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The Rancho Gordo Thread

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Isn't it about time we had a dedicated thread?   I just received my latest shipment – Yellow Indian Woman, Flor de Junio and Flageolets (all of which I've ordered before) plus Good Mother Stallard,

Curious thing happened today. I put about a 1/2 lb of Madeira beans in water to soak. A couple of hours later, many (maybe 40%) of the beans had split completely in half. I'm charging ahead anyway,

I've missed all you alls so very much. 

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Not Okay on Hulu is a bit of a mess, but watchable. One problem is that mashing comedy and tragedy together isn't easy. The film starts out with very funny mockery of social media influencers and the Zoey Deutch character posting about an entirely fake trip to Paris. Then real life terrorist attacks happen right where she is supposed to be. Rather than confess, she plays the traumatized survivor, gets involved with serious activists and starts parroting their lines. So it's like jokes, then death, then appalling behavior.

But it does have a line I will long remember: "It's the J train part of Bushwick, not the L train part."

Less importantly, how old is Zoey's character meant to be? Perhaps not a teenager, but surely a lot younger than Zoey herself who most of the time looks (quite appropriately) like the adult she is. This relates to the question of whether Eureka season three will have to be Eureka: The College Years if they continue with the same cast, most of whom are actually a little old for college.

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I made a variation on the Marrow Beans with Merguez recipe from the first RG book. Not having marrows, or any of the alternative suggested beans, I substituted Snowcaps. I also happened to have Moroccan-spiced chicken sausage on hand, and the greens were collards from our garden.

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from the sf chronicle:


in case you are unable to read that due to the paywall, this bit not mentioned in eater might be of interest:


Court documents shed light on what became a contentious legal battle between Rancho Gordo and the former worker. Lyons at one point accused Rancho Gordo of destroying evidence — deleting text messages related to the case, which the company said happened “in the regular course of business.” A judge found Rancho Gordo’s response “evasive” and “unpersuasive,” and issued a $2,660 sanction against the company in February, according to legal documents. 

Martinez said she felt compelled to take legal action on behalf of other female, Latino workers who face workplace discrimination. 

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