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  1. Sneakeater


    Fausto is the replacement restaurant in the Franny's space on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope. It's run by Joey Campanale, formerly the wine guy from the dell'Anima group, and Erin Shambura, formerly the executive chef of that group's L'Artusi. Needless to say, I closed the place down opening night. Fausto is a solid neighborhood Italian spot. I'd put it at about the level of dell'Anima (meaning it seems to me to be a bit better than L'Artusi). The food is good. Nothing startling, of course, just good and satisfying. We started with an antipasto of shredded chicory with hard-cooked egg.
  2. Took a ride out to the beach yesterday, for a walk on the boardwalk, since this is our favorite time of year for the beach. And I love amusements parks (especially Coney) when no one is having fun...there's something quite sinister and scary about them. Instead of the Russian/Georgian/Uzbek food I was thinking of for lunch, we decided to head to Bay Ridge...we made a great choice. @Sneakeater said (a few weeks ago): The wine program looked very interesting, but what caught my eye... was the Mezcal and tequila program. Not that I was drinking anything except Mexic
  3. Sneakeater


    Popina is a new restaurant on the Columbia Street waterfront (it would be confusing to call it Red Hook now -- although that's what this neighborhood used to be considered part of). It is, in fact, in the original Pok Pok space. The two guys that run it -- Chef Chris McDade and Wine Guy James O'Brien -- come out of the Danny Meyer organization. Most relevant here, they both did time at Maialino. Let's get the off-putting part out of the way first: the cuisine here is Southern/Italian. (The backyard area is now a bocce court.) Now that doesn't mean Southern Italian as in, say, Compagni
  4. Sneakeater

    Casa Ora

  5. Sneakeater


    Otway is the successor to Tilda All Day, a brunchy cafe at the corner of Fulton and St. James in Clinton Hill that was highly regarded. Tilda was co-owned by Chef Claire Welle and backers Samantha Safer and Daniel Nusbaum. The two women got into a dispute with Nusbaum, the place closed, reopened in a different form without him or Welle, closed again, and now has become this new venture with Welle back in the kitchen backed by Safer. FWIW, the kitchen is staffed entirely by women. But the big news is Chef Welle, who had her highest previous kitchen position at Mas(Farmhouse) but had also wo
  6. Not be be confused with City of Industry, the Harvey Keitel movie. IC is the term used to describe a series of large warehouse type buildings on the south Brooklyn waterfront in between the Gowanus expressway and the harbor. Over the years some of those buildings have fallen into disuse while others contain thriving businesses. Over the past 5 years all of them have attracted new investment. There is an effort underway to turn a major portion of it into a mini Williamsburg. Small artsy shops have sprung up. There is now a food hall selling artisinal tacos and avocado treats. There
  7. 193 Frost Street: I consider this among the best red sauces places I have been to in Brooklyn.. The waiter was incredibly with the kids, it was empty during a weekend lunch and it was big enough for us not to bother people around us. But, the skill of the kitchen was apparent. Almost everything we had was done well, flavors were on point. I don't know why, baked clams, so easy, are usually so disappointing.. These were great. Veal sorrentina: I had ordered shrimp francese but, they brought out another veal dish. It was so lemony and buttery. lots of garli
  8. Daniel

