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  1. The Flon


    If so, I just booked a table for this Friday. See you then
  2. The Flon


    I am ready for your vegan cookbook
  3. I REALLY miss those wings. And MY GOD Thursday steak nights in Williamsburg were FABULOUS
  4. Your body has rejected the vegan lifestyle and is in revolt
  5. The women who ran White Gold Butcher on the UWS have started a meat delivery service from their farm upstate last month. We have been happy with their level of service and the product. I really loved that place so am glad to have them back in my life in some way. First thing I did when my ground beef arrived is try to recreate their chopped cheese sandwich at home. IT WAS GOOD but...theirs was over the moon. It's a subscription service https://jegeneral.com/
  6. The Flon


    That fried Agnolotti: looks good to me!
  7. He told me the funds would be disbursed at Farrell's so I'm heading there now!
  8. Bidet all day. It's given our apartment the luxury of taking an Antoinette "Let them eat cake" attitude to our toilet paper supply
  9. Seems like this week should be safe, maybe next week too depending on infection rates. I wonder how this will play out in the ultra orthodox community. Maybe the measles outbreak changed the attitude there but I'm not sure. The bar at Frenchette was about 1/2 full when I arrived yesterday at 6:00pm. I told the the hostess about my dining companion having bailed and she mentioned that they'd had about 15 cancellations already today. Posted up at the bar for solo dinner and by the time I was leaving (close to 9) the bar was MAYBE 1/2 full still. Dining room was probably 2/3 full. And my
  10. Well...my dining companion has just begged off for tonight(HE HAS A FEVER or wanted to bail in the most undiplomatic fashion). Looks like I can get whatever fucking wine I want now.
  11. Everything is creeping up. The duck is $10 more than when they opened, I believe. For wine, depends what the dining companion orders / if you want funky or not. The duck (or steak) is a pretty straightforward dish that could be a neutral backdrop for a number of off the beaten path wines. Matassa's stuff can be pretty interesting... I haven't had the Brutal Rouge ($75) but I imagine it's something fun and a bit (or maybe a lot) outside the box. It's remarkable that the Brutal Rouge is the exact one I'd earmarked. Thanks!
  12. It feels like the wine list prices keep creeping up somewhat aggressively. I was just there in January and felt like I saw more modestly priced selections. Is this the tariff war? Does anyone have a red recommendation for the duck? Would love to keep it at $70 but can go to $100 before my dining companion starts raising eyebrows. Might go for the steak too, if said companion is amenable https://static1.squarespace.com/static/59dbf46ec534a5f2363e3b4b/t/5e567db5d3e11b4136ccd391/1582726582199/Wine+_2_26_20++copy.pdf
  13. Manhattan Chinatown was tumbleweeds last night. I know it's a Wednesday but I've never seen it that empty at night. The reports about the business drop-off is real. And very sad. We went to spend some money last night so had dinner at NY Noodletown and there were two tables when we arrived. Never been treated better there. Baby pig saltfish and chicken fried rice sauteed peas shoots Ms. Flon had never been and was over the moon By the time we were leaving a few more folks had arrived. And a contingent of Spanish tourists who were FASCINATED by the ducks hanging in the window. Told them
  14. The Flon


    In other supernova developments...I was able to get a prime time-ish table for next Wednesday at Frenchette earlier this week.
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