viewing, but they've sold out [for a 2 pm show!].
  6. Very well, I've booked a table, not counter space, so you lot will have to tell me what to order.
  7. Ah, so I needn't panic that the counter seats are all taken for the evening I hope to book . . .
  8. Holy cow, I remember the gougères. I remember something! I do recall that I found the dinner pleasant and superior to the last couple of sorta-miss meals I'd had at Balthazar.
  9. No idea how these wound up here, other than the directive 'reply to Sneak'?
  10. I've a bit to say about kids without money writing about luxe restaurants, but I'll need a little time for that. 😀 So the Mouthfuls readership will be spared for now.
  11. LOL, Sneak, I'm sure we could find some signs from France claiming both 'brasserie' and 'bistro' identities? I definitely have in my head normative Platonic ideals of what brasseries and bistros should be, but I don't doubt there are restaurants in this fallen world that blur the boundary.
  12. I know I dined at Augustine, but I have no memory of the experience: I suppose it was that much a generic McNally? In which case Boulud reopening/repurposing the space should be an improvement?
  13. Sneak, whom do you imagine [or imagine Wells envisaged] as the audience for this piece: people interested in dining in Midtown or people interested in the history/myth of New York?
  14. I read about Hatsuhana as a kid but never went [same goes for Lutèce, hélas]. I wish there were some way to time-travel to the 1980s New York restaurant scene and taste how good [or mediocre] it really was by today's standards. My first stops would of course be Chanterelle when it was still in Soho and the Bouley-helmed Montrachet.
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