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  1. Blackbird on Apple TV. I highly recommend this series. It is inspired by a true event about a drug dealer facing 10 years in prison being offered his freedom if he can elicit a confession from a serial child killer. This was one of Ray Liotta’s last roles. Paul Walter Hauser, who plays the serial killer, is chillingly creepy, and Taron Egerton, who played Elton John in Rocketman, is excellent as the drug dealer.
  2. Thank you! I will. He loves belly rubs.
  3. Thank you! For now it will probably be no for short until he gets trained😀
  4. Please welcome Matisse, the new addition to our family. He is 12 weeks old, and has one blue eye and one brown eye. We were originally going to wait a year, since we just recently lost Bulgari, but Mrs. P was too heartbroken.
  5. paryzer


    Mrs. P made a delicious baked whole red snapper stuffed with fresh herbs, garlic, capers, and vermouth combination. It was very fresh and moist. She also made guacamole and we had crispy TJ’s sweet potato fries (not pictured). It went great with an excellent Amarone.
  6. paryzer


    Mrs. P made pulled duck leg confit salad with various fresh fruit, ginger, radishes, mini peppers, mini cucumbers, arugula, sautéed red onions, topped with hoisin sauce and shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese (not pictured). It all went great with an excellent Shiraz.
  7. I didn't even realize that there was a third booster available to the public. Mrs. P and I received our 2nd Moderna booster shot last November before Thanksgiving. We were considering getting our third booster shot until I read an article in the NJ Record this morning saying how the latest BA.5 variant is making up the majority of new positive cases in NJ & NY (64%). The current booster shots are not made to protect you from the latest BA.5 variant. Moderna, Pfizer, and J&J are working on creating new vaccines to combat these latest strains but they probably won't be available to the p
  8. paryzer


    Mrs. P made me Cajun dry rubbed country ribs with roasted mini peppers and Zapp’s chips, and Cajun dry rubbed shrimp salad with mini peppers and various fruits for herself. It all went great with an excellent Shiraz.
  9. paryzer


    Mrs. P made crispy deep fried soft shell crabs with a refreshing corn and avocado salad, as well as homemade guacamole and chips. It all went great with an excellent Shiraz.
  10. Thank you @bloviatrix. I appreciate it. Yes, he was quite the companion and will be sorely missed.
  11. Thank you everyone for your condolences🙏
  12. We had to put our beloved French Bulldog Bulgari to sleep😭 Our baby was only 6 years old. Besides having hip dysplasia, and cataracts, he was recently diagnosed with severe intervertebral disease, and was having some neurological issues the last month or so. The last few days he was having constant seizures and collapsing. He was in so much pain that we had no choice but to end his suffering. RIP baby😘
  13. paryzer


    We enjoyed a nice al fresco dinner on the deck on a beautiful evening. Mrs. P made a grilled shrimp salad over arugula with various fresh fruit, fresh grilled figs, and mini peppers with a balsamic syrup for herself. For me she made a Cajun dry rubbed hamburger with bleu cheese and grilled onions, with mini peppers and those delicious grilled figs on the side. She also made guacamole and chips. It all went great with an excellent Gigondas.
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