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  1. Ohhhhh. Now I love her even more.
  2. small h


    Oysters of unusual size. (Maybe not gigantic, exactly.) It was tough to shuck them without breaking the top shell. Roasted squid and portabello over the first balcony lettuce of the season. Woot!
  3. I do not know what this means. Forgive me.
  4. That's three hours of my precious life I'll never get back. And don't get me started on Avatar.
  5. Ah, it does depend on you knowing the source material. But honestly, you're better off not having seen the movie.
  6. Worst sunburn: I was twelve-ish and on a multi-family camping/boating trip at Round Valley Reservoir in NJ, where me and my bestie R. had the brilliant idea to take the kayaks out to the middle of the water, stretch out on top of them, and nap. Among other horrors, my eyelids swelled up so much I could barely see.
  7. This makes me so happy. Although I'm not 100% sure I exist. What'd you see?
  8. Agreed. Swallowing them whole is for people who don't want to taste them.
  9. On the half shell. At the risk of sounding risque, I can fit a lot in my mouth. My sister and I used to have contests with grapes.
  10. I love them! More bang for the buck. And they actually did cost a buck.
  11. I saw the first episode and was somewhat disappointed (although that won't stop me from watching the rest). I miss the old characters. Like Buddy Cole.
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