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1. Friday Night Lights. I'm gonna start shilling like crazy for this show. When I first heard they were turning the movie into a TV show, I figured it would end every week with the team hitting the

oh, damn, i didn't know that. now i'm depressed--i really liked that show.

Here you go -   At the time I wrote that the show was being broadcast on WLIW. It appears to be out of the rotation right now but should be available on Netflix.

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Last night on AMC I happened to see Louis Malle's first film "Elevator to the Gallows" with Jeanne Moreau and Maurice Ronet.  It's a slow paced noir that showcases the leads.  Much of the movie was filmed on the streets of Paris in the 8th and the 15th in 1957.

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The Plot Against America.  I like the cast a lot, and the production design is great. But the first episode was kinda boring. I hope it gets better. 


I was also coerced into watching the first episode of The Witcher, which I'm pretty sure shaved at least 20 points off my IQ. And wasted an hour of my precious time on earth, and who knows how much I have left?

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The Tiger King on NetFlix.  Holy crap, these mofos are f'ing crazy.  But hard to take your eyes off.

We watched the first two episodes last night. It's the most Florida thing I've ever seen in my life, despite the fact that some of it takes place in Oklahoma.

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