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Have yet to try the striped bass. It sounds like it may be a similar preparation to the mackeral. - let us know.   I liked the pigs head, but I think my favorite ssam bar offal is the veal head te

I figure they decided they could send the chairs to the upcoming Las Vegas outlet .

That's sort of borderline libelous.


The question I had when I originally read this thread, part of due diligence,

and that I still have after rereading it is: Who is Corey and is he/she/it still a doll?

He was then the Manager.



I think Cory then went on to become a cannibal.

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We had a pretty good meal here a couple weeks ago. Aside from the sardines with chickpea, which I thought I'd like but didn't, everything was pretty good, if less exciting than the old days. Skate with shrimp paste, foie taiyaki, various veg.


We had a killer meal at the new Chang restaurant, Majordomo, in LA last night. Probably the best Momo-related meal I've had, aside from a great meal at Ko a couple yrs ago. Scallop in kombu, soft tofu with apple and honey, eggplant bing, a bunch of veg. Highlight was the boiled whole chicken, which is served in two courses. The first being a Hainanese-style chicken over rice served alongside a chile version of the same... kind of looks like the Contramar whole fish with the green and red. Followed by a soup with chicken and pasta and (unnecessary) black truffles. The most popular item appeared to be a large format dish of smoked beef short ribs. Who knows how it'll evolve but very good right now.

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The surryano ham is gone, unfortunately. I thought the skate was very good and well cooked, but that the shrimp paste shouldn't just be used as is, rather better to integrate it into a curry - in any event it was easy to scrape most of it off. Anyway, another overall good meal (the scallop crudo is very nice).


p.s. sitting at the bar no longer offers smarter service than at the tables. Like that moment when you're looking at the wine list and the barkeep snatches it from you because the couple next to you has asked for a drink menu... so you assume it's a bit rude but maybe there's just one list, only to find out that she was simply trying to save herself walking ten steps to get another one (and then gets it with that very special eye roll you expect from Whole Foods cashiers)

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Just ate at ssam bar. Actually pretty good. Cocktails were good(though I must admit I know next to nothing about cocktails) scallops with Apple and Brussels was good, though a bit more Apple flavor in the dressing wouldn't have gone amiss. The tasting of hams was fun though I did use the red eye aioli mostly for the bread. Pork ribs with a sticky spicy sauce were tender and delicious. Pandan coconut tart dessert I really enjoyed, surprising as I am not a fan of coconut or Pandan.

Overall a pretty nice meal all things considered.

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