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  1. The last guy I spoke to (not this summer, maybe last) was catching blackfish. And I've had gizzard shad sashimi! Now I wanna grab a rod and reel.
  2. There were plenty of fisherfolk in East River Park when I took a stroll there yesterday afternoon. Dunno if they're catching anything.
  3. THANKS ISAIAS. Yes, I feed my herbs. But plants (mine, anyway) are unpredictable. Sometimes I get a basil hedge (like this year, pre-hurricane season, anyway). Sometimes, not much of anything. Cilantro and dill were complete washouts this year, for instance.
  4. I'm managing. The other option is no fish, and I like fish.
  5. Kinda tough to smell fish through my mask. Or to even get close to the counter - the Union Square Greenmarket is now select-by-pointing-from-6-feet-away.
  6. Eco Shrimp was also very expensive. I'm sure their operating costs were quite high, and the quality of the product might have made it "worth" the price, but I - and I'm sure many other Greenmarket shoppers - can't/won't spend that much on shrimp.
  7. Black is King, which was beautiful, but not (I thought) as good as Lemonade. You come away humming the art direction, essentially. And Crip Camp, which was excellent, wrenching in some places, hilarious in others.
  8. small h


    All the brown foods...Carry the ne-ews! Cool stuff for a warm day. Avocado and corn soup. Chickpea salad. Spicy eggplant and oyster mushrooms. Balcony sungold tomatoes. Pickles (kitchen curse has been lifted, apparently).
  9. small h


    This is what happens to the elegant austerity of Japanese cuisine in the hands of someone who honed her plating skills at the Sizzler salad bar in Eatontown, NJ. There's some soba in there, but you'd never know it!
  10. I think I decided that those outdoor tables on the corner of Broome and Clinton had somehow migrated two blocks west.
  11. I got a notification that The Grand Delancey in Essex Market is opening up today for outdoor drinking, with food from some of the Market Line vendors (as in the before times). I went over to see what the setup looked like, since I miss Essex Pearl oysters and Schaller & Weber's vegan bratwurst on a pretzel bun. I concocted some fantasy that there was a big open plaza somewhere that I'd mysteriously never noticed in my 15ish years of living here, and that was where the tables would be set up. But no. They are on the sidewalk, wrapping around the north and east sides of the market building. Those oysters will have to wait. ETA: Just checked the online menu, and there's no oysters or vegan bratwurst anyway. I feel better. Wait, no, I don't.
  12. small h


    There's a whole movie about this controversy.
  13. Update! We finally got a new faucet. Yesterday. 30 days, 5 online customer service chats and 1 customer service phone call after I ordered it. (I might have called more often, but my tolerance for being on hold for over an hour is low). Also, it's not the same faucet, because apparently no one at Kohler has any idea of when that one will be in stock. The new one is alright, but it's about $100 cheaper than the one we had, and it doesn't swivel. Looking back over the chat transcripts, I see that the same person who lied about the 7-10 days also lied about the 3-4 weeks. And bonus-lied that the faucet would arrive at their warehouse hours after I spoke to her for the second time, and bonus-bonus-lied that it was due to ship soon after. I am composing a VERY INDIGNANT Instagram post AS WE SPEAK. It's nice have water in the kitchen again, and I'm shocked that I didn't break anything on my 27,000 forays from kitchen to bathroom, carrying plates and glasses.
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