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  1. The bar manager from The Grange has landed at Analogue in the West Village. While the Grange's cocktail program wasn't my main reason to visit Danielle's hospitality was always top notch. They did have terrific beer on tap, though. And could mix a classic cocktail flawlessly. I miss The Grange all the time.
  2. The fried cheese curds from At the Wallace are better than anything I've had in Wisconsin. And my ladyfriend is from Wisconsin. AND they actually travel well for delivery!
  3. Looks like you're treating drinks at ROKC!
  4. Be sure to visit Sunken Harbor Club upstairs for tikki drinks. It really steals the show. There are a few Booker & Dax alum working up there
  5. I had a drink here recently while waiting for our karaoke room tee off time a few months ago and it might be an option. We did not dine: https://trademarktaste.com/#menu-venue I was also going to suggest Keen's but they don't do lunch on weekends
  6. I've had one since 2018 and they've been invaluable. Foolishly thought I could do without in 2022 and...well...I have my 2023 and am loving it again
  7. Indeed! And then I'd chase it with one of their absinthes
  8. I'm just glad she will continue to be published. Best restaurant writing of the past year
  9. Reservations at Hawksmoore. Nice to have the evening off
  10. Nando's was quite a treat when we were in London. The extra hot sauce was accurately labeled. Terrific
  11. The Cliffs Notes: Bigger Space Slightly bigger food selection Much quieter Good drinks & Service
  12. As we just returned from London we spoke to many British guys last week. Only time mustard came up was at The Guinea where the server offered three types of mustard to go with our Sunday roasts
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