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  1. Tana -- just a guess, but try clearing your caches, including font caches. Onyx does the job.
  2. I see they used the Kinsey Scale. And plugging "kinsey scale" into PubMed brings up a study in which gay men show greater fluctuating asymmetry (of ear breadth, ankle breadth, and/or the length of their second/fourth fingers) than straight men. No such correspondence was found for gay and straight women. Whee. I am at least mildly reassured to see that "Kinsey scale" gets a total of 5 hits on PM.
  3. I missed the bit where I did that. As far as I remember, all I did was point out the Grauniad's misreporting of the earlier study (which misreporting did suggest a superficially neater congruence with this new study than actually exists). The butches v femmes comment was flip but not un-meant; however, I don't think it constitutes a 'denial'.
  4. You mean this? I'm not very well read on the Churchlands, but I assume y'all debated them thoroughly while I wasn't paying attention.
  5. I realise I'm just showing off my superior verbal fluency here, but doesn't the Guardian report linked to up front precisely misreport the earlier "bad drivers" study as far as lesbians are concerned? Grauniad Interview with the author of the aforementioned "previous research" on spatial awareness I'm waiting for the study on butches vs femmes, myself.
  6. I rescind my earlier commendation of Apple's own .Mac Backup software and will probably be switching to something else sharpish.
  7. This guy can. I'd add that while he's right, that may not matter to you -- the convenience of .mac may be of more value than the complexity of rigging together free solutions via Google. (Note that he cites a Google Firefox extension that does the bookmark syncing I recommended Safari for, and apparently does it better.)
  8. Edit: Ignore me, I'm an idiot. I'm talking about replacing the hard drive. The RAM hides behind a small plate on the base and is incredibly easy to change. Go for it. Preserved old reply for posterity -- the below is not true for RAM.
  9. What mcj said re hard drives. I really wouldn't try to connect one via two ports, it sounds very risky. Network mount fine. Re Safari vs Firefox (and I think those are the only two you really need to think about): either. I still default to Safari, because I prefer its minimal interface, and I like the way it syncs my bookmarks with .Mac so I can get to them from any computer (via bookmarks.mac.com); I do though keep a current version of Firefox and use it fairly regularly. If there's a site that looks funny or seems not to be working in Safari (it still happens occasionally), I use Firefo
  10. If you have a MacBook, as Omni does, you can also configure it so keeping two fingers on the trackpad when you click functions as a right-click. You can also enable two-finger scrolling, which I highly recommend. Use the Keyboard & Mouse panel in System Preferences. If you have earlier laptops that don't seem to offer these features, you can get much the same functionality with iScroll2.
  11. Kikujiro


    Para todo el dia, you mean? No, that's the mojito, for which I still haven't seen the recipe. Ahem. This one requires the whipper to be kept in a bain marie, so it's not really suited to on-demand drinking.
  12. Kikujiro


    Adria's "gin fizz" (lemon/sugar/gin granita under hot foam of egg whites and more lemon, syrup and gin). I want these every night. Risotto primavera. Lemon tart.
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