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1. Friday Night Lights. I'm gonna start shilling like crazy for this show. When I first heard they were turning the movie into a TV show, I figured it would end every week with the team hitting the

oh, damn, i didn't know that. now i'm depressed--i really liked that show.

Here you go -   At the time I wrote that the show was being broadcast on WLIW. It appears to be out of the rotation right now but should be available on Netflix.

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Lovecraft Country.  Wow, so much in this.  Starting with the politically problematic Lovecraft.  But Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams seem to have that all under control.  Packed with references to pulp fiction (Lovecraft, Burroughs, et al.), the Green Book, Denmark Vesey, comic books, etc.  With Jonathan Majors, Courtney B. Vance and Jurnee Smollett and a cast of things that go bump in the night.  Also a beautiful vintage Packard station wagon ranging through Jim Crow America in the 50s.  There's a nice distaff take on Jerry Lee Lewis' "Whole Lotta Shakin'."  Black Lives Matter but here the question is will they survive through 10 episodes?


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The new documentary on Creem magazine, via a couple of our local arthouse movie theaters.  I remember reading a few issues around 1983/1984, long past its heyday but still irreverent, and having most everything go totally over my head because I was 13 and just getting into rock and roll.

I still have no idea where the expression "Boy Howdy!" actually comes from, though I now know that Robert Crumb created the logo.

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Yeah, can't wait to see that.

I've never been a big Jim Carrey fan, but last week we watched Man on the Moon, the movie about Andy Kaufman's (of whom I'm a huge fan) life, in which Carrey stars and does a great job (Carrey won a Golden Globe for this performance).

And then last night we watched the movie about the movie, Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond. And my appreciation for Carrey took a turn for the better, as he is basically insane, a major necessity, imo, to become a great comic. He drove as many people crazy as Kaufman did in real life...he basically became Andy. Just great stuff (though I'm still not rushing to see Ace Ventura).

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In Episode 2 of Lovecraft Country, it might be meaningful to point out that Ray Bradbury was name checked in the first episode.  Bradbury was the author of a collection of macabre tales issued in different versions entitled October Country all to great acclaim.  Perhaps the show is intended to be a similar salute to tales from Lovecraft.   This chapter finds our principals (Majors, Smollett and Vance) joined by the likes of Tony Goldwyn (Scandal) and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire).  The music curated and nurtured by Laura Karpman and Raphael Saadiq remains excellent including the Jefferson's Theme (used ironically) and Gil Scott-Heron's "Whitey's on the Moon."  Anyway, more trials, terrors and travails with influences by Stephen King, Kubrick and Jordan Peele (indeed, thus far the project seems a more twisted and extended take on "Get Out").

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On 8/16/2020 at 10:46 PM, bloviatrix said:

I'll admit to coming late to The Great British Baking Show. I've watched 3 seasons thus far and am hooked. 

One of the best shows on tv.  Sadly, Covid is pushing off the current season.

Dark (Netflix):  Re-watching seasons 1 & 2 to get ready for 3.  Still one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.  Terrific production.

Bojack Horseman:  Eh.  A friend said it's one of her favorite shows, and at times brought her to tears.  I'm not as enthralled. I do appreciate the creativity that goes into it.

Fauda Season 3:   Very good.

Umbrella Academy Season 2:  Not as fun as Season 1, but still pretty good.

Marcella Season 3:  A bit over the top, but still kind of fun.

Bordertown:  Pretty good.  One review noted that in these Nordic Noir shows, the detectives' families seem to exist just to suffer.


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On 6/10/2020 at 1:44 AM, Sneakeater said:

The Get Smart pilot really IS all that.

Mel Brooks showed such promise.  Too bad he just sort of fizzled out after that.  If only he had gone on to write and direct some painfully funny movies or write such a Broadway musical.

But also, IMHO, owes as much to Buck Henry (RIP). 

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