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Eddie Izzard makes me laugh. Laugh out loud, laugh till it hurts, sometimes tears.   The Onion makes me laugh, but in a different way. It's more of the constant, quiet laughing and amusement. Girl M

The Old Saturday Night Live with John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Garrett Morris, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and all the rest of that group.   While I'm at it...Animal House and other films of

Kids in the hall, "where is Thierry?"

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this is the problem with this site. no one has yet mentioned the kids in the hall, w.c fields, laurel and hardy, michael kelly or spike milligan. not to mention peter cook. no wonder i feel so superior all the time.

Peter Cook is hysterical, but one cannot think of all the funny people all the time.


Only one member mentioned you, Mongo: I flat out refused because I think your vanity at being brilliant, handsome, married to a woman ten times prettier than you are, and being a good cook ought to suffice.


Ranitidine, I just recalled that Paul Simon basketball thing, and it was great.


I forgot one of the funniest things I ever saw...Steve Martin (whose comedy, if not recent films, made me howl in the kind of weight-losing laughter that is rare these days) with Martin Mull in the Steve Martin Mull Show.


Circa, oh, 1979? Earlier? In the Great Southeast Music Hall in Atlanta. Steve Martin made balloon animals and played banjo, but Martin Mull wore a rainbow wig and played slide guitar with a giant (I mean, GIANT) vibrator. And though context is much in comedy, everyone in that tiny club knew they were in the presence of greatness.


I did get to see Steve Martin on his first Tonight Show appearance, where he "read the phone book" (anyone see that? "Figueroa Wonderbutt"?) and played a joke on the eight million people who were changing channels. For those of us who stayed up late and went to school the next morning, it was as though we had seen a prophet.

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In addition to the aforementioned Mr. Jones:


Garry Moore

Carol Burnett when she was first on TV with Garry Moore

Bob and Ray



Lily Tomlin

Early Whoopi

Kathy and Mo


My friend Kimball, my friend Claire

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Prime SNL with Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest and Martin Short. Men's Synchronized Swimming sketch? Jack Rogers Jr. 100,000 dollar Jack-Pot Wad?

Blackadder, especially seasons two and three.

The New Statesman

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Peter Cook

Eddie Izzard

Bill Bailey

Billy Connolly (but not lately)

Steve Coogan

Rowan Atkinson

Jennifer Saunders

The Fast Show (aka Brilliant)

The Office

Little Britain

Never Mind the Buzzcocks

Have I Got New for You

Black Books

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Something about Fawlty Towers always makes me laugh.

Did you know that Connie Booth, who played the blonde waitress with the really fine body, co-wrote the series with Cleese?


Just to round out the picture, they were married at the time.


Peter Cook is probably the funniest man of the twentieth century. The funniest man in New York today, present company excepted, is Seth Rudetsky.

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