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  1. Yes, on Houston. I still have matchbooks from Idlewild. If I remember the bathrooms were tiny as well
  2. Their outdoor setup during peak pandemic was...intense.
  3. Didn't realize you live in harem now? You might also enjoy lucille's on FDB and 150th. While not at the level of sugar monk or ROKC it is around the corner from me. And they have a fantastic pizza place next door
  4. This is fabulous to hear. Their social media posts are definitely showing some dishes that I'd like to try asap. It'd also be great to see Sarah again
  5. Go to Sunken Harbor Club upstairs for cocktails instead!
  6. The Flon


    How did you find the bar in general?
  7. That Froggy's blurb is total crap but Liz Johnson did great work at Mimi's so I am definitely in.
  8. The Flon


    They told me during dinner last week that "it might happen soon" but the expectation was late April or even may. Im really gonna miss that place. That bar room was fabulous. The dining room was fabulous. The staff was fabulous.
  9. The only unfortunate thing about ROKC is that due to their acoustics it is one of the loudest places on earth after the first 40 minutes of service They now have a second branch on the upper east side that is much larger and also quieter.
  10. A very fun vibe and great staff. Their original drinks are too sweet but it's a truly delightful place to hang out for a while in that area. The 70s music and decor is fun. Sugar Monk on Fredrick Douglass and 123rd is a phenomenal cocktail bar. And ROKC right by honeywell is great, too.
  11. Last drink that week was at Landmark Tavern. Tumbleweeds that early evening
  12. It's the same scene that was at Forlini's 5 years ago and more recently Dr Clark's and clandestino
  13. This place is headquarters for the downtown Dimes Square beautiful boys and girls when they decide to venture to Midtown. I love this place too. We often start here for pregaming before hitting Duets karaoke a few blocks up
  14. Exactly. And to be clear the hostess in our instance informed us of the time they needed the table back BEFORE we were seated. It seems Joe's situation was different. Again, in my case it was fine.
  15. Did you have a reservation? I've been told this when they've take me as a walk in but not with a reservation. I don't mind it in that instance. I've noticed almost every reservation I make recently has a "90 minutes for party of two - 120 minutes for party of four" as a notification when booking and sometimes also on the (QR Code) menu.
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