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  1. How much was it? Lobster rolls have been the worst victims of inflation lately.
  2. I don't really have a problem with this review, but I do think that a "restaurant" needs to have a bathroom.
  3. sweatshorts


    Thanks folks! And thanks Ori -- we're excited to go. Definitely stick with a la carte.
  4. sweatshorts


    Has anyone been lately? We are planning to go Friday night to celebrate our engagement (!!!!!) but hoping that it's still good.
  5. Eater posted three articles on TikTok and restaurants today: https://ny.eater.com/2022/5/31/23140332/eater-critic-ryan-sutton-dining-out-tiktok-food-influencer-steph-travels https://ny.eater.com/2022/5/31/22947908/nyc-food-influencers-foodbaby-devourpower-instagram-tiktok https://ny.eater.com/2022/5/31/23138326/nyc-restaurants-tiktok-influencers-skirt-steak-kam-hing-lucia
  6. The best thing Sietsema ate last week appears to be Sysco canned sauce with some canned olives thrown in: https://ny.eater.com/2022/5/2/23047363/nyc-best-dishes-eater-may-2022
  7. I'd much rather see someone dressed like Russell Westbrook or Dan Levy's character from Schitt's Creek than another guy in an ill-fitting navy blazer. At least the former are interesting.
  8. sweatshorts


    They only shared a google drive link and removed the book after they were fully subscribed, which took less than 24 hours.
  9. sweatshorts


    I know too, because I got the investor deck (but ultimately decided not to invest).
  10. There's also tons of parental help happening. I knew lawyers who worked with me making $200k+ whose parents paid their rent. Probably 50% of the people I know in lower-paid industries have the same deal as well. I was always confused how they could afford "luxury" buildings plus going out three nights a week on a marketing salary until I started asking, and the answer was always "my parents pay my rent" or "I live in my aunt's apartment" or "I have a trust fund".
  11. Funny that you posted about first year biglaw and i-banking money in 2007, 18 months before, well, you know -- bonuses cratered, there were huge layoffs, and hiring classes massively constricted. 2007 was the peak of entry level biglaw/i-banking comp -- adjusted for inflation, comp has only just now caught up over the past two years due to several increases in the same time span. I was fortunate enough to start my biglaw job during the nadir of comp over the past 20 years, but hey, I felt lucky to even *have * a job. Do I feel a little bitter towards the junior associates who make 10-30%
  12. Even my friend who went three times in a week at one stretch hasn't been in months.
  13. An interesting stat re: TikTok came across my twitter feed: https://twitter.com/NaithanJones/status/1516953946752839681
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