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What are you watching?

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1. Friday Night Lights. I'm gonna start shilling like crazy for this show. When I first heard they were turning the movie into a TV show, I figured it would end every week with the team hitting the

oh, damn, i didn't know that. now i'm depressed--i really liked that show.

Here you go -   At the time I wrote that the show was being broadcast on WLIW. It appears to be out of the rotation right now but should be available on Netflix.

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I've been playing with my Roku service for a while. Although I have a few services on it like Amazon Prime and Hulu, Roku occasionally adds channels on its own. One of the more recent (noticed it last night) is something called O. Lots of old TV shows from the Czech Republic, UK, Indonesia, etc. An almost endless list.


Last night, they added Superman cartoons. These cartoons are 9 - 12 minute mini-features from 1941. Designed to fit alongside the news of the day, travelogues, and other aspects of the movie schedules. I went through a few last night.


Animated, good color, man of steel with rock hard pecs and codpiece, assertive and poised Lois. Lois flies her own plane, but still manages to get roped by the bad guys, etc.


Lots of racist stereotyping (Japoteur shows several Charlie Chan look-alike fellows hijacking a brand new US super bomber) and mad German scientists inventing a death ray.


I don't know how many cartoons exist, but there's a credit to Superman magazine, and direction by Max Fleischer. The presentation is marred by the willy-nilly insertion of contemporary commercials. Some in Spanish.

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Actually the show wasn't that much later. The last Cartoon was produced in 1943, the TV show began production in late 1950 (even though it didn't air for two years - Sept., 1952 - until they found a sponsor - Kellogg's of Battle Creek).


In fact George Reeves hoped it would never air. But that's a totally different story.

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Despite the fact that other than sports we rarely watch tv, we decided to get Amazon Prime. We've been watching Srugim which is an Israeli tv series which all of our friends were talking about years ago.

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Queen Sugar. My former neighbor, Rutina Wesley (aka Tara on True Blood), is one of the leads. This is the 2nd season. It's got some good story lines.

For those of you who care, Ava Duvernay has been hiring only female directors [and writers, I think] for all the episodes.


edit: last week's episode was written by an Anthony, apparently directors only

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Have been working my way through Master of None and just finished episode 6 (I love New York) which is essentially a love letter to the people of NYC. It's the kind of episode that you can watch without having watched any other episode of Master of None.


Very Louie if you like that sort of thing (I love it). Dave Becky who produces Louie also produces MoN, so there are lots of similarities.

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