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  1. There are no children who love me that much. I might have to get a dog, and even then, I can't be sure.
  2. I don't know what you look like, but...do you look like that? Because that would be cool.
  3. I'm going with a group on 10/22 and will report back. People have complained that the vendors sell out, so we're having lunch instead of dinner.
  4. Hmm. It's past bug season, so unlikely that I would be complaining about bites. But possible.
  5. Why is my friend sending me info about dryer sheets? WTF did I say at dinner on Saturday night? #terrified
  6. small h


    1. That's a good-looking latke. 2. Also a scrounge meal. Let's call it Mediterranean soup. String beans, potatoes, squash, onions, garlic, bluefish, pollack, canned tomatoes. And some corn salsa from Trader Joe's that our neighbor brought into the house on a recent game day, and I can't throw it out (because it's food), but good lord, it's not easy to find a place for it. In other words, a mess of stuff that's threatening to go bad if I don't use it. So I used it.
  7. I've got mozzarella. And a raw cow's milk from Valley Shepherd that might be Edgerton, and also might not be Edgerton. But neither seems well-suited to popcorn.
  8. small h

    Loretta Lynn

    Damn. Here's the best use of Loretta Lynn.
  9. Same. I think I even posted a picture on here somewhere, of me on the set.
  10. I've got my eye on the Everything Bagel spice. But I also bought cheese, so I don't need to make popcorn tonight. (But I might anyway!)
  11. I made popcorn this evening. It's been about a century since I made popcorn. Popcorn's really good! You put butter and truffle salt on it, and regular salt, and it's awesome! This is a very good option for when I run out of cheese, as I did tonight. You can also put togarishi on it, and no one will get mad.
  12. small h


    Squid and shrimp with infant leeks, king oyster mushrooms and hot peppers. The leeks weren't supposed to be infant, but they spent all summer doing not much of anything in my upstate garden, and comes a time a person needs to just cut her losses. Because it's fucking October, people! Anyway, they're really good, and I look forward to making the rest of them into a nice soup, with potatoes. As one does.
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