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Les Magnolias

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I was just looking at the web site www.lesmagnolias.com and the pictures of the food just blew me away. Each dish is beautifully presented on plates that appear to have been designed specifically for that dish and each dish is innovative and gorgeous to look at. But what I most love, is the wit of the presentation. My favourite is a dessert that presents a round of chocolate cake with chocolate mousee on it and topped with a beautiful round of chocolate. The plate has very precisely placed dots of chocolate. The piiece de resistance is a large yellow pacman (don't know what it is made of -- I'll consult the menu, but if anyone has eaten here maybe you know).


I CAN'T wait (or weight) to dine at this restaurant and would love to hear from anyone that has eaten there recently. It is my must go to for my next trip to Paris. Certainly looks worth a train ride.


I have seen other postings about this place, but the whole ambience of the web site is incredible. Check it out. :huh:

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We've been there twice in different years, the last visit was two falls ago. To me this is one of the most under-rated places in the Paris area; food, staff and wines are incrediable and the cost is more than reasonable... Love this place we would return in a heart-beat if in Paris.



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There was scuttle a few months back suggesting that LM was planning a move into Paris central. Any concrete news?

Posted at that other site and those in the know, say madam at Les Magnolias, says they are looking for a place in Paris. So it will be sometime in the future. I think it will get more recognition (damn). :huh:

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