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  1. Patrick


    Haven't been to Lawrence since the renovation. Menu and style have changed since I've been last. Used to be more of a nose to tail style bistro, but the the menu is now shorter and more refined(also less meaty). Larry's I've been to more recently. Nice food but more for a light meal. They are open all day and until pretty late. Both places have a good natural program.
  2. Patrick

    joe beef

    I guess because of this?
  3. Patrick

    Le Bernardin

    Was the dinner organized with Ausone? If not...
  4. http://willtravelforfood.com/2012/04/09/restaurants-montreal-open-sunday-monday-nights/ This lists some decent places open on Mondays. Fairly sure it's not exhaustive, but some suggestions. 400 coups is a no go as it's been closed for a while. I would say Candide is worth trying but unlikely to blow you away. I'll try to think of suggestions if I get the time
  5. Patrick


    The Matassa white isn't skin contact. The cuvee Marguerite is.
  6. Patrick


    About time. Though not sure if the gazette will employ anyone to replace her.
  7. Quetzal: Quite good, friendly staff, may be a tad light on wine knowledge but doubt it's the focus there. Highlights were the baja tiradito, and one of the Masa dishes whose name escapes me. The meat dishes (sweetbreads, chorizo, lamb neck) were universally solid, and the saucing/salsa quite good, if lacking a little edge. Whether it be spice, bitterness or acid. Skippa: closest analogue in Montreal is Park, but skippa is much better. One of the sweetest staffs I've ever encountered though they really do expect you to follow instruction. Took the omakase menu with some supplements. About a
  8. You think a Thursday walk-in solo at Quetzal would work? Doesn't seem like they take solo rervations. Anything not to miss that would be bookable for end of week?
  9. Patrick


    Fairly certain that would be considered a regular at a 300+ long tasting menu place, no?
  10. Patrick


    Did you mean Atwater cocktail club?
  11. Patrick


    I've written up Candide earlier in this thread. Overall pretty good, some weird choices, but there is some pretty decent talent in the kitchen. Portions are pretty small, but if you get an earlier reservation, you can easily pop into lvp for a plate or two. I haven't been to Hoogan and Beaufort in ages. Since I last went, they've lost their pastry chef and their Somm. Menu seems to still read well though. I haven't been, but no reason to believe that Monarque won't be good. Same people as behind Lemeac.
  12. Patrick

    joe beef

    Work on the 720 and turcot has made getting any place in saint-henri/little burgundy hell. That also doesn't include all the other seasonal roadwork going on in the city.
  13. Wilfrid is obviously right and I wasn't speaking to sneak's situation specifically.
  14. I don't see how one couldn't mention something to a member of staff you know at the end of the meal, while still mentioning whatever the error was in your write-up. I didn't mention my issues with the meal here with the staff because I was on vacation, and also unlikely to every eat there again. As with Adrian, I don't write up places where I am known, or at the very least not more than once.
  15. Patrick


    Nora Gray was still good, consistent with past meals. Still haven't been to pastel.
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