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Eddie Izzard makes me laugh. Laugh out loud, laugh till it hurts, sometimes tears.   The Onion makes me laugh, but in a different way. It's more of the constant, quiet laughing and amusement. Girl M

The Old Saturday Night Live with John Belushi, Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, Garrett Morris, Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and all the rest of that group.   While I'm at it...Animal House and other films of

Kids in the hall, "where is Thierry?"

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(To be clear, my comment was not meant to be a slur but rather a nod to how rigorously they followed the moral and ethical tenets of their God and faith while ignoring others they considered fluff.    At the same time, maintaining two refrigerators et al at home.)

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Eleven Madison said the price hike was also fueled by rising produce costs (including for button mushrooms, carrots, and celery)

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1 hour ago, voyager said:




WOW!  In just 3 weeks you can speak Border Collie!

Maybe the ad is aimed at the dog. If any breed can learn human, a border collie could.

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