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  1. baked branzini with potatoes and onion braised zucchini and cherry tomatoes apricot and peach galette for dessert. there’s a layer of homemade frangipane between the fruit and the crust.
  2. spaghetti di mezzanotte (midnight spaghetti), glass of white wine
  3. we had dinner at soba ichi (2311a magnolia (grand)) in oakland last night. if you had been to honmura an when it was open in nyc, they are on par with the quality of soba that was made there. the restaurant is open from thursday to sunday, no reservations are accepted and it’s first come-first served. they’re worth your time if you’re ever in the area. 2018 sf chronicle review eater sf highlight
  4. doubtful for instance, when reichl wanted to rate le cirque 2 stars for refusing to attend to her when she was disguised and 4 stars when she went as herself, management forced her to make a decision and revise her rating. that suggests that decisions involving the star rating are subject to individuals above pete’s pay grade.
  5. Diancecht


    some more photos for your perusal it’s nothing you haven’t seen before, having said that, a former mff member exclaimed surprise at a few of the prices therein we did not get a chance to eat there as there was a 2 1/2 hour wait. instead we went to pizza antica for lunch
  6. Diancecht


    the first two floors appear to be devoted to wine and the top floor the market and restaurants there’s a separate room devoted to rare and fine wines
  7. Diancecht


    we’re in san jose, it’s 100+ degrees and eataly isn’t crowded
  8. shrimp cocktail salmon with salad for hubby; spaghetti bolognese for me; carrot cake for dessert hoping the food at the new eataly will be more interesting. we’re going to sf tomorrow and will stop there on the way back.
  9. we spent the day ogling at an art collection at hearst castle
  10. pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, fries, unsweetened iced tea (2 orders) - for $43.28/€41.20 - at the restaurant next to hearst castle for reference, a recent lunch in sf - three pork tacos, chicken tamale and soda - was $18/€17.12 reminds me of getting food at the tennis courts at flushing meadows. captive audience, etc. at least the fries were good: crispy and didn’t become potato starch bombs after cooling
  11. they could be cerignolas, i’ll look when we return home we’re traveling to san simeon today
  12. very nice, wilf braised chicken in tomato and rosemary sauce vegetable stew apricots and plums hubby and i are headed to san simeon tomorrow for a tour of hearst castle. there will be pix…ttyl
  13. castelvetrano olives we bought some jarred ones the last time we were at molinari’s in north beach. i had completely forgotten about them until yesterday’s shopping trip
  14. fettuccine with sausage, mushroom and green olive sauce chardonnay to drink
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