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Good food Guide 2005 review


"The Oliver’s have been busy!” noted a reporter. Not only have they freshened up Margot’s pretty blue and whit interior, but they have also opened a second branch at the Tregea Hotel. The busy original is still going strong and cheery staff add to the enjoyment of it all. Ultra fresh seafood is a strong suit: “vast” scallops come with smoked bacon and pistachio dressing, while baked monkfish is paired with crisp Parma Ham and a velvety fish sauce. The kitchen has also excelled with mushroom and chorizo risotto and corn fed chicken breast with spring onion mash and mustard sauce. As for dessert, it might be a toss up between Eton Mess and saffron poached pears with shortbread and sorbet. The affordable wine list kicks off with house selection by the glass, carafe or bottle.


Retain our 3 score for cooking



Ripley's also retain their 5 and Black Pig gets a 7 and Cornwall Restuarant of the Year! its all good

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I'll get some details on international shipping.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the most efficient mehtod for international delivery is via freelance couriers. You pay someone's air fare to (for example) New York and they agree to hand-deliver all the orders for you. This ensures speedy and accurate delivery. Also, provided you found a really suitable person, you could ask them to smile when they deliver the stuff to your customer's door and recite a really strong customer service message, thus ensuring repeat orders and a huge reinforcement of your international reputation.


I'm avaliable next year. Just call me.

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:lol: Thank you macro, you really do go beyond the call of duty sometimes. :)




i am fucking loving ebay!!!!!

I have 4 bits of kit selling, and i would have been happy with £200 the lot, at the moment 3 of them are selling for a total of £330 !!!KERCHING!!! Still got 5 hours to go

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So after living here for over 10 years, we finally got round to The Seafood Restaurant.Well you don't want to rush into these things.Left booking the table too late, so when i rang this week i was only offered 9.30pm or 10pm.Too late for us with little ones and babysitters to consider.Luckily i has a group of Seafood staff eating with me earlier this week, so managed to ask a favour and get a table at 7.oopm.


Opted for the tasting menu at £65 for 6 courses


Amuse of salt cod and salmon fishcake with some chopped sunblush tomatoes.Fine


Langoustine and Mussels Chowder, one of the better dishes, lightly flavoured, good mussels and langoustine.


Steamed Scallops with ginger . coriander, soy,sesame oil and spring onions.Overpowered by the soy, the sweetness of the scallops was lost.


Maryland Crab Cakes. Tarragon and butter sauce.Worst dish.greasy fishcakes(pan fried), no hint of tarragon,seemed to be all white crab meat, which is nice for texture, but lacked depth of flavour.For "butter sauce" read melted butter


Lobster Ravioli, basil and spinach hmm, good pasta, filling was either a lobster mousse which had gone grainy or some over cooked lobster, dominated by basil.Spinach was best part of this dish.Disappointing


Char grilled Fillet of Sea Bass tomato, butter and vanilla vinaigrette Best savory course, lovely piece of bass, light vinaigrette, hint of vanilla.Loved it.Came with side dishes of sprouting broccoli and a fantastic gratin of pumpkin and potato.


We asked to change from the Passion fruit Pavlova that was listed and had a chocolate fondant with icecream and coffee cream??? Didn't try much of this, i was really enjoying my Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringue layered thing which was called something like Marquise but wasn't.I don't take notes.Noticed no Cornish cheese on the menu.


Coffee and petit fours in the conservatory.


Bottle of Hunters SB, couple of bottles of water(not cornish, why not?) £169



Overall a bit disapponting.Nothing "wrong" but 3 out of the 6 dishes were not worth rushing back for.Service was efficent and friendly enough, but apart from the the member of staff that i actually know, the rest of the staff didn't really engage in conversation.The room is a bit too bright.I enjoyed my night out with the Mrs, 12 years is a long time to be married these days but it may be a few years before i return.



PS, Celeb spotting was a bit thin on the ground, but John Burton Race came in with 7 chums.Could not help but over hear him "bonding" with some young guy in the conservatory, sounded a bit drunk, he just stopped short of telling him he loved him.Loud and as arrogant as i thought he would be.I stepped out of his way as he returned to the main room, didn't even notice.

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That's the trouble with you cheffy people - hypercritical of other chefs' food :P


Well congratulations on finally getting there to find out what all the fuss has been about, and on the anniversary that drove you to it :P I guess I've made eight trips to Padstow in the last 10 years, and I still haven't eaten at Stein's (any of them) yet.


On the other hand, I rarely miss eating at Margot's. Very nice place, good food, and pretty good service too, if somewhat eccentric. You should try it when you next get a chance.

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It's not that good, got an email complaint today....






Last March, while staying in Padstow with friends, we dined at your restaurant. We were very impressed, both at the welcome (? the owner,)was standing outside and overheard us saying that it was a shame that vegetarians were not catered for. Having been told that we should have read the article in the window, we all agreed that we enjoyed the best meal we had had in a long time.


Two weeks ago, we returned to Padstow, this time with relations and were looking forward to another splendid evening at Margot's. The evenings were fully booked and lunchtimes given over to Jamie's school dinners. We called in on the Tuesday on the off-chance that (hopefully for us!) there had been a cancellation.


The reason we are writing is that when we went in and said "Are you really, really fully booked this week?", instead of a polite "Yes, I'm afraid so", we were told rather rudely that the notice stated that you were fully booked and that is what it meant. No doubt, had there been a cancellation, we would have been gladly welcomed.


Yours sincerely

Mr and Mrs Badcrumble"





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