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  1. small h


    Vegetarian meatball soy sphere parm, and penne with carrot greens pesto. Trying to get the freezer under control. This might take a while.
  2. Ours likes to do that in order to swat the unsuspecting passerby. We call it "troll under the bed." Tablecloths are also useful.
  3. Winter is coming, so cat-shaped lumps are in season. You'll also find them when there are loud Zoom meetings going on in other rooms of the house. Bed = Cone of Silence.
  4. I'm growing baklouti peppers on the balcony (please don't freeze, please don't freeze, please don't freeze), and I usually buy chiles fresh anyway. But H has been agitating for a new mattress. Dammit!
  5. Pam Cooking Spray is pretty close, I think.
  6. Seconded. And I thought the Rudy thing was kind of a letdown, having read a lot of the pre-release hype. Maria Bakalova was excellent though, especially the fertility dance sequence.
  7. I have never had ice from a refrigerator ice maker that didn't taste weird.
  8. They're only open Wednesday - Sunday, and yes, part of the downstairs is open for in-person browsing. Some of the vendors are selling stuff from the ones that aren't yet open - Essex Pearl has Pickle Guys pickles and olives, for instance. Here's more info: https://www.marketline.nyc/mini-market I picked up a half dozen clams, so I can see if they're just as hard for me to deal with as oysters. Jacques Pepin recommends the oven method! We'll see how that goes.
  9. These guys are back open again downstairs - sold out now, but maybe back in stock soon? They keep expanding their offerings - I just got some kombu today, which they did not have a couple of weeks ago. Still waiting for wood ears. https://southeastnyc.com/products/curry-leaves-4-oz-1?_pos=1&_sid=070fbb1ea&_ss=r
  10. small h


    My mind is filthy. It's my internet fingers that are relatively pristine.
  11. small h


    Sounds like a subway for non-carnivores.
  12. small h


    Looks like sanity won. "But after a decisive vote against the measure on Friday, it seems veggie burgers will still be on the menu." All this reminds me of the great mayonnaise controversy of 2019.
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