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  1. small h


    Spiced kabocha squash and asparagus soup. Smoked salmon on a bialy with horseradish/scallion/lemon/caper cream cheese, tomato, pickled onion and potato chips. I stole this recipe from a menu, I forget which one. Also the caramelized cabbage that is my reason for living and is just as good at room temperature as it is hot.
  2. small h


    Mapo tofu. Almost too warm out to make this, 'cause it raises the body temperature. But not quite! Tofu from Kong Kee kicked it up a notch.
  3. small h


    Life is good. Softshell crabs, oysters (which I was able to open with almost no drama!), cucumber, tomato & avocado salad. Dunno what I've done to deserve this, but I'm not complaining.
  4. No ramps at Union Square (Lucky Dog says next week for sure). But I got some softshell crabs at Pura Vida, so I'm happy about that.
  5. Okay, I watched the first episode, and... I sort of love it! It's a mess, but an engaging one.
  6. Thanks! I'm gonna say that the entrees would be $40+, in that case.
  7. The menu's up on the site, with no prices. Any idea what they might be? Prices in the lounge look pretty reasonable, but that might not be a good gauge.
  8. You have my sympathy. I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right (dominant) hand about two years ago. I'm more ambidextrous than some (I play pool left-handed, for instance), but I was amazed at how much I couldn't do. Like open a pill bottle so I could take my damn pain killers.
  9. small h


    Or Edna Best. I think she'd make a better sando than Pete.
  10. Looks like I need to start drinking coffee again. Or something.
  11. small h


    Don't even get me started on "brekkie."
  12. Blasphemy. The first two seasons of Lost were some of my favorite television ever, and to call it a soap opera demeans it. Not that there's anything wrong with soap operas - I remain devoted to both Dynasty and Gossip Girl (probably because they're the same show).
  13. I got Moderna #2 on Sunday and had one rough night, and a medium rough next day. 99.8 degree fever, chills, body aches (I swear I could feel my radius and my ulna separately), fatigue and a VERY sore arm. I'm fine now, with just a slightly sore arm.
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