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  1. No complaints about the bestowing of stars on Campagne and the Lady Helen at Mount Juliet (I haven't been to either, but people I trust have raved about them in the past) but why oh why have Michelin decided to overlook the Greenhouse in Dublin yet again? Some of the finest cooking going on in the country can be found there, all the critics love it, the punters love it, it's creative without being too challenging and the food is about as tasty as it gets. If this restaurant was in any other country I'm convinced it would have at least one star already. But then, it's clear that I don't underst
  2. But, but, Schumann's Kreisleriana? I can't warm to the Symphonies at all. Must try harder.
  3. Melody Gardot: My One and Only Thrill sounding gorgeous via the valves.
  4. And Kelly's of Newport, purveyors of the finest black pudding in the land (imo), are on the way too.
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    When viewing houses before we eventually purchased, I embarrassed my wife greatly by wandering around every potential "mancave" and clapping at various locations.
  6. Simon_S

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    $6000? That'd barely buy you a decent cable... (Full disclosure: I am being sarcastic here, but only just!)
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