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  1. If you taco truck devotees wanna try something new, this looks like an intriguing new option. http://blog.nwsource.com/entertainment/arc...07_skillet.html
  2. Always like to restart this conversation to see what folks are drinking these days. Have you all been to the fabulous, new (7 months old) Oliver's Twist in Greenwood? Love that place...super hip, great small plates and arty cocktails. I hosted a business networking event there last night and people loved it! On past visits I have snacked on the truffle oil popcorn and fingerling potatoes with aioli and the peanut butter caramel gelato with sea salt is calling my name to return and try that soon. Drinks: I've tried the "artful dodger" and the "miss nancy". For obvious reasons, I am quite partial to the "miss nancy". It's not listed on the online menu but it has bubbly, bitters, gin, lemon juice, ginger ale and somethin' else....tarragon syrup, I think. Yumliscious. Check this place out and let's keep 'em in the neighborhood! http://www.oliverstwistseattle.com/ (Miss) Nancy
  3. Whenever anyone says "green" and "leaf" in the same sentence, I immediately start salivating with a craving for Green Leaf's Lotus Root Salad (with shrimp).
  4. On the news tonight...research has found that people who are very skinny and people who have never consumed alcohol are at a HIGHER risk for Alzheimer's...seriously! So drink up my friends...and follow it with a hot fudge sundae chaser! (Sounds like a good dinner to me!)
  5. Looks like I'm probably not going to able to make it, afterall. I ended up booking a class on Sunday so I'm teaching and wouldn't be able to get there until about 8 and have a really busy weekend, so I'm leaning towards passing on this one.
  6. Great rationale, guess I'll have to buy the sour cherry juice at GNC next time and then the drink is officially a health food!
  7. Update on the above mentioned sour cherry juice at Central Market...it's back in stock. It's called BBB Premium Sour Cherry Juice...$3 for a quart in the juice isle....half the price of the Knudsen's and I think I liked it better.
  8. Sure Jan, happy to share my recipe. When I first had the drink at Palace Kitchen I asked what they used for the sour cherry ingredient and was told it's sour cherry juice called "Sour Power" and available at GNC Supplement Store. I haven't had the chance to hit a GNC to look for it but have bought two different sour cherry juices at Central Market. The first was in a quart container in the juice isle. The brand was not discernable, as most of the packaging for in some foreign language. The carton was mostly green and it was on sale for $1.50 for the quart. The next time I went back to buy it, it wasn't in stock so I bought Knudsen's "Just Tart Cherry" juice. I think I might have liked the un-known foreign brand better, but it's hard w/o a side by side comparison. It's also hard to discern if my concoction tastes just like the Palace Kitchen version, as it's been a few months since I had one there, but you try it and tell me what you think. 1.5 oz of Metaxa 2 oz of sour cherry juice 1 oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice .5 oz of simple syrup Cheers! Nanc
  9. We haven't talked cocktails in a while...so a few new faves... Sour Cherry Metaxa Sidecars at Palace Kitchen...or in MY kitchen now that I've perfected them at home! Hey, it's 4:17 (i.e. happy hour!)..think I'll go make one now...man, I love being self-employed!! Also, always fun to go to Zig Zag and ask the world-famous Murray to surprise you and last nite I was drinking Frangelico Alexanders..yum!! New faves, anyone??
  10. Had a disappointing lunch at Flying Fish today. Not as many places offered lunch this time around so we gave this venue a try...my friend had the beet salad for starters which was nothing fabulous in my opinion. I had the "CREAMY" clam chowder which was the worst clam chowder I'd ever had and there was nothing creamy about it. My friend laughed b/c it was, as he put it, BROTH clam "chowder". We both had the Marlin, which was dry. The chocolate parfait, however, was better than expected as it was much denser than you would think with "parfait" in the name...it was basically pot de creme and yummy....not good enough to make up for the lackluster first two courses, though.
  11. Pretty sure I will be there, w/dish TBD
  12. The old Larry's on Hwy 99 in North Seattle is now HT Oak Tree Market...an Asian Market. Great prices this week on white shrimp and giant black tiger shrimp. Wondeful prices on produce, too.
  13. Hmmm...don't know what you would be smelling. My doesn't have a smell now nor did it have any sort of odor when I first bought it, either.
  14. A few pages back someone asked about cutting boards. Didn't read all the subsequent posts closely enough to see if anyone mentioned the Epicurean boards, but I love mine! http://www.amazon.com/Epicurean-Cutting-Su...e/dp/B0008221B6 They are said to be better for your knives than bamboo, they are stain and bacteria resistent, environmemtally friendly and dishwasher safe. I've had mine for more than a year and it goes through the dishwasher at least twice a week and is still in great shape. They come in a variety of sizes and one even has "juice grooves". My suggestion, by one size bigger than you thing you'll need. I find that it's so much easier to cut everything on one board and leave in quadrants on the board until I need to add that ingredient to the dish I'm preparing, so I wish I would have bought the largest size. Someone mentioned a dishtowel beneath the board to avoid slippage, a wet paper towel does the trick, too. Also, many have mentioned silicone pastry brushes and spatulas and I love mine, too. Silicone items are becoming so common now that I have found them at the dollar store and Target in the promo dollar bin at times!
  15. Hey all, I am in search of a good chocolate toffee candy recipe (ya know, ala heath bar or almond roca...but better!). Fred? Anyone?? I had one years ago but no idea where it came from. Anyone have anything they would like to share??? BTW, I meant to post this earlier but if the locals have not discovered the chocolate man, you should. He's the best source in Seattle to buy excellent quality chocolate at great prices. http://www.chocolateman.net/ Online ordering available for those outside of the Seattle area, too. Just call him and tell him what you plan to make and the chocolate man will recommend trhe best chocolate to suit your recipe. Great prices, too! Happy holidays all and hoping someone can produce a great chocolate toffee recipe for me. Thanks!! ArtzyGirl
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