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  1. Polarizing filter only in direct, bright sunshine. Elsewise a UV, even if for mere protection.
  2. I'm very (exceedingly in fact) with my two Lumix cameras and the Pentax Q. All pocket friendly.
  3. Feh, I attended a tasting there and was served chicken wings.
  4. I was thinking about this post but this happened, to my six year old, female cat, today. She wasn't her usual happy self, clingy and constantly was grooming her little behind. Often. After the go around of making her allow me to check things out so my worst fears of bladder issues she completely submitted with a sad little face. Off to the vet's office! I never knew this could be a cat issue as well. (I had a cat around my whole life and this never afflicted any one of them). She also has the lampshade collar and the large sized bottle of Clomazol.
  5. Anyone other than the adorable rockydoggydog going this year? My hotel, flight, reservations, etc. have all been booked.
  6. Any experiences at (whichever formatting) of Sauce Box? A local Cleveland chef and former boss suggested it as somewhere to check out. Again, thank you so much for the insight(s). eta: Linky saucebox
  7. Rocky, A former co-worker may jump onto the bar crawl. He moved to SEA two some years ago, bartends and is silly. I'm getting a tad intimidated and excited at the same time as I posted on the facebook OBG page I'd throw my hat into the Speed Rack comp to benefit breast cancer... then I viewed the NYC video.... Hard core, and I've worked some very serious volume, but am not in the habit of spilling or throwing bar spoons once utilised. As if being graded and evaluated by Angus isn't going to ride my nerves! (Yes, I submitted and poured a "Best Gin and Tonic" entry for him last ye
  8. And just like it will always be The Bon for me. Hee heeee. It is always The Bon Marche to me.
  9. Boy, the bonuses keep on coming! In PDX, I'm to catch up with Bobby Gleason so we can grab a cocktail... or two... and I've a date with Angus for a bartender competition and now more fun with Rocky! I'll PM my mobile.
  10. With that advice, I'm booked. I hope they will be gracious enough to allow an early check in since I will be departing at 6:00 a.m. and arriving SEA sometime around 10:00 a.m. PST. Grocery-ish store hunting will only involve finding some Sailor Boy pilot bread crackers. I'm looking to dine on local, PNW foods since I can find some decent Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese and Chinese here in Cleveburg. In PDX, I'm hoping to seek out at least one meal at Urban Farmer. I'd love to see Lucy Brennan at Mint/820, know an event is going to be at The Teardrop and would like to visit The Heathman
  11. If you like thai food, go to Pok Pok! I'm actually seriously contemplating a day trip to Portland just to eat there again. It's fabulous! Wow, that is a recommendation if it requires a day trip! Thank you!
  12. I'm unsure of accommodations, for a first time. I've stayed all over downtown in years past from flea bag to high end corporate chains. I've even lived on First Hill ("Pill Hill") for weeks at a time... but that was almost a life time ago. I'm actually considering the Sorrento. I'm finding that most of the downtown corporate chains are charging for WiFi. I'm not pleased with that development.... Cocktails would be lovely. The more the merrier. Thank you! p.s. Up thread I noted the Sailor Boy pilot bread that can be found at local grocery stores, so First Hill may be t
  13. I'll do you one better: Great eats within walking distance of the Jupiter -Le Pigeon (upscale, meaty NW) -Noble Rot (Wine bar, light food, great view) -Biwa (Fabulous Izakaya) -Simpatico (I've only been for brunch which is modern classic) -Bunk Sandwiches -Nostrana (pizza/pasta) And somewhere near there (12 and Alder? Morrison? Maybe 10th?) is a pretty decent food cart pod Additionally, cab worthy brunch and my number 1 must eat in PDX aside from Le Pigeon, is Tasty and Sons. Thank you for your suggestions. They have been duly noted as I have no idea where this conference or my
  14. Is that Portland? Don't they still have a separate board? (I guess not - just very quiet.) Dang, your next door to Le Pigeon. I've thought about Le Pigeon. Thanks.
  15. Oh! If anyone has recommendations that are easily accessible via cab from the Jupiter Hotel for a dining suggestion, please suggest away. Thank you.
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