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  1. Not to be confused with the bakery named Mel. I'd start prepping a cease and desist...
  2. Sure, but he also uses his money for that really bad stuff. I don't think the good stuff absolves the bad.
  3. I had a long conversation with some friends on this topic a couple weeks ago, during which we determined that almost always, if you follow the money trail high enough, you can find someone horrible profiting from everything you do (and Anschutz himself is a big reason -- concerts and sports). It kinda sucks.
  4. Taking that argument to its logical conclusion, should one reserve 20% tips for multi-course tasting menus (much more effort to serve) and only tip 10% at diners/neighborhood places?
  5. I've heard of Sushi On Me, but it seems to be a little bit more about getting shitfaced on unlimited sake than eating good fish? I forgot about Tanoshi, that could be a good option (and appears to still be BYO). I went there years ago and liked it. I went to Uogashi when it was Shimizu and liked it a lot. I'm on the waitlist for Rosella. Looks like it's up to $180 now. After sake/tip/tax that's a little more than I want to spend. As someone who lives in Gramercy with no car, that would be real hike!
  6. Are there any good omakases left in NYC for around $125? I'm trying to plan a birthday dinner for my girlfriend and she's never had omakase before, but I'm trying not to spend $1000. There are a ton of $400 places nowadays, but almost none that I can find under $150 that either (i) don't kick you out after 30-60 minutes or (ii) don't put gold leaf and truffle and shit on the sushi.
  7. A truly astonishing number of positive tests in my social circle in the last few days, including a coworker I spent 8 hours sitting 5 feet away from all day Tuesday who tested positive this morning.
  8. sweatshorts


    Ko was one of our first outdoor meals last year, it was great. I considered Ko, but Cosme won out since she had never been.
  9. Have a number of positive tests within my social circle today, everyone vaccinated, some vaccinated plus boosted. It's weird, it feels like March 2020 again. Everyone is freaking out.
  10. sweatshorts


    Sometimes you just do whatever your dining partner wants to do 🙃
  11. sweatshorts


    And we canceled *that* in favor of Cosme. Cosme was great!
  12. sweatshorts


    We canceled it in favor of Ruffian.
  13. sweatshorts


    Any more detail on this or other recent experiences? I have a reservation for tomorrow...
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