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  1. Reservations at Hawksmoore. Nice to have the evening off
  2. Nando's was quite a treat when we were in London. The extra hot sauce was accurately labeled. Terrific
  3. The Cliffs Notes: Bigger Space Slightly bigger food selection Much quieter Good drinks & Service
  4. As we just returned from London we spoke to many British guys last week. Only time mustard came up was at The Guinea where the server offered three types of mustard to go with our Sunday roasts
  5. The Flon


    The Ship on Lafeyette. Useful as it was across the street from where Baby Grand karaoke was located. Ship was a very odd space. Down a long flight of stairs and sky high ceiling. Drinks were fine and there was always room for a small party but we'd only use it for karaoke pre-game so early enough in the night before it likely became a scene. And there must have been a scene as they had a bouncer
  6. Closing for good tomorrow. FUCK.
  7. It was such a delightful comedown after two weeks in Tokyo riding their subway to board the MTA from JFK and find someone clipping their toenails in our car.
  8. You are getting closer and closer to my apartment. Enjoy your chicken at Jackie Robinson Park next time. I don't ever go for mac & cheese but the version at Charles is exemplary. Also, there is never a line at lunch if you have the time to go in the afternoon. Chicken still doesn't sit out
  9. The Flon

    Le Crocodile

    Wasn't wu's shut down by the city this week?
  10. Just had lunch at the 125th branch today due to this thread. Still fabulous
  11. Agreed! I believe there are three or four Jin Ramens now and all are good. The original on 125th is still tops
  12. But sit at the bar. And just accept it can be loud
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