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  1. Heavenly Buffaloes, a chain of restaurants with locations in three North Carolina college towns, would seem tailor-made for QR-code menus. Its customers tend to be young and tech-savvy. Most come in hungry, many tipsy. And the menu isn’t exactly complicated. “It’s chicken wings and beer,” said Bo Sayre, the company’s district manager. “That’s what we do. Not a lot of people are asking, ‘What beer pairs well with this chicken wing?’” Like other restaurant owners and managers around the country, Mr. Sayre put digitalized menus on all his tables in the early, don’t-touch-any
  2. speaking of codes, it seems that qr codes are on the way out (gift article)
  3. i don’t know if my tastes have changed all that much but after our experience last night, i really appreciated being in a place where tablecloths were the norm.
  4. trio of amuse-bouches: oysters and some kind of raspberry coulis (a touch sweet and didn’t quite work which took away from the freshness); potato cannoli with parmigiano custard, black truffles, gold leaf; buckwheat profiteroles with ricotta, lemon and english peas a bit blurry…this was a cornetto (“little horn”) pastry stuffed with rhubarb, duck, peppercorn and elderflower looked like a potted plant smoked onion bavarese, caviar, salt-and-vinegar chips. this combination worked but i felt the gold leaf garnish was too much. in general, i’m a fan of m
  5. shortly after i posted that, i noticed there was an article dated today about recs in charlotte of course it’s lurking behind a paywall
  6. sam hart speaks So yes, we paid for our James Beard nom. We did that by paying the people who created that experience, our employees, what they deserve. Here at Counter-, we have been vocal and offensive with our belief in paying a liveable wage – showcasing companies with a liveable wage and not doing business with any purveyor or supplier without one. For Counter- 2.0, our new standalone space that opened in December, we installed a laundry room, because we couldn’t find a linen cleaning service that paid employees a liveable wage. We switched a few of our provisioners to al
  7. i imagine the review from 2016 may be useful to some of you if you ever find yourself in town. anyway, there will be pix later.
  8. there isn’t a thread devoted to this restaurant but there are various mentions all around the site. we’re having dinner there tonight and it’ll be our second time. our initial visit was in 2018 and ‘twas very memorable. sfgate review from 2011 blurb in eater, earlier in 2023 may 2016 review 1772 sacramento (van ness)
  9. the food looks great at the mexican place in the bronx The star of the enmoladas is mole negro, a transfixing midnight-dark Oaxacan sauce made from fruit, roasted nuts, chocolate, spices and dried chiles that are blasted with heat until they are as thickly encrusted with black ash as a burned marshmallow. Tobalá’s mole negro is started at least two weeks before it is finally poured over corn tortillas filled with shredded duck. The mole has a slow-burning intensity but it’s also smooth, like the smoky mezcal from which Tobalá borrowed its name. gift article
  10. Diancecht


    well, i was looking for news about the restaurant
  11. Diancecht


    i googled the name and didn’t come up with anything
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    technically it’s nōksu i suppose an admin will have to change the title
  13. Diancecht


    a little bird told me they are opening soon with a chef who previously worked at silver apricot and per se. the menu is a mix of korean, french, american and japanese. sounds interesting, no? extremely small space and probably will be impossible to get in. 49 west 32nd (broadway)
  14. insalata di riso it’s great summer food (or any time of the year food). we are more likely to have this over pasta salad even though retro is making a comeback. take arborio rice and cook it just like regular rice, then spread the cooked rice on a cookie sheet and cool. then combine in a bowl with chopped vegetables, cheese and cured meats, sausage, tuna fish or sardines, dress with olive oil and vinegar or lemon juice, salt and pepper. this version contains: marinated artichoke hearts; beet salad; pickled cherry peppers; roasted tomatoes; ventresca tuna; mixed olives; and pearl
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