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  1. bhel puri, thanks to a recipe from “chaat” by maneet chauhan and jody eddy, page 111, omitting the mango and scaled down to serve two but was otherwise as written.
  2. 90% of what i post will be from a restaurant; the rest, typically on a weekend, will be homemade. i *have* been saying where things come from but i will try to be more explicit going forward… ofc people can always ask as a few have done
  3. friday lunch: dinuguan (pork stew with vinegar and pig’s blood) served over garlic fried rice, with chopped tomatoes. this was from kusina ni tess…and as i mentioned elsewhere, whenever i order from them, i want all the things. their version needed a bit more oomph which was easily fixed by a dash of tabasco and a little sugarcane vinegar. calamansi juice to drink (luzona brand) and sweet pork sausages on the side.
  4. it’s part of our hoard of products from june taylor jams. june recently closed her shop in berkeley after 18 years. having said that, she still does some business on the side; if you follow her ig, you can see what she’s up to. for instance, she recently made some small batch ketchup from late season tomatoes. as for the syrup, i’m slowly savoring it. there’s another unopened bottle somewhere in our pantry.
  5. feel better soon! sending good vibes and interesting reading (see photos)
  6. for today: gochujang popcorn chicken; niku udon (soy-braised beef, onion, ginger, scallions, sesame seed) and green tea.
  7. mixed fruit (plums, nectarines, grapes), blood orange and port syrup
  8. pranzo del mercoledì - behold the power of ramen, thanks to ippudo (18 yerba buena lane (market)) in addition to this, there were some chicken karaage and a side salad. the noodles were just “ok”. i wouldn’t say they replace marufuku in the top spot but they are a good alternative.
  9. not sure yet what it will be this year, other than turkey and pies. we saw a vendor at this past weekend’s market that sells heritage turkey and we would need to pick it up at the farm the weekend before. looks like a road trip is in our near future. our dinner guests are picky, so, uh, some of the sides and desserts will cater to them. to be continued…
  10. pranzo del martedì: chorizo salteado “cantimpalitos” (sautéed spanish paprika sausage); repollo rehogado (cabbage sautéed with garlic and paprika); escalivada (roasted eggplant, peppers and onion with egg); calamares a la plancha (sautéed calamari with onion and tomato); patatas bravas (fried potatoes, spicy sauce); arroz (side of rice), thanks to esperpento (3295 22nd (valencia))
  11. it was an order from kusina ni tess (237 ellis (mason)) in the tenderloin.
  12. monday brunch - pancit guisado (rice noodles, fish sauce, lemon, chicken, vegetables) topped with fried pork rinds; vegetable lumpia with vinegar-garlic sauce. totally unhealthy and definitely worth it
  13. lol sunday dinner: slow-roasted boneless pork loin (from the joy of cooking, 1997 edition, pages 688-689); fagiolini in umido (green beans braised in tomato sauce). grapes and parmigiano cheese for dessert. i prefer vegetables like the cauliflower from a few posts ago and tonight’s green beans cooked until super soft. the sauce started with one large onion, sliced, and fried in 1 tbsp. lard until golden, then i stirred in some canned crushed tomatoes and half a can of water. salt, pepper and a forlorn sprig or two of basil. added trimmed green beans and romano beans, then braise
  14. pranzo della domenica: paccheri with eggplant, two kinds of tomatoes and mozzarella, thanks to “an to z of pasta” from rachel roddy. hubby loved it and said “make this again”
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