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Noodle Bar

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Wowza, feels good to be back on this site. The man has me chained to the desk - but it's Saturday - Im free.


On a couple of friend's recommendations I checked out Noodle Bar today. Strange but can't find anything on it here on Mouthfuls. Is that possible? 26 Carmine, right next to 28 Carmine pizza joint.


I was solo so ordered only a few things. Meal was pretty good but Im guessing there's gold in them dar hills. Started with a Taro crusted shrimp spring roll that was nothing short of spectacular. Incredibly light taro shell, tasty, slightly fishy moist filling. A definite must-have. Next, tried a salad of watercress, bean sprouts and crispy shallots. Was surprised to find shredded white meat chicken (menu omitted the chix). Salad came bathed in a heavy soy dressing. Way too heavy a hand with the soy...the faintest hint of peannt oil failed to cut the soy. Dish definitely missed the mark. Finally, had what is called Hunan Pork Bolognese. A heavy tomato based soup with excellent Udon noodles, tasty shredded pork and crisp fried lotus discs. They did a good job with the menu description - it did taste like a Chinese/Japanese/Italian spaghetti bolognese. Bit heavy for one and Im not sure if all the flavors come through the heavy tomato broth. That said, once the weather cools down, I could see craving a bowl.


Anyway, lots more on the menu to check out. Place is cute with about 15 counter seats and a few tables. Service was very sweet and prices were certainly more than chinatown, bit more than your local chinese but

nothing that will break the bank. Waitress knew little about the history but apparently one of the former Yumcha managers is involved.

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