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  1. peruvian pork sandwich (ciabatta, roast pork, onion, sweet potato, house sauce) bottled mineral water some kind of mexican snack cake…like twinkies but chocolate covered
  2. we did get like half a pound and they were amazing in a seafood salad they are basically the equivalent of citarella i just love their fish and meat.
  3. seen this past weekend at a place near @voyager
  4. crustless quiche with bacon, oyster mushrooms and spinach green salad
  5. lamb tagine, baby broccoli, freekeh
  6. hubby is really into japanese food so i have started to teach myself how to make it miso soup with wakame and poached egg wakame and mixed vegetable salad (asparagus, chinese cabbage, celery, daikon, grated ginger)
  7. i was told that garlic is default for peposo di manzo. oh well, back to the drawing board. radicchio salad with little gem lettuce, hazelnuts and thyme roasted turnips with herbs freekeh pilaf we finished off some chianti and zinfandel.
  8. full review here; on facebook, the author says this was a challenging piece to write. (excerpted) Indienne does a lot well — enough to earn it a spot on Esquire’s 2022 list of the country’s best new restaurants. The space is handsome, with dusty rose booths and art deco lines. Soft EDM reminds you that you once liked to go clubbing, while soft lighting appeals to the more mature you. The tasting menus are filled with two-bite delights, like a mushroom cream éclair showered with shaved truffle, or a dessert of airy ras malai (cheese dumpling) in crème anglaise that thinks it’s
  9. maybe he’ll come back as a contractor.
  10. 0.o i would have thought his was safe. wow…
  11. yup well, even a broken clock is right once in a while
  12. i don’t know if any of you have seen this yet. i confess that i didn’t search beforehand….so apologies if you have already discussed. ——- The New York Times has stood as the standard bearer for food writing since Craig Claiborne took on the mantle of restaurant critic for the newspaper in 1957. In the ensuing years, the Times critic became a kingmaker—as restaurants boomed so did the critic’s power and influence. New York Times restaurant critics are revered like monarchs, an exclusive fraternity that is mostly male and entirely white. Influential and iconic women like Ruth Reic
  13. looks like they have a website
  14. permanently closed. i wish i had the opportunity to dine here when i was in nyc.
  15. last night: chicken braised in wine with vegetables (the cookbook i was working from mentions you can do mixed meats like duck and pork together…so that’s a future plan); roasted cauliflower with sumac, sun-dried tomatoes and saba. fruit salad for dessert
  16. sunday: persian-spiced lamb shanks by david tanis; freekeh pilaf with onion, cardamom and cinnamon; golden beets with preserved lemon and capers if you make this, i recommend seasoning the meat a day in advance prior to cooking. we didn’t do that as the lamb took an entire day to thaw from frozen so the salt and spices didn’t have enough time to work their magic.
  17. that was not a price i was expecting at a place that caters to the average shopper in sf
  18. seen earlier today at our neighborhood safeway
  19. sausages, sauerkraut, baked beans there was some german potato salad that i had a taste of. i don’t know about you but potato salad isn’t supposed to be inundated with dressing. rosamunde sausage grill (2832 mission (24th))
  20. lesso di manzo, served with a trio of sauces - salsa verde, salsa rossa (a butter-based tomato sauce), salsa di rifano (horseradish cream); green salad; crispy roasted potatoes; banana cream pie (for a really picky eater); sachertorte (which said picky eater liked much to my surprise); assorted chocolates hubby and i are exploring italian wines. the chianti was quite nice.
  21. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdrJkAYFA1i/?igshid=MWI4MTIyMDE= that’s some serious (and ruthless) skill
  22. Diancecht

    The Bruni Thread

    that last sentence has stayed with me all this time
  23. Diancecht

    The Bruni Thread

    does anyone remember andrea strong? The food at Blue Hill Stone Barns is good, but it should be better (and hopefully it will). Some dishes rise to the level the ingredients; others lack a pop that could be achieved with salt, heat, acid, and contrast. Dan is an honest, earnest and dedicated chef who I admire for many reasons. His approach to food and cuisine is rooted in preservation and sustainability. He sees the big picture, connecting food back to the earth and supporting local regional produce. This should not be trivialized. He is preserving our food supply and educating a new gene
  24. Diancecht

    The Bruni Thread

    i was looking for my fix of moist flesh and found none
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