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We've been threatening to do this, so I will commence.   This is great: Dinah Shore and Peggy Lee   Worth it for the dresses alone.

Ahh, you have stolen my heart and given me goosebumps. And with Danish subtitles no less. Ineffable. Thanks for sharing. Someone should start a thread on Danish table manners - - the most superbl

And I thought it was just the lousy speakers on my laptop. I had sound issues as well. Amp it up and we have a winner.

I saw this video this morning of an Auschwitz survivor, his daughter and his grandchildren dancing to “I Will Survive” at various camps and other historical landmarks of the Holocaust:




I think it’s the most amazing thing ever, but apparently there’s a lot of disagreement about whether what they did was disrespectful or inappropriate. This follow up video adds a lot more dimension to the first:



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he was there, he survived, it's his right to do the dance, if he wants to do the dance.

That's what I figured. He's dancing on the Nazi institutions' graves, which I am sure all who passed would have loved to do. he has an amazing, joyful spirit which he clearly passed on to the family he never thought he would have. Plus, what an amazing journey to share with his grandchildren.


ETAL the votes show 79% thumbs up on it.

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Not youtube, but this is one of the saddest kitty videos I've ever seen.




It probably didn't help that I watched it just after watching the BtVS episode when Buffy's mother died (which originally aired about a month after my dad died in the same fashion), but I cried all the way through it.

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