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  1. No, it was addressed to a spam posting, since removed, and now my little joke makes no sense at all. Alas!
  2. small h


    Sole with lemon, parsley, and the Cajun seasoning I brought back. Slow-cooked broccoli adapted from Alice Waters' Chez Panisse: Vegetables.
  3. If you worked in event video production, you also knew Sylvia. Scariest job on earth has got to be Weinstock cake transporter.
  4. I lost two pounds in New Orleans. Tomorrow I start my pie, cheese grits, corn souffle and salmon mousse diet, so I'll be ready for bathing suit season when it comes around.
  5. My sister has them, and she said cutting out the backbone was a breeze. But she couldn't crack the carcass, so she had to outsource that part. I was not quick enough with the cell phone to get footage of her on a stepladder over the sink trying to use body weight, but it was pretty funny.
  6. My job here is done. Happy Thanksgiving, all!
  7. I just watched my future brother-in-law (a pretty strong guy) trying to spatchcock the turkey for 10 minutes. He had to break out the mallet and chisel, but he got the job done. I put a video up on my Instagram, and someone commented, "Why is he performing CPR on that turkey? I don't think it's coming back."
  8. small h


    Yep. The mushrooms take longer than 5:00 to brown (or mine did, anyway). That's the only issue I had, and it's a tiny issue.
  9. small h


    It's a NYT recipe, and I thought it worked very well. I didn't have any sweet paprika, so I subbed gochugaru, which is not the same thing at all, but whatever, peppers.
  10. Yes, there's a small dining area adjacent to the wine store. 6 or 7 bar seats, a couple of communal tables, and a counter facing out.
  11. small h


    I'm very susceptible to peer pressure.
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