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  1. Special Event Galette des Rois Celebration Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:30–8:30pm Start le nouvel an the French way at our Galette des Rois celebration! Celebrate the new year with a slice of galette des rois, a glass of cider, and savory bites. Financier Patisserie is making their signature galette party-sized especially for FIAF Members and friends. The cake will be served alongside a savory buffet of French favorites from Le District. Dating back to the middle ages, the galette des rois is a treat traditionally served only during the month of January. Literally the "Kings’ cake," this a
  2. We hope you'll join us at FIAF for our next Wine Tour de France event on Mon, March 14 at 7pm. Vintage is one of the most powerful and fascinating elements that impacts the taste and character of a wine. Learn how a vintage can bring out the best in some of the world's finest wines. This informative tasting will take you on a journey through different vintages and teach you how to understand what makes each one unique. Tasting features a flight of six wines from three different regions of Bordeaux paired with a selection of cheeses, charcuterie, and bread. Wine List Château Latour Mar
  3. The French Institute Alliance Francaise in NYC is hosting an event on Mon, April 28 that you might be interested in. The description is below: The richness of nature and the particularities of places are perceptible through wine and its grapes. Select varietals are grown on every continent and their expression in each region offers a vast range of different tastes and sensations. Sample the remarkable difference between grapes grown in France and around the world in this talk all about the complexities of the grains de raisin. Here is the link for more details: http://fiaf.org/events/winter
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