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  1. Thanks - and you as well, Soba. Looks like our thought pattern in 'processing posting' was well aligned
  2. If I may.... I have a cedar deck that I am looking to stain, I want to bring out the pure look of cedar (no dyes, etc) but also want minimal maintenance. Any suggestions?
  3. Recently enjoyed the best sushi I have had to date in this province at Zen's new location on Woodbine and 14th - the shari was excellent, as was the various forms of Toro and Hamachi.
  4. I like the look of yours, seems to have some nice texture to it (the only complaint I have of mine) but interestingly is very low rimmed. We could probably start a thread of the wild concoctions made in a Mortar and Pestle.... Like the Avocado/ramp/chilli oil/caper/dijon/lemon/oil mash I made to coat king mushrooms with prior to grilling (and layer on post grill for a nice contrast).
  5. Daniel, you seem to have a passion for the old mortar and pestle sauces as I do. I really like the ginger/cilantro stem/ramp/lime/roasted fresh chili oil pound lately, great for fish, chicken, dressings, curry 'flavour enhancer' etc
  6. I have used a Pinot Gris white vinegar in the past. Pickled a few jars of ramps today, 2 preparations - The first, tons of cilantro stems chopped, black mustard seeds, mix of pinot gris vinegar, unfitlered apple cider vinegar, salt, water, peppercorns Second more basic - just sugar/water/vinegar/chili flakes
  7. How are you all making your ramp butter? For butter/olive preparations, I dont like any heat touching the ramps, I find it lessens the already subtle flavours. I prefer to chop slightly, add to a mortar and pestle, toss in some coarse salt, bash it to pieces, and then either add EVOO or add that mixture to softened butter, or even warmed butter.
  8. For a few years we may continue, but those will not last, sadly. Thank you for the insight regarding the production - again I am only tapping the surface of wine knowledge and clearly have a ways to go. Picked up some 2001 Faustino Gran Reserva's today, have had it before, great stuff for under $40.
  9. Another family birthday dinner, this time for twins, so a duo was in order - 2 bottles (granted, 7 people drinking) of '82 Chateau Haut-Brion - we couldn't believe the tannins still left in this wine. It easily has another 5 if not 10 years left. Really quite remarkable. Sneak - I attempted to look for the - 2013 Bodegas y Viñedos Ponce Buena Punto - Sadly, the ever lacking LCBO only has a few bottles of 2005 - Bodegas y Viñedos Tabula Gran Tabula @ $69. Not sure how it compares to the one above.
  10. Thanks Daniel. I have been making a lot of Ramp Olive oil (as it freezes really well!) but your post reminds me to make some Ramp Butter. Made some last night in fact and dipped some Nova Scotia lobster in it, worked really well. Interestingly enough, I notice a big difference in taste, dependent on the preparation of ramp butters/oils - whether a mortar and pestle is uses vs. a Cuisinart.
  11. I will have to investigate, as they are just popping out of the ground and are about 4-6 inches long or so at the moment. Thanks Sneaky
  12. And how does one determine the difference between the shoots and the non shoots? (excuse the ignorance and the laziness to not search the all mighty Goorgle)
  13. Sadly no pictures - we were all too ravenous to pause and take any, but hopefully a description will suffice; Being Spring, Ramps are in the air, and in my fridge - Ramp Pizza - Potato Mashed Ramp Base w/ bacon fat as a cooking oil - Sliced pickled ramp bulbs - Raw Ramp Leaves - Mozzerella / Friulano mix - Cumbrae's thick sliced bacon pieces
  14. Sadistick

    Costco Meat

    The Cumbrae's team has a very effective website. Extremely engaging. http://www.cumbraes.com/ Cumbraes may be the best retail butcher in North America. Their products are remarkable. I share this sentiment. I have yet to have any meat on this Continent that comes close. The flavour profile is so amazing, as is the fat content!
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