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    You unknowingly ate with my brother and sister-in-law last night. Re reservations, when I tried to make a reservation for tonight a few weeks ago there were none available, so I set a Resy alert. Over those few weeks, I probably got a 10 notifications that a table had become available. I think it's a summer thing.
  2. The curtains were open this morning. Nice space. Angie already had a parking ticket before 10AM. Pretty impressive.
  3. I just tried to look in this morning on my walk to the gym -- are those blue curtains that completely cover the windows closed during service?
  4. Yes, different S color, plus I have a reasonably good memory for things that I've said (though not a great one, as my girlfriend will attest). For a $185 four course menu I would have expected cocktails to be more like $22, so I guess I'm pleasantly surprised?
  5. I love when Sneak and Seth have a conversation on here, I always think it's just Sneak talking to himself for 8 posts straight until I look at the names. Sneak, how much are cocktails? I would hope/suspect that there is an a la carte menu available at the bar eventually.
  6. sweatshorts


    One benefit of being on Mountain Time is that the midnight ET reservation drop happens at 10PM. Excited to eat here in a few weeks.
  7. How could someone put those two sentences on the same website with a straight face? Nothing says "downtown" like requiring dinner jackets!
  8. We ate at Dame the first week it was open, outdoor 7PM reservation. It was so hot. Our chilled white wine got so warm so quickly once it was poured. Orik is right that the table was so small. I'm used to the panhandlers, though I can't say I enjoy them. The food was delicious (though the most noticeable ingredient in everything we ate was butter, not seafood), but overall it just wasn't an experience worth ~$225.
  9. I guess that's how she can afford her G Wagen and all the parking tickets she racks up on it.
  10. sweatshorts


    The NYT review made this place sound awesome, and yours makes it sound even better. Now to get a reservation...
  11. sweatshorts


    Nope, I saw the writeup on Grubhub, went to their website, saw this "explanation" of their no-tipping policy and screenshotted it and sent it to all my friends for a good laugh.
  12. sweatshorts


    That auto 20% seems to be becoming the norm. This was my favorite explanation that I've seen, from Fulgurances in Greenpoint. They have different definitions of "gratuities", "required", and "expected" than I do.
  13. The have Sysco, US Foods, Costco, and Amazon on their newly-added sourcing guide: https://www.willows-inn.com/responsibility/sourcing/ I guess Amazon is technically local for them? 😂
  14. Short-ish beard and medium length hair? Yep. I can't find anything about a chef with either of those names on the internet though, but it was something close to that.
  15. We really enjoyed our meal. We were seated right in front of the pass, which was nice. Martinez and Lienhardt (Leibhardt?) were running the kitchen based on the very fancy embroidered chef's coats. It seemed that neither of them was responsible for plating the duck dish, which I watched the third guy at the pass do. I can't remember his name. I'll post pictures and write up in more detail tomorrow.
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