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  1. My sister recently posted her first King Cake on Instagram. I expect there will be more. It has an external baby, which I don't think is allowed!
  2. Probably some of the stuff I get at Union Square hasn't been hanging around that long. I know the oysters I got from Pura Vida yesterday were excellent (and very hard to open! but I persevered).
  3. small h


    Why does all your food start with C? Is this a coded message???
  4. Not so far. It was also probably less than a few hours from the water, which I'm sure made a difference.
  5. It's more than just finding a place to buy stuff. For example, if I got 100g of uni, it would spoil before I could eat it all, and no one's gonna ship me 15g, which is probably all I can eat at one time. I can (and did) get a single serving of Hokkaido uni at the Tsukiji fish market, but how often am I in Tokyo? Just once, so far, in more than half a century. Note that I have already spilled something on myself, and it's probably not even noon. So yes, it's theoretically possible, but it's very, very impractical. I suppose I could also start a restaurant and get ingredients that wa
  6. I'm a lot more impressed by sourcing. I can learn to be a better cook, but I'm probably never going to be able to get my hands on the ingredients for the "uni trio" I was served at 15 East. And at the risk of sounding like a snob, I don't think mediocre ingredients, regardless of whose skilled hands they're in, can ever stun me in the way I was stunned by a black rice seafood paella I had (25 years ago! and I still remember it!) in Gandia. Turning mediocre stuffs into a feast is making the best out of what you have, which is a great thing to be able to do. But it's the Clinton Street Baking Co
  7. small h


    This is my "I am relieved" post, because the last few meals I've made have been not very good, and I was worried that I'd lost my ability to cook. But no. Not yet, at least. Sautéed endive with seared scallops, potato and cheddar soup. Not pictured: oysters, since everyone knows what oysters look like.
  8. Oh! Was not expecting that. I guess it's been a while since I read that comments section!
  9. At least the Teenage Kicks are still good.
  10. Please hint at word, for those of us who like to be scandalized.
  11. I guess it's no great loss, but at least it had improved since the early days, when you didn't have to register and it was often homophobia junction.
  12. Somewhat off topic, but did Eater get rid of their comments sections? Maybe this happened a million years ago, and I'm just noticing now.
  13. Now the mosquitos are gonna get in.
  14. Related: I have heard stories about when LOL meant "lots of love." Leading to online comments like "I was so sorry to hear about your grandmother's passing. LOL."
  15. I'm enjoying that as well, although I'd like to see some onscreen indication of where the archival footage was taken from and when it was shot.
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