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  1. I'm totally with you on that editorial decision, though he's calling it a review on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/CLN87KOBgus/ Either way, it looks promising. Will probably wait until the weather is conducive to outdoor dining again to check it out.
  2. Wells tackles takeout at Falansai: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/12/dining/falansai-review-vietnamese-food.html
  3. They better bring back Dani Luv when they reopen
  4. From the signage it looks like a second location of the place in Greenwich Village, which is great news!
  5. GerryOlds


    Hergatt opening *something* in Soho (around September, apparently...): https://www.instagram.com/p/CC6b0sHFU-2/
  6. I've ordered from Lahori a few times but never been in person. Breads are great, as are most of the vegetables (okra, pakora curry, and saag get special shout outs). Even better (imo) is Jalsa, which I believe is owned by two ex-FOH staff from Lahori. Their paneer is the best I've ever had, like soft and fluffy dumplings.
  7. Do you have (or can you order) any ginger? I'm about to make a batch of ginger-scallion sauce a la Great NY Noodletown / Momofuku (Chang's version calls for sherry vinegar) with my boringly normal-sized scallions. Versatile (toss with noodles, roasted vegetables, goes with pretty much any protein) and lasts for a few days.
  8. My parents had it and have all but recovered, seemingly. They were able to get tested, though it took over a week for them to get the results. My friend's father had it and died five days after his first symptoms.
  9. What happens to a place like Mekelburg's during the pandemic shutdown? Is the grocery open but the restaurant/bar closed? Daniel, how are you faring with everything?
  10. I really like this place. No clam pie when I went, but enjoyed a combination of salami and red onion. Great point about the bread competing with the excellent dough. Whit's End out in Rockaway Beach makes an outrageously good smoked bluefish dip served with pizza dough toast points that is almost better than the pizza.
  11. I completely disagree. Who decides what's "native" and what isn't? My point was that, while West African cooking is newer to NYC than Ashkenazic, after four-plus decades, it's become intrinsic to the city's dining landscape, even if food media and most people don't treat it that way.
  12. I'm partial to Toné Café in Brighton Beach.
  13. Of course New York is a great food city, and a world-class one at that. First, we have a much deeper local food culture than just Italian-American and Ashkenazi. West African cooking in the Bronx and Harlem. Staten Island's Sri Lankan restaurants. Astoria's Greek and Egyptian communities, to name just a few. America is young, we don't have 500-year-old soba shops. But after decades, these places are also very much part of the fabric of the city. I don't want to get Leffed off of this board, but there are excellent meals to be had even if these restaurants care more about serving their neig
  14. I'd like to see more non-diner restaurants take over fallen diners. The architecture should be preserved. The only other one I can think of, though, is Biscuits and Barbecue in Mineola.
  15. GerryOlds

    Tacos Bronco

    I haven't been to the restaurant, just the truck (parked down the block from Melody Lanes iirc), but the only thing that really impressed me was the range of meats/cuts offered. The execution was fine but unmemorable. Daniel, what do you get at Mexico 2000? It looks pretty run-of-the-mill from a quick Googlin'.
  16. GerryOlds


    Dover Sole prepared in the style of Napoleon's mistress? Sign me up.
  17. Most satisfying fun I've had watching a movie in a while.
  18. That’s the stuff! The “Le Meunière” brand, I think. (Until La Mercerie will sell me tubs of Bordier to-go.) You can buy Bordier butter at Le District in Brookfield Place.
  19. Yes. I mean, admittedly I loathe Hudson Yards, and wish this were in my neighborhood. But there really is nothing else quite like it at this point. I get it if you don't like the fact that it's not actually a restaurant and it came in as the top restaurant of 2019. But let's fact it - the guy is reviewing taco trucks, hot dog stands, and various other food-related ephemera in this day and age, and if they are restaurants, so is this. Restaurant or not, it was a madhouse when I went, and the dinner I had at Leña was...fine?
  20. I find Bessou underrated and fairly easy to get into. And there are times when you can just waltz right in to Ko's front bar area.
  21. I didn't realize Cervo's was hard to get into, but it is very good (plus, Scarr's is right around the corner). Did not know that about Nami Nori. Hope you have a great meal wherever you end up. Happy Thanksgiving all
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    The chef who "made" Mimi has since left that LA neo-deli and taken over The Catbird Seat in Nashville with her boyfriend (who was working at Vespertine).
  23. Nami Nori is allegedly a tough table. Also Shabu Shabu Macoron.
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