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  1. I've had luck DMing restaurants on Instagram for reservations when calling is not an option.
  2. The Musket Room has been run by ex-Annisa chef Mary Attea since this past January. Also, I'll follow Diego Moya (ex-Racines) anywhere. He's seemingly now cooking at June wine bar in Brooklyn (and apparently working with the restaurant group that owns June, Rucola, and other venues, as culinary director).
  3. Blanca was so cool that they refused to serve me the two courses I missed while stuck on the L.
  4. Thought this would be an interesting question for MFFers to ponder.
  5. Also just to throw my two cents in @Neocon maudit I've heard good things about Jua if Atomix is booked.
  6. Mastic is what makes Turkish ice cream (booza) stretchy like taffy. Victory Garden, the long-gone goat milk soft serve spot on Carmine St. where Dave Santos later opened Good Stock and hosted hot chicken pop-ups, had a mastic ice cream that was wonderful.
  7. As long as there are rich people who consider themselves discerning, there will always be places to serve them the luxuries they feel they deserve.
  8. How short were the shorts? Did you catch a glimpse of any Parisian sausage?
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    Can anyone think of a current pastry chef who has garnered as much fandom as Mason and Stupak in those days? Tosi doesn't count.
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    Park Side

  11. +1 for Yin Ji Chang Fen. Great congee, too.
  12. These are different from the steamed rice rolls at Joe's, which I love. Nuan Xin serves Taiwanese-style rice rolls called fan tuan, which are kind of like sushi burritos but usually filled with meats/vegetables. Win Son Bakery makes an excellent version for breakfast.
  13. This just in: https://www.sfchronicle.com/food/restaurants/article/S-F-s-historic-ex-Cliff-House-building-will-16393029.php
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