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Right now, my favorite dishes there are the Banh-Mi, the chawan mushi (especially when they have it with the snails - it's a little bit salty and garlicky) and the uni.


Is the hamachi the same as what they have been serving lately at noodle bar? At noodle bar, it's raw and served on top of a lemon cream, garnished with lemon salt, parsley and fried lily petals. That dish is gorgeous...

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Have yet to try the striped bass. It sounds like it may be a similar preparation to the mackeral. - let us know.   I liked the pigs head, but I think my favorite ssam bar offal is the veal head te

I figure they decided they could send the chairs to the upcoming Las Vegas outlet .

That's sort of borderline libelous.

The hamachi was raw with a wasabi cream and edamame--very,very good.


I now recall we also had the veal head terrine--good, very rich, a small bite sufficed. We also ordered mochi but I was really full by then and am also not a fan of mochi so I can't really comment. But I think others liked it.

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I think this hamachi was garnished with fried seaweed. Something certainly was.


I didn't like the ham - harshly smoked, I thought. But everything else was terrific - what can I add? Oh yes, the dessert - sort of chewy rice cakes stuffed with ice cream. What's the name again?

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I think that the hamachi dish you described was on the menu at noodle bar last year. I remember it being delicious... I do strongly recommend the hamachi that is currently at noodle bar. The flavors are so bright - it has such a clean, fresh taste.


I'm not so much of a fan of mochi either. The first time I ever had it was at Ssam Bar. The ice cream itself was very nice, but I don't really enjoy the rubbery texture of the mochi part. A friend told me that in Japan, when New Years is celebrated, people eat lots of mochi and every year some elderly die from choking on the mochi. :lol: Here is an article about this: http://www.japantoday.com/jp/news/394967/all

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busy but not too packed, left around 8pm


hamachi, uni and grilled mackerel definitely back on the menu - hamach in mackerel pretty much as before, somehow, we got stuffed before uni


edward's ham - more like a prosciutto than Benton's. served with a "red eye gravy" made with espresso (but no mustard this time). only 3 hams offered now (used to be 4) - the menu changes slightly every day or every few days, it seems. there is a $115 angus on, forgot to ask details about it though (how many it serves, etc.)


squid salad good but not as remembered (maybe those death &co drinks had more of an effect??)


banh mi yummy as always and there seemed to be more of the veal head terrine than before


the house offered a big plate of


delicious '01 Ziliken riesling by the glass (or bottle ;-)


btw, death & co (male) door bitch wrapped himself in the drapes to obscure our view and claimed it was packed. it wasn't (well, there seemed to be enough room for the two of us little toothpicks). luckily, this i NYC - no need to wait, there is always somewhere else to eat/drink, he heh

I missed this somehow.

We were comped a plate of pickled vegetables. Sounds boring but it wasn't. Plus you sorta need it to offset all that really rich food.

The dish that was the most memorable for me is that squid salad. If it was better before...?

Didn't love the ham. Didn't love the bahn mi. Heightened expectations, maybe.

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