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  1. paryzer


    Thank you very much, everyone, for your birthday wishes! Yes, I am one lucky man.
  2. paryzer


    Mrs. P went way above and beyond for my 65! birthday tonight. She created an awesome savory crawfish and Andouille sausage cheesecake with pepperjack cheese, jalapeno cream cheese, and rictotta, over a ritz cracker crust. It was inspired by a dish we had at Drew’s Bayshore Bistro in Keyport, NJ. It was outstanding for the first time making it (and pretty much winging it from a couple of recipes with numerous changes). On top of that she made a stuffed D’artagnan heritage pork double cut pork chop stuffed with blue cheese, bacon, and apples, among other things. It was so huge that I could only
  3. paryzer


    Sorry @voyager. Mrs. P did’t really go by a specific recipe. She just winged it with heavy cream, butter, chicken stock, and shrimp stock from the shells. She used equal parts of the chicken and shrimp stock combined to the heavy cream.
  4. Yes, sorry. I actually cut and pasted the quote from your post, that you cut and pasted from @sweatshorts🤪
  5. I guess things are different in NJ. We are considered regulars at several of our restaurants that we go to monthly. We are very friendly with some of the owners and servers, and frequently get complimentary items like appetizers or desserts. We also bring a few bottles of wine to the friendly, hard working staff as appreciation. Some of the chefs have even given me their cell numbers so I can request certain dishes that aren’t on the menu ahead of our visit. It pays to be nice and appreciative of the staff, and treat them with respect🙂
  6. paryzer


    Thanks Roz. Yes, we have tried it at Drew’s, and it was very good. Our favorite version was at (since closed)Tillie’s. Chef Wirt jazzed it up with some hot sauce that gave it a nice kick. Drew has also recreated Tillie’s version for us from time to time, and it was also excellent.
  7. paryzer


    Thanks @Sneakeater! It was delicious, but will probably be the last time she makes it. It was a lot of work, and contained a lot of heavy cream and butter, (which I love, but she doesn’t). Luckily, there were enough leftovers for a few more meals.
  8. paryzer


    Mrs. P made shrimp and grits for the first time. She added smoky Andouille sausage, bacon, and diced mini peppers among other ingredients. She also made guacamole to start. It all went great with an excellent Malbec.
  9. The owners of RP Prime in Mahwah are taking over, and making it another RP Prime steakhouse. https://www.boozyburbs.com/2023/04/12/local-steakhouse-to-replace-river-palm-location/
  10. Like I said, I am used to drinking the high abv wines, so I very rarely need to take any advil, and I rarely get hangovers the next day. I only drink on weekends anyway (Friday thru Sunday), and with big meals to soak up the alcohol. I also don’t drink any cocktails since mixing cocktails with wine can also cause hangovers. I only suggested you take the advil on the extremely rare occasion that you drink a wine with over 12 or 13% abv.
  11. The trick is to take a couple of advil right after drinking high abv wines to avoid hangovers in the morning. I’m so used to drinking these high abv wines that I am almost immune to the morning after effects.
  12. I’ll gladly take them off your hands😁
  13. paryzer


    Mrs. P made butternut squash and Andouille sausage pizza with fried sage, roasted garlic, ricotta, mozzarella, and fresh shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese. We topped it with Mike’s extra hot honey and crushed red pepper flakes. She used a Stonefire pizza crust.
  14. paryzer


    Mrs. P made rabbit pappardelle with dijon mustard and fresh shaved orange zest.
  15. paryzer


    Mrs. P made me a D’artagnan double cut stuffed pork chop with apples, bacon, blue cheese, and fresh garlic among other ingredients She had steamed Costco Dungeness crabs for herself. We both had a side dish of sweet potato casserole topped with ginger snaps for some crunch. It all went great with a our favorite bourbon barreled aged red blend.
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