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  1. The pleasure you and some others get out of "letting air out" speaks volumes about your nature. The most recent Chast cartoon tells this story well. I am glad to have a place to share my cheerfulness that doesn't welcome people looking to put others down to serve their sense of self importance.
  2. Lippy seemed to grasp the essence of my post, and after my indicating it was on-line, left it there. Your lack of understanding did not require you to tell me the cause of my cheerfulness is no big deal. It's the sort of gratuitous comment that represents a desire to diminish, but I would not consider it your fault. Just an indication of your nature.
  3. Thank you so much Wilfrid, for correcting my mistaken happiness over my letters (or should I say comments") appearing on-line. I might have continued living pleased to have my opinions posted for all who read them to see. So kind of you to relieve me of the misapprehension that this is a big deal. How naive am I to have believed MFF would have become a friendly place to enjoy posting.
  4. Send an email to corry.arnold@starr-restaurant.com and ask him to reserve a table for yoour birthday.
  5. Not that I know of. I don't get the hard copy. I doubt it because they get thousands of letters on line.
  6. "A Boy Named Sue" was written by Shel Silverstein, reputedly as a jibe on his friend Jean Shepherd, who often complained that people thought he was a girl because of his first name being spelled Jean. He claimed his mother wanted a girl so named him Jean.
  7. If I may comment on Le Coucou for a moment...off the charts meal tonight. shared ten courses with a friend--leeks, tripe, tomato salad, sweetbreads, quenelle, bourride, duck, mirabelles tartlette and fig souflé. Two great bottles chosen by Domenique. Every dish was a winner.
  8. Great review in any event. Going tonight with a friend who ate at Blanca last night.
  9. My claustrophobia would inhibit me from going to a small basement place. The thought of a small, windowless room with one entrance and exit gives me the willies.
  10. Mel Tormé Swings Schubert Alley, with Art Pepper and Marty Paich. Sonny Criss. The Complete Imperial Sessions. 34 tracks 1990 Digital remastering.
  11. We had a Motorino cremini and sausage pie tonight. It too was delicious and perfectly done. Great addition to our UWS nabe.
  12. I did not enjoy our first and only meal there. Haven't returned.
  13. Cyrille Aimée. I have been following her since Jonathon Schwartz introduced her on his Saturday show several years ago. Have seen her live at Birdland and Dizzy's. She is spectacular. Here she uses a loop pedal to create harmonies with herself in a song of lament and lost love. She grew up around Django Reinhart and the gypsies in her town in France and one can hear that in her music.
  14. I just had a Motorino clam pie delivered and though it did soften a bit, it was delicious. I will shoot it into my home pizza over to heat up and in future will walk around the corner to try it on site.
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