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  1. tuesday: smoked trout bowl with pickled red onions, cucumber, salmon roe, dill crème fraîche, roasted potatoes swedish cinnamon knot chamomile tea kantine (1906 market (hermann))
  2. i tease hubby endlessly about it but these were really good. i suppose you just have to order some for yourself. @small h maybe will get some this weekend. i think we’ll be seeing a lot of these guys in the near future.
  3. an “everything” cookie with medjool dates and chocolate chips
  4. a new to us bagel vendor - these were pretty good, on par with bagels from nyc
  5. beef braised in barolo wine green salad the meat was boneless rib of beef and was marinated in barolo wine along with vegetables, fresh bay leaves and black peppercorns for 24 hours, then browned in lard and butter and braised in the marinade for 2 hours. was perfect for keto…or would be if we were still on that diet. i’m afraid we have fallen off the wagon…
  6. fresh pasta with butter, anchovies and mint pinot grigio
  7. Diancecht


    i didn’t either gilligan’s island was more my thing…all the comforts of home on a three hour tour
  8. there’s only one place in sf where i have encountered them and apparently there is a season, something i didn’t know until recently
  9. i’m curious how it is now…looking forward to your report i remember the cream of cream soup i had at the meal i shared with suzanne f
  10. beets marinated with garlic, mint and vinegar whole wheat penne with cauliflower, anchovies and onion
  11. meatballs in tomato sauce cauliflower stewed in wine…yes it’s supposed to be purple
  12. or a trip to rome https://www.instagram.com/tv/CN2pKYWplYx/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  13. it’ll probably be next weekend @bloviatrix i had a dentist’s appt. at 9 and then we went to bryan’s to pick up the proteins for meals this weekend, then went to the farmers’ market. we had bought some fruit at bryan’s and i wasn’t thinking until i had gotten to the ferry building. oh the pomtrons were there today too. we visited a bookstore and bought the cookbook pictured below and there’s this one which releases in a month which i’ll order from omnivore books. then we did our vegetable shopping and met up with marlena spieler who a few of you may remember from egullet. marlena is v
  14. @Orik posted a pic it hits all the right spots. i want!
  15. too bad star trek teleportation doesn’t exist yet…that menu looks awesome
  16. they were in vermont for a few years in connection with a restaurant/farm. not sure what’s going on now. francine has an ig that has nothing to do with food though. for breakfast today: leftover zuppa di ceci astigiana (chickpea and vegetable soup)
  17. their cookbook is fab i haven’t tried the pizzas yet though…
  18. well…i did not see this coming ——— After four years of serving as your friendly neighborhood restaurant critic, I’m moving on. While long tenures are more typical for food critics, who are like the Supreme Court justices of the journalism world, I think four years is the perfect length of time. (I lean more toward the presidential way of doing things, I guess.) I’m thrilled to pass the torch to someone who will surely bring a fresh perspective to the role and blow our collective minds with their writing. This is one of the best jobs ever, and I’m so glad to share it with someon
  19. they’re huge the large ones that is each is as big as my hand
  20. this was something new, a hybrid of a pomelo and citron. i should have reminded hubby to get one…perhaps next weekend
  21. radicchio salad with heirloom beans and pancetta i wish i had gone to franny’s - something tells me i would have looooooved it
  22. the bacon was in the quiche from sunday night. great stuff. ty for the tip….i’ll have to look him up at omnivore books. mexican is one of the holes in our home library.
  23. anyway there was some cardi but the specimens didn’t look good. maybe next time. i need to find a good recipe for mole.
  24. the ibérico pork sold at saturday’s market is very good
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