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  1. I love any article that makes 90% of the people interviewed sound utterly insufferable.
  2. I lost track of the new signage I saw on my walk last night. Next time I'll take pictures so I can remember. Off the top of my head: An Argentinian place in the Raviolo space on 7th Ave A new bar called Bandits from the group that does the Garrett in the Daddy-O space on Bedford (technically saw this on Instagram but saw them constructing their outdoor space and was reminded): https://www.instagram.com/banditsnewyork/ A fried chicken place called Lucky Louie's where Sweet Corner Bakeshop was on Hudson: https://g.page/luckylouies?share Leitao had been serving out of Up
  3. Not sure where to put this, but the spaces for both the Riddler and Bar Sardine have new tenants. Riddler: https://www.instagram.com/natsonbank/ Bar Sardine: https://www.stjardimnyc.com/
  4. It looks like the prices on the new menu are actually a little lower than on the old menu (or the same), which is surprising to me because that menu is over a year old (they've been fully closed since March 2020). I think it just caters to the young professional crowd, which in my experience is a little less picky than the crowd on this board. I haven't been in 10+ years but am planning to go once Dave has time to settle in.
  5. The hot fish was buried in his email, you just need to read VERY carefully 😂 He has redone their existing menu. There's no longer 172 versions of mussels, but a smaller set of mussels and more non-mussels food than there was before. Old menu: https://flexmussels.com/menus-1 New menu: https://flexmussels.com/dinner
  6. He's cooking at Flex Mussels when they reopen next week.
  7. That picture from Boichik Bagels looks a heck of a lot they're using Thomas's Bagels from the supermarket.
  8. Not quite on topic, but related: It looks like The Infatuation has shut down all its cities except New York.
  9. Going to be a lot more of them over the next six months. I was wandering around the chilly, damp West Village at 6 last night and most restaurants' outdoor seating were empty, and only a couple were close to full.
  10. I agree with your last sentence. Anecdotal, but a significant portion of my NY-based friends who weren't previously openly irresponsible spent the weekend attending indoor unmasked parties and posting about it on Instagram.
  11. Sneak, just want to say I agree with everything you said here. And it sucks all around.
  12. Imagine the stranger sitting closest to you, even if it's ten feet away, coughs four times twenty minutes into your meal. Unmasked. Covers his mouth for the last two, but his hand doesn't quite make it to his mouth for the first two. How do you feel? Then he coughs again, twice, ten minutes later. Are you enjoying yourself?
  13. This reminds me, we were walking on 8th Street on our way to Ko, and Mace is doing a pop-up at Existing Conditions with pre-bottled cocktails and very light food -- a pretzel, hot dogs, cheese plate. Had a couple pretty good cocktails, though if they threw in a glass and a big ice cube it would take them from not bad to excellent.
  14. Fair. A $21 glass of wine. Service included was a nice surprise -- it's not listed on the menu that I saw.
  15. I totally get that. It's absolutely not as enjoyable / relaxing as it was in the olden days.
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