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Found 15 results

  1. it’s a little hole in the wall in soma (1010 bryant (8th)) that serves hong kong-style cart noodles and other dishes. mango pudding for dessert. most toppings are made in-house except for beef balls and curried fish balls. anyone who loves offal will find much to like here. if you remember hong kong noodle near great ny noodletown, this is much the same concept. three giant bowls of noodles, 5 drink orders and 1 order of mango pudding came out to $77 not including tip. recommended if you’re in town. i included a pic of my order so you can see what you’re getting. july 2022
  2. Seth Gordon

    Cha Kee

    I was reticent to write about Cha Kee here because - caveat - I’m friends with the chef. Not a close friend, but we’ve worked a couple gigs together and enjoyed a few drinks. But the current Lunar New Year’s specials are something worth noting before they disappear. And the kitchen is way more on point than when they first opened, in general. Our first couple meals there were solid enough, but I knew she was capable of more. I don’t know what precipitated the changes, but that more is happening. Standouts from the other night were miso Oysters Rockefeller, some surprisingly gamy (in
  3. very reliable chinese restaurant in the castro located at 245 church (market). they are one of our go-to chinese restaurants in sf. the others are golden coast, makli (290 sanchez (16th street)), szechuan cuisine, mama ji’s (4416 18th street (eureka avenue)) and hakka restaurant (4401 cabrillo (45th avenue)). note that if you order from red jade on grubhub, they have a $25 minimum. also they throw in an order of steamed roast pork buns for orders over $30. given that orders can easily top that amount due to sf-mandated surcharges, this happens more frequently than you might think. be
  4. i’m still going to post to the dedicated meal threads but having said that, will also post here. 1920 irving street (20th avenue) in inner sunset szechuan cuisine is one of a handful of my favorite sichuan restaurants in sf. they are definitely one of my “go-to” places. refreshing cucumber plate - chunks of cucumber that have been lightly salted. definitely a great option to help cool down the spice. shredded pork with fish-fragrant sauce great combination of spice, savory and lightly sweet flavors. the heat level is just right here and ther
  5. I have read good reviews of this simple Chinese pulled and cut noodle place on Rt. 46, Parsippany. Are there any of you who have eaten there? TIA
  6. Lam Zhou 144 East Broadway NY, NY (212)566-6933 It's a pretty sparse and tiny rectangular stall. Really not much to look at, a few tables, mainly seats along a shelf that outlines the space and a marble table where a man makes hand pulled noodles to order. It's great fun watching this man expertly slam the noodles down on the board and slowly stretch out noodles. We ordered 12 fried dumplings for 3 bucks. They arrived immediately and were perfect. I think I have to say, these are my favorite dumplings in NYC. So delicious. The offer a few condiments which
  7. With Missie K away doing her summer thing, Miss A and I have some free time to hit the town.. Given my way, i would eat dinner every night at 930 or 10 o clock. We left the house around 930 with plans to hit up, the Golden Mall.. There is this Sichuan Restaurant there I have been wanting to try.. Unfortunately, the place was just closing down when we arrived.. A quick look on my Yelp app, brought me to this place.. With 978 reviews and 4 stars, chances are the place is going to be good. Once arriving at the restaurant, the multiple Michelin Stickers on the window, gave further hope.
  8. 98 mott street Robert Sietsema called this place spectacular.. That is all I need to hear in order to go anywhere.. I usually go directly across the street to Royal Seafood as Miss A loves three specific things there. In addition, on weekdays, they are the first dim sum place to open in Chinatown and I can park right out in front on a week day and have a half hour to eat with free parking.. I find it all to be not exciting but, Royal seems to be the best of the bunch.. Well, i should say, I haven't been to any other dim sum place in Chinatown in perhaps 2 or 3 years so, who knows at thi
  9. Daniel

    Little Sheep

    105 Bowery, New York, NY 10002 http://littlesheephotpot.com/ This is a Chain that has opened it's second location in New York.. The first being in Flushing.. We arrived last night, there was a 40 minute wait.. Which, allowed us to walk to Shanghai Cafe around the corner and get a round of XLB's while we waited.. There are two broth options, we got the spicy and regular in order to try them both.. The regular broth tasted of celery and the spicy broth tasted strongly of cumin.. Other flavors but, i am going with the most prominent. The way the chinese do hot pot is, you start wi
  10. 46 Eldridge Street I love dumplings. These are my favorite dumplings in Manhattan.. I probably eat at Prosperity twice a week in the mornings. Coming from Brooklyn, i take the upper level of the Manhattan Bridge into Manhattan. I make a quick right on canal and a quick left on Eldridge and two blocks or so later, i am parking the car. These dumplings are my motivation on mornings when it's hard to get out of bed. These dumplings and cup of tea, you can do anything. I don't think this is a new find but, we should have a thread dedicated to this awesome little spot.. I know
  11. Daniel

    Metro Cafe

    4924 8th Ave Decided to give this place a shot last night.. my overall impression of the place was, it was pretty good. Not amazing, not worth rushing back to but, a good choice. To me, the most interesting thing we tried last night were the pig ears.. I have never had them served like this. And i am a pig ear fan. That being said, the food was light on the Sichuan Peppercorns but, not on the spice. But, maybe it's worth going back as the pig ears were so good, i am going to need these again. Cold cucumber dish was really good too. Perhaps the cold dishes were so good, it l
  12. 97 bowery Flaming Kitchen, I have been wanting to try this place. It's located over the Manhattan on the north east side of Bowery. Often times through the last few months, the bright red sign advertising flaming food has caught my interest. While glancing at the menu, I had to make a choice. Was I going to roll the dice and try their full dim sum menu or was I going to take my chances with the Sichuan Food. Or I had a third choice and to trust my instincts and just leave right then. What's the deal with dim sum? Dim sum is not a thing in Chengdu. they essentially have two separate
  13. Daniel

    2 Duck Goose

    Well, the trend of going to over priced, poorly adapted versions of Chinese Food, hopefully for me, has come to an end. I went here the other night. I was really disappointed. I didn't have the borscht that people have spoke highly about. We started with the cucumbers. The flavors were off putting. Nothing about the dish worked. Just a bunch of liquid, the taste was a little dish watery. The chicken salad was our favorite dish of the evening. Even that was overdressed but, had a nice buzz from sichuan peppercorn. The chicken in the salad was very enjoyable. I totally feel that cho
  14. 36-35 Main Street Perhaps a half a block away from the 7 train on Main Street sits, Happy Family Lamb Restaurant. I know it has been open for at least 10 years and that Abby had mentioned this place on best of Flushing but, i think it deserves it's own thread. Miss A and I have been on a hot pot kick lately. We have been to several around town previously but, recently she has discovered a love for this type of dining. So, I am more than happy to oblige her. A friend of ours, has been raving about this place for some time, claiming it to be her favorite. As the city is pretty
  15. Since I don't live in Chicago and am always here for work, it's hard for me to hit up your local Chinese Restaurant. Nothing is more depressing than looking at a vast and delicious menu and knowing you can't even scratch the surface. Tonight being my birthday, i was able to wrangle one person to go out with me. Still not enough to do serious damage but, more than if it were just me. Not to mention, the portions at Lao Hunan are on the large side. We started 3 choices from their cold dish menu. We chose pig ears, cucumbers and tripe. Out of the 3 dishes, i enjoye
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