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    BREAKING RABBIT NEWS https://robbreport.com/food-drink/dining/dhamaka-nyc-rabbit-rajasthani-khargosh-1234625096/
  2. I was taken to Uchu, their previous spot, and it was great. This looks a little more casual which I can't say I'm mad at.
  3. GerryOlds


    I thought it was just my politics-addled brain but apparently not!
  4. What does this salad involve, exactly?
  5. "You want to put that bouquet of lavender WHERE?"
  6. Eagerly awaiting the @rozrapp report
  7. Chama Mama is solid. I really like their approach to Georgian wines, good for beginners.
  8. GerryOlds

    Damon Baehrel

    The New Yorker resurfaced their 2016 profile on Twitter for whatever reason and my curiosity about what DB is up to these days led me to this article from 2019 with accompanying video: https://hvmag.com/food/damon-baehrel-the-man-the-myth-the-menu/ Strange guy!
  9. I'm totally with you on that editorial decision, though he's calling it a review on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLN87KOBgus/ Either way, it looks promising. Will probably wait until the weather is conducive to outdoor dining again to check it out.
  10. Wells tackles takeout at Falansai: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/12/dining/falansai-review-vietnamese-food.html
  11. They better bring back Dani Luv when they reopen
  12. From the signage it looks like a second location of the place in Greenwich Village, which is great news!
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