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  1. Sutton and Sietsema managed to write a few thousand words on Laser Wolf without answering the one question I have: does each skewer order get their own individual salatim (i.e., you get one of those platters per skewer ordered) or is it one per table / per certain number of diners regardless of the number of skewers ordered? https://ny.eater.com/2022/9/19/23361287/laser-wolf-review-williamsburg-rooftop-meat-skewer-israeli-nyc-restaurants (Not that it really matters given how hard it appears to be to get in. Oh goody, I can get a 10:15PM counter seat on Monday October 10th!)
  2. But yes, I can't get over how expensive it is to eat in NYC nowadays.
  3. They might be back according to instagram? https://www.instagram.com/stories/wuswontonking/2929084242451287361/?hl=en
  4. We have friends coming into town from LA, which friends also have another close friend in NYC, which means three couples for dinner the first week of October. The other NYC friend is much more sceney than I am, and took it upon himself to make a reservation at Pastis, and he "pinged" The Nines and Four Charles as well. Any place that has better food and is cheaper than those three, while still "cool" enough to get buy-in? I plan group dinners like this so rarely nowadays that was thinking something like MaLa Project, but I think they're prefer a slightly more "special" vibe. Hoping to stay und
  5. I couldn't believe they were $15 a pop. I know it's 2022, but still!
  6. Yeah I was surprised to see that. Are the cocktails any good? We were just eating quickly before a show so only ordered food.
  7. I still love the cemita at Tulcingo de Valle. It's one of the only places I've found here that actually puts papalo on it.
  8. I think it's Eater trying to make a thing happen in NYC so that they can say they made a thing happen.
  9. sweatshorts


    We only have two nights there, then off to Vietnam for a week. It was just the cheapest way to get to SE Asia.
  10. sweatshorts


    Does anyone have any recent thoughts on Seoul? Heading there in a month.
  11. Not the first time I've done that. I was wondering why you linked to the instagram post and then asked if the instagram post had better info, but I assumed they edited the text or something.
  12. Wilf, we could have met last night! Really enjoyed the atmosphere, and the food was plenty good. I agree the food isn't quite as good as Ernestos but it's so much more fun and less sterile.
  13. The instagram post you linked says "The reason behind closing the restaurant is not a negative one; the original plan was to operate the restaurant for a period of ten years, which eventually became 13 years due to the relocation of the restaurant. As the lease for the current location is expiring, I decided it is the right time to bring down the curtain."
  14. sweatshorts


    Well that was pretty fast: https://www.grubstreet.com/2022/07/mena-victoria-blamey-closing-nyc.html
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