    xun yu si kao

    http://xunyusikaony.com/ We were in Flushing last night and came upon this place.. It looked interesting so we went in. Actually, we parked about two blocks away from our intended restaurant, We were headed to hot space, which is another Sichuan Restaurant that seams to specialize in this type of grilled fish served in a broth on a tray with things added in and kept hot with sternos. But, it was so windy and we didn't feel like walking and we had heard of this place from various outlets... This place looks like they got their liquor license issued on the 2nd of this year and it's on go
  9. https://www.berniesnyc.com/ 332 Driggs What can I say, I love this place.. It's very nostalgic.. It reminds me of the Regal Beagle or some like 80's restaurant I would go out to dinner, when I was with my parents.. It's just missing a pac man game and maybe some peanut shells on the floor.. Ground Round, Charlies Uncle, old school Bennigan's type feel. . The menu is as classic as the decor.. Staff was friendly and welcoming.. We had a cocktail, a bottle of wine, a baked clams, a wedge salad, chicken parm and a side of green beans.. I could have had this same meal, minus the
  10. http://dekalbmarkethall.com/ Well, we know that it is estimated that 25 percent of malls in America will be closing in the next 5 years.... And the only sort of mall type shopping that seems to be popular are these large food court / halls.. So, with America's love of sequels and our loving of riding a fad until it's dead, we are going to be seeing a lot more of these concepts.. I personally feel like Jonathan Butler from The Brooklyn Flea and Shmorgasburg is the grandfather of the revival of this trend.. I also believe he is responsible for help making Brooklyn a World Brand but, i like t
  11. Here's a new trend-in-the-making: noted outer-outer-borough (i.e., not Brooklyn) "ethnic" joints either relocating to, or opening branches, on Washington Ave. in Prospect Heights.* This relocation of a famous-to-those-who-follow-these-places Bronx Mexican was the first, opening last week. Look, a sister restaurant to the similarly lauded Elmhurst Thai Plant Love House, opened soon after. Admittedly, El Atoradero opens under mixed circumstances. It was originally opened in the Bronx by Lina Chavez in the back of a bodega, and then expanded. Rising rents forced Chef Chavez to close,
  12. Sneakeater


    Sofreh is a new Persian restaurant on St. Marks Avenue, right off Flatbush, in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. It's a little troublesome to write up, because while the food is near destination-quality, the format of the restaurant is very much neighborhood. Meaning, above other things, that the service, while very very sweet, is extremely fallible. So it doesn't seem like a place you should travel to, even though the food, for what it is, is really unmatched anywhere else in the City in my experience. There are some sort of fancy Persian restaurants in Midtown, but I've never found them very
  13. Sneakeater

    Ugly Baby

    This new Thai place, on the Carroll Gardens end of Smith Street, is essentially a permanent continuation of the Chiang Mai pop-up in Red Hook (which in turn was a rebel offshoot of Kao Soy on the next block). Same vibe as Chiang Mai, same alt-rock playlist -- and similar or even the same pan-Thai (not regional) food (I recognized many dishes on the menu). So if you liked Chiang Mai -- as I very much did -- you'll like Ugly Baby. I had crispy pork skin in curried rice (you wrap it in lettuce leaves with other crisp vegetables), and that plate they had at Chiang Mai of braised pork shoulde
  14. Daniel

    Black Flamingo

    168 Borinquen Place Brooklyna It's about 2 miles from my house and a favorite of Miss K's.. She gets delivery here, once a week I would say... After our little experiment this summer, Miss K has stuck with the vegan lifestyle.. Maybe twice a month, she will have sushi and maybe twice a month, I will sneak her chicken stock or pork stock in order to make sure she is getting the proper stuff but, for the most part, she is vegan.. I have been vegan, except for a piece of a freshly cracked 4 year aged parm, yesterday, for the last two days. Anyway, this place has a limited menu.. They off
  15. Sneakeater


    I'm genuinely excited about this one. Claro is a brand new (I went on opening night) Mexican restaurant in the former Pines space on Third Avenue in Gowanus, Brooklyn. It's one of those "accredited chef does ethnic food" places, this one run by T.J. Steele, formerly the Executive Sous Chef (whatever that means) at the Union Square Cafe, who has since relocated to Oaxaca, spending half the year there (one wonders whether he'll continue that now that he has a restaurant in Brooklyn) and helping run a Mezcal producer that he co-created. (The co-owners of Claro are the guys who run nearby Fre
  16. Daniel

    By Chloe

    We had a really lovely experience at this spot in Williamsburg. Came in last night with the family for the first time at any of their locations. I can not say enough good things about the staff and the experience. Friendly, helpful, considerate and welcoming.. In terms of what I know about the place, there are several locations.. The place is totally about to be pushed out to the masses.. All of the options, except maybe one can be made gluten free. It's all vegan.. I could see this place being big on a national level The restaurant is completely vegan and almost all of the offerings
  17. Cafe China, I think, New York's only one star Michelin Sichuan Restaurant opened a new location in Williamsburg in late March of this year. It's a modern and bright space, with light wood and a minimalist style. There are booths that flanks the sides of the rectangular space and a large communal table that runs the middle.. Like Cafe China, the place is no tipping. Overall, i would say the food is good, definitely giving Grand Sichuan a run for the title of best Sichuan in Brooklyn. There were a couple of misses but, overall it was refined and delicious. We started with their soup
  18. Sneakeater


