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  1. we were supposed to get together with some of my relatives on sunday but someone tested positive for covid. 😬 and since hubby and i want to remain negative, that get-together didn’t happen. so we invited some friends over for bagels and lox. hubby whipped up an egg and mushroom casserole and i made a damson plum and nectarine galette.
  2. polpette al sugo green salad tomatoes with marjoram
  3. since golden gate meat co. at the sf ferry building is closing soon (last day is 8/20/22), this will become one of our replacements. others include bryan’s, gus’s in the haight and barons (1706 church (29th)). we picked up some lard a while ago. good stuff. 320 fell (gough)
  4. Diancecht

    one fifth

    i checked out their ig. the food and space look great. and while i never did eat at an american place back in the day, i remember an episode of “new york’s master chefs” on pbs that showcased larry forgione’s apple pan dowdy. so here’s hoping there’s a good review soon.
  5. Diancecht

    one fifth

    shortly after i posted this, restaurant marc forgione followed me on ig 🤔
  6. Diancecht

    one fifth

    marc forgione, chef de cuisine at blt prime, who then went on to american cut and khe-yo right now he’s collaborating with his dad, legendary chef larry forgione at one fifth one fifth avenue (east 8th street) blurb in the nytimes thrillist
  7. one of our favorite butchers is closing soon this sucks. we have a few replacements lined up but it won’t be the same.
  8. unfortunately the places here that we have been to that would qualify as fd don’t serve lunch. places like acquerello, for example.
  9. his replacement worked for darden that’s quite a step up
  10. me every time i call them, the regulations seem to change. i even got the same examiner i spoke to last friday. that almost never happens.
  11. guess who is on hold with the irs and has been for the past 2 hours at least the music is pleasant
  12. insalata di pomodori e cipolle minestrone i had ordered some dinner from bottega on friday and got the worst minestrone ever. it was basically bland bean soup with a chunk of carrot; campbell’s would have been an improvement. the pasta was fine.
  13. we had some leftover pickled vegetables (artichoke hearts, pickled onions, pickled mushrooms, olives) and some leftover slow roasted cherry tomatoes that had to be eaten so that was an easy decision
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