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  1. The Flon


    The real test was when I met my current ladyfriend six years ago and introduced her to my madness when she moved in. Took to it pretty well and now she indulges most times as well.
  2. The Flon


    about 12 years ago I started eating everything I could with chopsticks when I was home. the idea being that I'd eat slower (I have to really concentrate to not just inhale everything in seconds). Then I got to be really good with chopticks. Oy...
  3. The Flon


    The egg sandwich was delicious on Saturday but the beef and bean chili was really next level.
  4. The Flon


    It'll always be the Clementine space to me
  5. The Flon


    If so, I just booked a table for this Friday. See you then
  6. The Flon


    I am ready for your vegan cookbook
  7. I REALLY miss those wings. And MY GOD Thursday steak nights in Williamsburg were FABULOUS
  8. Your body has rejected the vegan lifestyle and is in revolt
  9. The women who ran White Gold Butcher on the UWS have started a meat delivery service from their farm upstate last month. We have been happy with their level of service and the product. I really loved that place so am glad to have them back in my life in some way. First thing I did when my ground beef arrived is try to recreate their chopped cheese sandwich at home. IT WAS GOOD but...theirs was over the moon. It's a subscription service https://jegeneral.com/
  10. The Flon


    That fried Agnolotti: looks good to me!
  11. He told me the funds would be disbursed at Farrell's so I'm heading there now!
  12. Bidet all day. It's given our apartment the luxury of taking an Antoinette "Let them eat cake" attitude to our toilet paper supply
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