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  1. Of possible interest to some of you: Amazon will broadcast many of the shorts that would have been screened at South by Southwest. You do not need Prime, only a bog-standard Amazon account.
  2. I accidentally cooked a perfectly roasted chicken a few weeks ago [it was an accident because I forgot the time, but the actual oven temp was significantly lower than indicated]. This past weekend I was reminded why I don't often prepare rack of lamb [it seems really easy to burn the surface whilst I'm searing and basting in the pan]. But these have been notable exceptions, cooking at the smaller of my family's Jersey Shore homes, where they've hunkered down for the spring. In my own residences, I'm unable to cook for myself for logistical [Newark] or psychological [New York] reasons and s
  3. Missing Lutèce at its peak is one of the few things that make me wish I'd been a little older during the 20th century.
  4. When I prepare carbonara or amatriciana myself, I find parsley absolutely essential for cutting through the fat, though perhaps I would not feel that way if I drank wine more regularly. Netflix now offers Uncorked, which is sort of like Somm and Bravo's Uncorked docu, but the fictional Uncorked follows the heir to a Memphis barbecue joint as he navigates the master somm course as well as the pitfalls of race and class..Taillevant and Domaine Long-Depaquit make cameo appearances during the class trip to France. Wilf, have you watched Nora from Queens?
  5. A very small sample: the village of Vò in Veneto. Presuming an effective vaccine is not forthcoming soon, there will be a weird transitional period after the peak when the Immune and the Uninfected may have to live separate, parallel lives.
  6. The kitchen at Eleven Madison Park will be contributing meals to the nonprofit Rethink Food.
  7. Good luck, Orik. I hope for all our sakes, the risk profile improves sooner than later.
  8. Take careful of yourself, Daniel. And not just from viruses: don't run yourself into the ground either.
  9. I have italicised Sutton's text for the sake of clarity.
  10. No, no, that was me, your friendly neighbourhood unprofessional reviewer... Pay heed to the placement of the inverted commas.
  11. Chekhov: 'it must lie before you, naked, shameless, a temptation. You wink at it, you cut off a slice, and you let your fingers just play over it.' Though the name sounds familiar, I couldn't say I knew what coulibiac is. 'One Instagrammer thought it recalled the Wu-Tang symbol.' 'Those pierogies, however, prompt a larger question for Veronika, which is whether it’s trying too hard to make a cafe, a purportedly democratic institution, into an exclusive one.' What? 'If restaurants like Momofuku, Estela, or Wildair represent the prevailing style of dressed-down, downtown, small-plates pl
  12. OK, Le Crocodile probably deserves its own thread.
  13. How does it compare to Reynard? I miss Reynard, though perhaps mainly because I liked that rustic hipster saloon meets fin-de-siècle brasserie space. Aside from the peak months of The Elm, it was my go-to dining spot in N Williamsburg. Edited: did Reynard have only one NYT star?
  14. Merci, Orik! Only one claret on the list. I suppose one should expect a fair amount of Italian given Batali's involvement, but I'm honestly surprised by how many Californian reds are on there. I do remember the 2000s being the period when I drank New World pinot noir! I'm not sure I believe California cabs were ever actually consumed outside of 1980s fiction and film. [sigh] Would love to pay $140 for Dujac on a restaurant list.
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