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  1. Interesting that they axed him and not Sietsema (maybe they're assuming he retires soon?). Wonder if they'll hire a new critic. Similar situation with Platt out at NYMag and no replacement announced yet.
  2. Sounds like they intend to reopen elsewhere. Here's hoping.
  3. GerryOlds

    The Bruni Thread

    I don't think you necessarily have to know a ton about food/cooking/dining culture to write restaurant reviews well, though it's certainly valuable to be able to give readers as much context as possible. I know people rag on Sietsema here but as a vintage cataloger of the city's restaurant scene I'll take him over Steve Cuozzo. Meanwhile, in contrast to all of these lovable dinosaurs (Bruni included), Tammie Teclemariam (who worked in restaurants) writes with fantastic understanding, insight, and knowledge. She should have been given Platt's gig (I have my suspicions about who that's going to)
  4. GerryOlds


    Reminds me of one of my favorite long-retired blogs: http://suicidefood.blogspot.com/
  5. Redzepi closing Noma to focus on...launching more things like the line of garums Sneak posted about 2y ago. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/09/dining/noma-closing-rene-redzepi.html
  6. I'm saddest about Lagman House.
  7. If I could take an informal poll, please: - Best NYC restaurant meal you've had in the past two years - What's at the top of your list of places you're excited to try?
  8. At least Mary's Fish Camp is still kicking
  9. GerryOlds


    I'm shocked by how bad that looks. And for $42? At least the photo on the website gives an idea of what it *could* look like: https://www.lordsenglish.com/
  10. It's a destination restaurant after a night out. But for primetime dinner? I think I'd lean towards Wu's...
  11. https://www.timessquarenyc.org/locations/taco-bell-cantina In all seriousness, a while ago Tammie Teclemariam mentioned my favorite local spot, Mexico Diner at the corner of 9th and Cortelyou Rd. Some of the best tamales I've ever had anywhere, steamed in banana leaves. Also phenomenal -- like, drinkable -- salsa verde (al pastor and tinga tacos in particular are top notch) and really nice mole enchiladas.
  12. I'm truly sorry you had to deal with that, and equally sorry for my very wrong assumption 😔
  13. what does "nice enough" have to do with not getting harassed, and why am i uncomfortable with what that connection is implying...
  14. Yes -- in addition to other food media folks, Chris Crowley (who is from the Bronx) has been singing its praises since before he was at Grub Street.
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