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    Shake Shack

    Whoops, I guess I was wrong. http://miami.eater.com/archives/2009/11/05...ng-to-miami.php
  2. Always liked the Blue Room when I lived up in Cambridge. I'm glad they are still doing a good job. Many chefs there have moved to other good Boston restaurants through the years. There used to be a good sardines on the menu.
  3. How did it go? It turns out a few people I know ran it. Their times are between 3 hours and 4:08. Thanks for asking. The marathon was great. Explosions of pain at certain times the last 10 miles but it went away. I ran at 4:07. I was hoping for 4 but this was my first one and I am over 50. I kept up the pace until the last long uphill climb on 5th Ave. Walking afterward was hysterical. My wife was laughing at me trying to cross Central Park West before the "Stop Walking" sign came on. I met my goals of never stopping and running the entire distance. Also, I'm pretty sure I beat
  4. I am not sure the calls exactly evened out. If the Yankees had gotten a few more runs that inning Joe would not have used Rivera for two innings. Again, this is just a wild guess. So he had to use Rivera for 39 pitches!!
  5. I can't believe Girardi had Jeter bunting on a third strike. Jeter must have tried that on his own. I think...
  6. The NFL has salary parity and I don't see how that is helping badly run teams to do better. In baseball, an organization may have a financial advantantage, like the Mets, but that doesn't include good management or decision making. It seems the same few organizations in the NFL continue to win.
  7. It would be nice to see the portion of other teams payrolls that the Yankees also pay.
  8. if i remember correctly the red sox and rangers had a deal all worked out, manny and i think lester were included, the players union would not allow arod to cut his salery. also i don't know if the yankees would have entered the arod sweepstakes if arron boone didn't blow out his knee on the basketball court You are correct. A-rod was traded to the Red Sox prior to the Union involvement.
  9. Shrike

    The Yankees Thread

    I don't see why Rivera was out there at all in a tie game on the road. I imagine his visit to Pettitte was to tell him to NOT throw a strike which Andy threw almost before Girardi reached the dug out. I think someone needs to slip Joe some xanax or just duct tape him to the bench.
  10. Shrike

    The Yankees Thread

    I agree, it's going to be a mess. They could have played 2 games Tue. & Wed. or Wed. and maybe Thurs.
  11. Thank you. I can't say I'm not a bit nervous but also excited. One good thing is that calories are now my friend.
  12. Shrike

    The Yankees Thread

    You know the Yankees took 2 out three from the Angels in the first series so it was really just that one sweep in CA that was bad this year. I think Joe G. is nervous about all his pitchers losing it quickly. He has the bullpen as a resource and if he wins this game they all have a long rest. He seems to only trust Mariano. I was counting on the Twins leaving Pavano in too long so his pitches would start to get up in the zone and that's what happened.
  13. 3 weeks until NYC Marathon. One more week of hard running and then I get to taper for 2 weeks. I can't wait. On Sat. we were in DC and I did 20 miles. A great city for a run. Followed the run by eating fried chicken and mac and cheese at Art Smith's Art & Soul. Excellent.
  14. Shrike

    The Yankees Thread

    It is amazing that Girardi and the Yankees overcame all his managing errors. Great job on the road by Pettitte. The Angels series should be great. Going to 3rd home game.
  15. Shrike

    The Yankees Thread

    The reason for passed balls is irrelevant. Posada has to be sure his catchers know what is going on and he has to react. His pursuit of the ball when Maur scored was a little weak. I'm not suggesting that Posada sit for any serious amount of time. But I am suggesting if the difference between the Yankees winning and losing is 3 abs from Posada then something is wrong. In yesterdays game his contribution would have been -1 run. I have a strong bias toward defense. I have seen Molina stop teams from running. Not the case with Posada though he is a lot better than Varitek. I do agree on Riv
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