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  1. As Roz mentioned, I had the rabbit this past Saturday. No mushy legs. I am very partial to broths and this broth was extremely flavorful. Overall, an outstanding dish.


    Looking forward to the Dover sole next time.

  2. A word about spice levels. As Roz mentioned, the overall spice level seemed just right (the Goldilocks - level?) However , one of the four sauces that accompanied the Ghee Roast Lamb (lamb to share) was quite spicy. I really enjoyed the opportunity to increase the level as I seemed to be able to tolerate it. It was a great sinus cleanser! The Château Neuf du Pape went well with the lamb and the milder sauces but the beer I had was definitely on point for the higher spice level.


    During our interaction with Paul Downie the GM, we told him one of the reasons we were in town was to attend the C-Cap Benefit (Careers in Culinary Arts) honoring Chef Humm. Paul Told us that Chef Mehrotra would be one of the many chefs attending the event.

    At his table he was featuring Dal Moradabadi from northern India. This is apparently a very popular Indian street food from the city of

    Moradabad. Roz took one bite and immediately handed it to me. Apparently way to spicy. I had already had one and was happy to finish hers off. Maybe the spice levels could be negotiated at his restaurant. It was surprising he would choose such a high spice level at an event crowded with so many people. But, no problem for me.


    One comment regarding the Chicken Seekh at the restaurant. I thought it was very tasty. Roz said only ok? Opinions - Opinions!

  3. Arrived at 7:00 pm Friday 3/11/16. Opened the day before. A beautiful space and very accommodating


    We shared the first two courses. My wife had sautéed chicken livers, hummus & mâche, I had

    The veloute of chicken, (poultry broth morsels, cream & mushrooms).

    Both dishes were outstanding.

    For the main course we ordered the Brune Landaise. This was a whole bird which we were told is the closest you can get to the chicken from Bresse in France. This chicken was aged 110 days. Our reaction?

    Incredibly delicious. The bird came with a salad and we ordered a side of mashed potatoes which was

    recommended by our server Julien. The mashed potatoes were very buttery and we enjoyed them as well.


    When it came to dessert my wife ordered L'lle Flottante and I had the Vanilla Raspberry Vacherin

    Both were fine.


    The restaurant has a very good selection of wines by the glass as well as full bottles. As my wife doesn't

    drink much ( only sweet wine) I availed myself of a very nice glass of Bordeaux for $16.00. We also shared one sweet wine, a 3 0z pour of Petit Guiraud 2011 (Sauterne) for $22.00.

    An additional glass of Bordeaux and an extra double espresso were comped by the General Manager.


    Total Cost of the meal excluding tax and tip was $223.19 and worth every cent!

    The restaurant has several other whole chickens and Rohan duck may also be available.

    We can't wait to return,


    Very highly recommended!

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