    Faun is a new restaurant in the space last occupied by R&D 606 on Vanderbilt Ave. in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. The place bills itself as Italian, but it's only nominally Italian. What it really is, is Brooklyn "new American" masquerading as Italian. So there's a three-course dinner former, with antipasti, primi, and secondi, and the primi are all pasta -- but there isn't a traditional Italian dish on the menu. It's all market-driven new American, in an Italian format. So my antipasto was watermelon, vacuum-treated in some way to intensify the flavor (which worked), with a very
  19. Sometimes Yelp is useful. You have to know how to parse the reviews but if you put the energy into it you can find some worthwhile places. We were looking for a solid Italian American place that would also serve as a Sunday lunch spot. I think we have one. Vesuvio has been around since 1953. That can mean that the place is stale but it can also mean they continue to please people. I think the second case applies here. Obviously the place has gotten a facelift or two. Initially when you walk in you're greeted by a quick serve / take out area. On either side, around the left and ri
  20. http://mayfieldbk.com/ 688 Franklin Ave What a pleasure this place is. It is one of those restaurants that you feel should be on every corner in NY but, it is just not the case. Perhaps they are so good at making it look effortless, you almost take them for granted. The menu is perfectly balanced, the type of place you can take your 80 year old grandparents, or a 5 year old child. There is something for everyone and we are not talking about people just settling, the food is good. You can sit around around and order oysters, or ceviche, you can get homemade pastas, a
  21. Sneakeater

    The Finch

    The Finch is a standard-issue New American restaurant that recently opened on the corner of Greene and Grand Aves. (i.e., ridiculously close to Daniel's) in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. Its chef/owner, Gabe McMackin, is most noted now for having worked at Roberta's -- although it's perhaps more pertinent, for understanding this restaurant, that he also worked in such places as Sperry's in Saratoga (and yeah, I guess I should say it, BHSB and GT) and as a corporate chef for Martha Stewart. This is a very good New American restaurant. The problem is, that style is so played out, it's hard to be dist
  22. Sneakeater

    Llama Inn

    This is a new entry in that new sort-of-genre I keep talking about: mid-priced restaurants run by "ethnic"/immigrant chefs with serious credentials (usually EMP or Per Se) cooking more or less Euro-cheffy versions of their native cuisine. Uncle Boon's, Fung Tu, Bun-Ker, Noreetuh, Wong-now-Chomp Chomp, there are more. There are perhaps grounds to criticize this sort-of-genre (although I personally don't buy them): it can lead to food that's fussy, contrived, overpriced, and deracinated. But you have to admit that it's worlds better than the I-took-a-month-long-vacation-in-Vietnam-and-now-I'm
  23. SobaAddict70


    Looks pretty, seems precious (I never thought I'd say that; maybe there's hope for me) and it's exactly the kind of food I like eating, cooking and ordering. Will have to put this one on my ever-expanding "to-go" list. Willow 506 Franklin Avenue (Fulton Street) Bedford-Stuyvesant http://ny.eater.com/2015/3/6/8161007/willow-the-diminutive-bed-stuy-restaurant-from-the-pines-team-opens
  24. Daniel

    Dram Shop

    We have been going here since we moved to Brooklyn about 8 years ago.. Miss K loves buffalo wings and this place has been consistently her favorite place.. When she is asked where she would like to go for dinner, it's either here or some expensive Sushi Place.. I like that she likes here more.. It's a sports bar or Irish Bar type vibe inside.. There is a long wooden bar in the front, there are booths in the back, along with some video games and scattered tables.. It reminds me of those after work hook up bars in Midtown Manhattan that I am so happy to have long been absent from. But,
  25. Wait - you're going to a rock and roll show?
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