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The Bacon Project

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TamIam and Rick put all their pork belly soon to be bacon on their top rack.



Everything on the smokers and being.........well...........smoked :P

We are using primarily cherry wood and a small amout of hickory



45 minutes later the smoked chicken thighs come off the smoker ( i know it isn't bacon but hey, they were great in the gumbo!! )



Checking on the bacon. It gets a little shine to it as it smokes. YUMMY!



Have to skip to the next morning. The bacon finished smoking and got up to just about 145/150 and we took it off and put it in the fridge to cool and woke up to delicious smokey lovely bacon.



Cooked bacon and scones.......YUM!


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I have to say it was a great day and really fun. The recipe and methed are from the "Charcuterie" book and it says you can even cook/make the bacon in an oven at 200 degrees.........so anyone can do this - even those who live in the city and can't / don't have access or room to a smoker. The one we use was just about $30 at Home Depot a couple of years ago. It isn't great for BIG jobs but perfect for bacon!!!

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The second pic shows Greg's and my pork belly on the left (our second one has the basic cure and then is covered in plenty of ground mustard powder and honey. The pork belly on the right are TamIam's and Ricks. They have 2 smaller pieces and one HUGE THICK LOVELY larger piece. Yes, we were jealous and that is why we just ordered from Neimans!!!"


Yes, Della is right. Greg was jealous of our big fat belly
No more local stores for him. From now on it is Niman Ranch or nuthin'. That belly was at least twice as thick than the ones we picked up at Uwajimaya, the local Asian supermarket.


Thanks for posting all the pics. They look just as good as I remembered. Rick and I did two cures on ours, one with basic cure, maple syrup, mustard powder and pepper, and one with cure, brown sugar, bay leaf, and ??? I wrote the cure ingredients on the ziploc bag that we cured in, but silly me, lost the list when we threw them out. Some people prefer cures that aren"t sweet, but to me, the salt and sweet and smoke are what make the quintessential American bacon flavor.
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My mouth is watering over your home made bacon, it really looks excellent! Thanks for the photos and description of how you made it. I am hoping I will get to try some sometime at a PNW potluck. Or, hmmm, I should try and make some, too~! :P

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Yum...didn't some of your guys' bacon make an appearance in the Labor Day feijoada? I recall how tasty it was.


Personally, I love the artsy placement of the New York Times in the bacon photo. An classic image of urban AM Americana.



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