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  1. Thank you @bloviatrix. I appreciate it. Yes, he was quite the companion and will be sorely missed.
  2. Thank you everyone for your condolences🙏
  3. We had to put our beloved French Bulldog Bulgari to sleep😭 Our baby was only 6 years old. Besides having hip dysplasia, and cataracts, he was recently diagnosed with severe intervertebral disease, and was having some neurological issues the last month or so. The last few days he was having constant seizures and collapsing. He was in so much pain that we had no choice but to end his suffering. RIP baby😘
  4. paryzer


    We enjoyed a nice al fresco dinner on the deck on a beautiful evening. Mrs. P made a grilled shrimp salad over arugula with various fresh fruit, fresh grilled figs, and mini peppers with a balsamic syrup for herself. For me she made a Cajun dry rubbed hamburger with bleu cheese and grilled onions, with mini peppers and those delicious grilled figs on the side. She also made guacamole and chips. It all went great with an excellent Gigondas.
  5. A few excellent BYO restaurants in our regular rotation are James on Main in Hackettstown, The Circle in Fredon/Newton, The Farmer's Daughter in Newton, Fiorentini in Rutherford, Cafe Panache in Ramsey, Bistro D'Azur in South Orange, Drew's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport, Poached Pear Bistro in Point Pleasant Beach.
  6. We enjoyed an excellent dinner at newly opened BYO Egeo Estiatorio. It was our first, but not our last dinner here. We enjoyed beautifully charred lamb chops, as well as loukaniko (homemade grilled pork sausage with leeks); fresh whole grilled branzino (that we had filleted); fried zucchini, and spanakopita. It all went great with a couple of excellent cabernets.
  7. paryzer


    Mrs. P made crispy soft shell crab, using self rising flour, and a side of roasted mini and shishito peppers. It was topped with a delicious sauce of fresh herbs, capers, and white vermouth. We started off with homemade guacamole and chips. It all went great with an excellent Spanish red blend.
  8. paryzer

    Baseball 2022

    Amazon Prime has secured a handful of Friday night Yankee games that used to be on Channel 11.
  9. We enjoyed a sensational dinner at the Farmer’s Daughter. It was our first and certainly not last dinner here. It was well worth the two hour round trip. We enjoyed steak tartare with smoked blue cheese, a quail egg, a mushroom salad; fried octopus with romesco sauce; seared ahi tuna with cucumber wasabi aioli, fresh ginger, and soy pearls; rack of lamb with au gratin potatoes and minted peas; and sea bass with mango salsa. They started you off with some amazing fresh herb biscuits and butter. It all went great with an excellent cabernet and Malbec.
  10. paryzer


    Thank you @Sneakeater and @Diancecht🙏
  11. paryzer


    Believe me I do🙂 I am one lucky guy. We just celebrated our 11th anniversary last week.
  12. I just watched the first three episodes of Julia on HBO Max and it is excellent. Sarah Lancashire is perfectly cast as Julia and there is an excellent supporting cast, including David Hyde Pierce as her very supportive husband. It picks up after Julia’s first cookbook came out and just before she became a huge TV icon.
  13. paryzer


    Mrs. P made her famous pan seared boneless quail breast salad with fresh grilled figs, arugula, grapes, toasted pine nuts, mini peppers, and sautéed red onions with a reduced balsamic syrup and topped with fresh shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese. We started off with an appetizer of roasted figs topped with blue cheese and toasted pine nuts. It all went great with an excellent Shiraz.
  14. paryzer


    Mrs. P made penne with crumbled Andouille sausage, honey crisp apples, gorgonzola cheese, arugula, garlic, and sauteed red onions. It all went great with an excellent Oakville Cabernet.
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