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Vino Vino, the wine bar on Guadalupe just opened. It looked cool from what I could see driving by...while trying to avoid swerving into oncoming traffic.


Anyone been there yet or what to check it out?


There is finally a cool 24 hour coffee shop in town, Echo coffee on North Loop. It is large with a lot of outdoor seating and they pull a mean espresso. Today I will check out how dog friendly they are.

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It's EPOCH coffee house. They are friendly to the strong, silent type of dog - just not the talkative!


Vino Vino - I am planning a quick visit there soon just to check them out.

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ok, so they had an issue with one of my dogs, fluffernutter, who on a rare occasion can be a touch vocal.


Specifically I was referring to the ways some coffee houses are definitely dog friendly. Jo's has a container of dog treats by the sidewalk casher, Teo's has a big water dish they always keep full on the patio, etc.

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Driving back from happy hour I was craving a nice glass of wine and saw that Vino Vino looked open...so I stopped in. Had a chance to talk with Jeff the owner, nice guy.


They do not have the liquor license to sell by the glass yet, so the wine bar part is not up and running. He thinks it will be about 30 days until he gets it. The retail operation is open so you can buy a bottle and drink it there.


The wine selection looked interesting with most reds in the $20-45 range. When the kitchen is up and running, he will offer a full cold menu (cheese plates, pates, etc.) and one hot entrée a night.


The place looks cool, with a long richly polished wood bar.

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Got an email about a free wine tasting Vino Vino is doing tomorrow night:


vino tasting

Wednesday, October 25







Since I can walk there, I might need to go and check this out.

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