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Dessert, the Sweet Spot

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I thought I should create a thread for desserts, sweets, confection-making, etc. For selfish reasons, of course. I made a clafouti the other night. Not just a clafouti; a heaven-sent, got-religion,

Thanks to Pingarina for spreading the love. I made a plum clafouti for dessert last night (using the batter recipe Omni posted). We enjoyed it enormously.

What did Ali serve last night - was it sauteed pears?

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On 12/24/2020 at 4:52 PM, StephanieL said:

Yuletide Bread, a Swedish recipe.  I'd been hanging on to this recipe for weeks, nudging N to make it.  Despite the name, it's not a yeast bread, but rather a cake/quick bread.  It's not super-sweet, and goes really well with coffee/tea--nice for breakfast or an afternoon break.

Oh God I wish I had someone I could nudge to make this.

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N made two desserts this past weekend. One was a simple combination of Baker's Ginger Nuts (the spiciest ginger cookie I've ever had) and Bird's Custard; the other was a bake/casserole with sweet potatoes, coconut milk, regular and golden raisins, and pecans.  Now these were made separately and made to be eaten separately, but frankly they're pretty good together.

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We have a family tradition of making poop emoji cookies for Purim (hamenstachen are coming). Boy helped with the decoration. Also known as our critique of the last 12 months.


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