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    Casa Mandi

    Seems like the 2 little piggies that just escaped the volcanic dust, have started on their right food. Indeed the décor looks as if it’s the same designer of Rafaela's Hammara… Keep on the good work!
  2. Very glad to hear and looking forward for the details.
  3. boaziko

    Can Fabes

    Thats a good one! Remind me to tell you what my mother smuggled coming from Egypt few years ago (and mentioned it in reply to customs questions)...
  4. and if you happen to be in Israel (with lots of friends) 40 portions of Masabacha at Ali Karwan (Abu Hassan) in Jaffa 26 Pita's +Schawarma at Emil in Haifa
  5. Ali's Baba Cafe Ali Kebaba's cafe Baobab Cafe, obviously.
  6. That is : Chag Molad Sameach and Shana Ezrachit Tova!!
  7. VT location is 10 Hatzfira St. (just off Hamasger st.) very close to the "Old central bus station". Tel: 03-6390407 Boaziko
  8. boaziko

    Tokyo Restaurants

    Thank you Akiko, Keep it up! Boaziko
  9. Our top 3 restaurants from a year and a half ago are: Develi, Balikpazari, Samatya, Istanbul (Tel- 212-5851189) Great turkish meat dishes, although it is just in the fish market of Samatya area. A Must, 30$ a head will get you more food than you need… Byeti, Orman sokak 8 Florya, Istanbul (Tel -212-6632990) Another place (in a suburban nighbourhood on the way to the airport) where Kebebs and lamb dishes are the pride of the very large place. www.beyti.com Park Fora, Muallim Naci Cad. 134 OrtakÖy, Istanbul (Tel -212-2655063/67/72) Fish restaurant on the bank of the Bosporu
  10. Good morning Ore, lets try: Don't feed the Ore ! Feeding time with Ore Ore's Past and Pasta Bloggisimo Ore's Bloggisimo Fast Ore's Slow food blog Oreiginal Ore's original Ore's around Ore's around food Ore, Eats here! Ore's Era Boaziko
  11. Yeh, Ore, Cut the c@#$ and start slicing the Salumi Boaziko
  12. boaziko


    I'm happy to read you made it to Tokyo. Keep the "Travel Log" active. Mark everything on the map I gave you, And if they (restaurants and hotels) have matchboxes, please collect and keep dry. Enjoy Yourselves, Boaziko
  13. Just to keep the sports records straight: Israeli Basketball team (Maccaabi Tel Aviv) has already been European champion 3 times, and is at the verge of competing in NBA standards, (NBA Europe is something that is about to happen soon) Boaziko
  14. boaziko

    Hummus Place

    Just my few cents from over the ocean and the Mediterranean. Next time in Israel please consult me for some of the best Hummus in the world and most surely the best Massabacha! (I promise valuable input on Falafel as well…)
  15. boaziko


    Dead frog here, hot bat there, and yet dead dog behind the corner? Is that a sign you are coming back ? Just had a great Shawarma at the Turkish place at Yehuda Halvi, and have plan to take my boys over to Emil in Haifa. (care to join us?)
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