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The Duggars

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Has anyone seen this reality show?   Very scary! Yikes.   One family. One husband, one wife and 16 little robots. Someone hold me so I can stop shaking.

So crazy. At least we can take solace in the fact that it's good old hetrosexual incest, the way God intended

I wonder if she suffered some sort of traumatic brain injury shortly before marrying this asshole. I mean how else could one explain her willingness to spend most of the last 16 years of her life pre

Why do you presume that they haven't examined their lives? Why do you presume that one must live in a tiny apartment, in an over-crowded over-priced city, enduring a Godless existence with no moral compass, and suffer the constant turmoil and existentialist angst of a pimply-faced-teenager in order to have lived a satisfying life? It smacks of haughty bitterness to suggest that people surrounded by a large loving family, basking in the radiant glow of an ever-loving God, and clothed in the finest polyester fibers are too droll to fully comprehend their existence.

Drinking at lunch again?



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But is anyone really surprised? They generally seem like good ppl, but with that many kids, one of them was bound to be a bad seed


The parents did everything wrong and felt prayer was enough to take care of things, at least until the statute of limitations played out.

They are just as guilty. They continued to have him in the house after the known incidents. At there were 5 that we know of. In 27 years, do you think there were really only 5? And one involved his five year old sister. You don't just pray that kind of pervyness away.

There's so much more but I do think they are horrible people using religion to cover up some nasty things while pointing their tainted fingers at others.

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