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  1. Yes -- in addition to other food media folks, Chris Crowley (who is from the Bronx) has been singing its praises since before he was at Grub Street.
  2. That po-boy looks pretty perfect. Have to second Lowerline. Such wonderful, big flavors coming out of that shockingly small kitchen. Notable for having New Orleans-style BBQ shrimp.
  3. Considering that I'll be renting for the rest of my life with almost zero chance of ever owning...oh, what I would do to live in a house made of currants.
  4. Definitely not, just noting that pizza (along with everything else these days, I guess) is more expensive across the board. In any event, I hope this new iteration of UPN finds its footing, because the pizza *is* special (skimpy toppings notwithstanding), but if the rest of the experience isn't, I agree that I'm less inclined to say it's worth it. Personally, I miss the old UPN/Contra/Wildair collaboration. I know critics felt like the two kitchens clashed, but to me they felt more like floating magnets.
  5. A plain DiFara pie is $30 now, though it probably feeds 2-4 instead of 1-2.
  6. Has anyone been to Lutece? The chef moved from NYC (ex-Empellon and Oxomoco) and his wife, who was Cosme's pastry chef, is doing desserts.
  7. Have you ever seen The Freshman? It was basically that.
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    Disappointed to hear that Fulgurances is not very good! I guess the guest chef thing is harder when you don't have car company funding. I do like the looks of this new spot, which is apparently just a tenant of (not affiliated with) the hotel. As for Blamey, a friend had nothing but good things to say about her Stone Barns residency.
  9. You'll have to go to Queens (specifically Jackson Heights / Elmhurst) for a sub-$100 omakase at Sushi On Me. Yorkville gem Tanoshi is around $125 all-in. Uogashi has a $135 (and $185) option. Rosella, which is run by three white guys and features sustainably caught seafood and natural wines, has one for $150. Less than $400 but more than $150: Nakaji in Chinatown and The Ash Room at Sushi Noz omakases run $225.
  10. Very excited for this. She's exactly who I would have picked and I'm fairly certain that this gig is meant to prime her for replacing Platt.
  11. Not destinations, but if you're in the area and feeling like a slice Pizza Wagon and Espresso Pizzeria are both solid vintage spots.
  12. Not sure about undiscovered. Overlooked and underestimated, though.
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    I love how absolutely unhinged this post is even if I agree with the general sentiment. As for Gotham, according to the online menu the lamb costs (a still quite high) $58, not $80. Like the bogus $2.25 Chambo quotes for "ingredient cost" re: Fradei -- why the embellishment? Also Joe, I really hope that protein at Fradei wasn't tofu. That would definitely bother me on a $90 prix-fixe. I assumed it was chicken.
  14. Attico is all scene and the food is pretty lackluster. I think Parc is solid for brunch (it's the dinner menu I have issues with). I'd also check out Oyster House, which is centrally located and has been around for decades.
  15. Savory menu looks really good. https://www.tagmonyc.com/menu
  16. I've had luck DMing restaurants on Instagram for reservations when calling is not an option.
  17. The Musket Room has been run by ex-Annisa chef Mary Attea since this past January. Also, I'll follow Diego Moya (ex-Racines) anywhere. He's seemingly now cooking at June wine bar in Brooklyn (and apparently working with the restaurant group that owns June, Rucola, and other venues, as culinary director).
  18. Blanca was so cool that they refused to serve me the two courses I missed while stuck on the L.
  19. Thought this would be an interesting question for MFFers to ponder.
  20. Also just to throw my two cents in @Neocon maudit I've heard good things about Jua if Atomix is booked.
  21. Mastic is what makes Turkish ice cream (booza) stretchy like taffy. Victory Garden, the long-gone goat milk soft serve spot on Carmine St. where Dave Santos later opened Good Stock and hosted hot chicken pop-ups, had a mastic ice cream that was wonderful.
  22. As long as there are rich people who consider themselves discerning, there will always be places to serve them the luxuries they feel they deserve.
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