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  1. I’m thinking about dinner at Jockey a hollow. Haven’t been there and I’ve been to most restaurants in the area. A few weeks ago I saw Seinfield in town then had dinner at the Sterling Tavern and ran into Kelsey Grammer. It felt like a NBC line up night. Stirling Tavern has a great burger and I love it with the unexpected pub cheese.
  2. My beloved Rod’s in Convent Station (aka Morris Township) sold their entire operations to a management company in CA. The management company had been involved with running the hotel from day one; the family that owned Rod’s didn’t have the expertise in hotel management and I believe it was a condition of getting the original bank loan. The Keller’s have always been restauranteurs, not hotel owners. I worked there for years. Grew up going there for most family dinners, back when they had the neon dance floor and the salad bar upstairs. I was proposed to there, I had my wedding at the
  3. 1776 in Morristown has been pretty good. I’ve gone somewhat frequently. They also have a lot of wine dinners, etc.
  4. The pizzas and burgers are good as well. Burke didn’t invest— investing at the lowest level was very inexpensive. Too many investors IMO but the BOTH knows what they’re doing and do it well.
  5. Yes. It not just golf— it’s also football and baseball. I look forward to going there. You can get most of the menu there AFAIK. The restaurant and Top Golf are separated by a second bar. The kitchen knows what they’re going and do it well and timely. The bar service is slow, 10 minutes for a glass of wine, 25 for a dessert coffee drink. Granted this was their first Saturday of service when I went
  6. The Oyster Bar is open, anyone dining indoors needs proof of being vaccinated. Another good option in town is 1776 by David Burke.
  7. Yes in Manhattan or the city, dogs don’t have a great life. I agree it’s sad that these dogs, especially the larger ones never get to play on grass or have room to run. That said after I got married (in my 30s) we bought a home and then a golden retriever puppy. She has a very sweet life. We got her knowing I wouldn’t be working (my choice) so I’d be home to train her and take care of her. Six years later and almost 9 months the of the pandemic she still is the best. We used to travel often but we’d have her in a kennel where she played daily then had her own room with her own tv,
  8. What type of cuisine do you want? Italian? Oysters? Bacon wrapped Criff Dogs? Steak?
  9. No, I would not eat meat if knowingly doing so would result in the death of a puppy. And I’d probably not eat meat if I had have seen the animal torture you have seen. I have focused on food insecurity during the pandemic and educating myself about the needs of my neighbors( as I live in a “wealthy” county in NJ) and working on helping with that issue specifically. Very fair point on take out/ delivery. I tend not to order meat in those instances but I have at times. My husband eats meat daily, I do not, cannot as it’s just too much for me. I’d likely be very ha
  10. I apologize; I was exaggerating and being that my dog is my substitute child and spoiled as much as a golden retriever who is a therapy dog to boot could be, of course I have standards. I do buy all my meat from a local butcher. Same with seafood, I order from Local 130 Seafood. I don’t think that makes it better but it supports local, small businesses during a pandemic. I suppose I wasn’t raised to think about the emotions of the meat origins that I consume. I don’t think that’s unusual for someone my age, raised in NJ and not on a farm. I’m not necessarily ask
  11. No I never think about how the animals feel. Not apologizing for that. We all have our priorities. Livestock isn’t one of mine. That said I enjoy following your vegan journey. I don’t like meat “replacement” items like tofurkey or fake burgers but I do love the versatility of tofu and would appreciate recommendations (cookbooks or blogs) as to use it more often.
  12. Here’s my issue @Daniel you sell meat. You sell meat sandwiches. You cannot lecture me or anyone else about eating meat while you sell it. It’s disingenuous. You’ve bought and posted entire hogs and sides of beef and I appreciate that. I do not appreciate your assumption that I feel guilty about eating meat. Do you share your views as you have here with your customers? Some of us like meat. We don’t feel badly about it. Most of us have other life issues demanding our time. Even if that wasn’t the case, I like to buy seafood and meat from locaL fisherpeople and local butchers. I do
  13. I genuinely don’t feel badly about eating meat and seafood. I never have. It’s the way the world has been eating for thousands of years. I don’t think that makes me a bad person. I do things to support causes I believe in, I just choose not to share those efforts, particularly here as they aren’t food related. I guess my question and I realize this is a nosy one is why, after eating meat, did you suddenly stop? I enjoy your posts and I think it’s fair to say you have definitely consumed more meat than I likely ever will. Do you miss meat?
  14. I must confess I don’t get the “trendy” eating. Vegan, raw food diet, vegetarian. I like seafood and meat just as much as I like vegetables and fruits. But I want what I suppose I consider to be a “real” protein (tofu included) in a meal. While it’s nice to consider the climate crisis, right now there’s a food insecurity crisis which to me should be the priority. Same with people treating each other with respect. There are so many issues in the US that not eating meat isn’t one I’m going to put time or effort into. I respect those who do, it’s just not on my agenda. the pa
  15. Meredith380


    I’m going for MLK weekend. Haven’t been in almost 20 years! And back then it was booze centric. Is there any particular cuisine other than French/ Canada that’s worth checking out? This is a trip for my husband to relax, us to get away without going too far, type trip. Think strip clubs, steaks and Italian maybe but definitely some type of Chinese if possible.
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