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  1. the bacon was in the quiche from sunday night. great stuff. ty for the tip….i’ll have to look him up at omnivore books. mexican is one of the holes in our home library.
  2. anyway there was some cardi but the specimens didn’t look good. maybe next time. i need to find a good recipe for mole.
  3. the ibérico pork sold at saturday’s market is very good
  4. peruvian pork sandwich (ciabatta, roast pork, onion, sweet potato, house sauce) bottled mineral water some kind of mexican snack cake…like twinkies but chocolate covered
  5. we did get like half a pound and they were amazing in a seafood salad they are basically the equivalent of citarella i just love their fish and meat.
  6. seen this past weekend at a place near @voyager
  7. crustless quiche with bacon, oyster mushrooms and spinach green salad
  8. lamb tagine, baby broccoli, freekeh
  9. hubby is really into japanese food so i have started to teach myself how to make it miso soup with wakame and poached egg wakame and mixed vegetable salad (asparagus, chinese cabbage, celery, daikon, grated ginger)
  10. i was told that garlic is default for peposo di manzo. oh well, back to the drawing board. radicchio salad with little gem lettuce, hazelnuts and thyme roasted turnips with herbs freekeh pilaf we finished off some chianti and zinfandel.
  11. full review here; on facebook, the author says this was a challenging piece to write. (excerpted) Indienne does a lot well — enough to earn it a spot on Esquire’s 2022 list of the country’s best new restaurants. The space is handsome, with dusty rose booths and art deco lines. Soft EDM reminds you that you once liked to go clubbing, while soft lighting appeals to the more mature you. The tasting menus are filled with two-bite delights, like a mushroom cream éclair showered with shaved truffle, or a dessert of airy ras malai (cheese dumpling) in crème anglaise that thinks it’s
  12. maybe he’ll come back as a contractor.
  13. 0.o i would have thought his was safe. wow…
  14. yup well, even a broken clock is right once in a while
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