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Dessert, the Sweet Spot

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10 minutes ago, StephanieL said:

I see--it's red velvet cake without the food coloring.

...or the cocoa powder/chocolate.    Seems a stretch to me.   I just do what I'm asked.

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I thought I should create a thread for desserts, sweets, confection-making, etc. For selfish reasons, of course. I made a clafouti the other night. Not just a clafouti; a heaven-sent, got-religion,

Thanks to Pingarina for spreading the love. I made a plum clafouti for dessert last night (using the batter recipe Omni posted). We enjoyed it enormously.

What did Ali serve last night - was it sauteed pears?

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In principle, I should hate white chocolate.  I mean chocolate without cocoa:  what's the point?

But there are contexts in which I actually like it A LOT.  And @voyager's cake looks like one of them.

If only her son would share (but I sure wouldn't if I were him).

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We're having a couple of folks over, so in deference to the warmer weather I made Maida Heatter's Rancho [Santa Fe] Lemon Mousse.  I was having my doubts that it would set properly--I'm still a gelatin novice--but after 12+ hours in the fridge it's set up great.  We'll have it with fresh berries and Batter Bakery's orange-pistachio shortbread.

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Since we had a few Seville (sour) oranges left over from marmalade making, I tried my hand at making sour orange pie, considered the precursor to Key lime pie.  I didn't have enough oranges to get a full 1/2 cup of juice, so I needed to use extra lemon juice (in addition to the 1/2 cup already required).  That and the fact that I didn't make the optional meringue topping yielded a tart pie--not a Key lime pie at all.

I did learn two things, though:

  • Don't accidentally set your oven to "convection bake" instead of regular bake.  Bake times and temps will be off.
  • Don't substitute Nilla wafers for graham crackers in a pie crust just because you have them.  They're a different animal and the crust will bake hard and be difficult to cut.  (OTOH, the sweetness will counter the tart filling.)
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